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I am a Veterinary postgraduate from a reputed Agricultural University of Bangladesh. I have more than 500 articles and publications on veterinary subjects. I am an animal lover and want to share my knowledge on dogs, cats, birds, horses, and farm animals. I am also experienced with thesis writing, book reviews, content writing, and research paper optimization. I feel free to share my experience and views with you. You can send your comments, and write up to my email: [email protected] or [email protected]
Beautiful Caspian Horse

Caspian Horse: The Most Ancient Horse Breeds of the World

The Caspian Horse is a rare and ancient breed of horse that originated from the Caspian Sea region, which is located in modern-day Iran. The breed is believed to be one of the oldest...
Keeshond Dog Breed of Netherland

Keeshond Dog: A Friendly Medium Dog Breed of Netherland

The Keeshond Dog is a bright, agile medium-sized dog that originated in Holland. They are handsome dogs with a delightful personalities. Their affectionate nature makes them lovely family companions. The alternative name of the...
Kangal Dog

Kangal Dog: The Most Ancient Guard Dog Breed of Turkey

The Kangal Dog is an ancient flock guardian dog that originated in Turkey. This Turkish dog breed is known for its large size and impressive strength. They are protective, loyal, and reliable dogs making...
Scabies in Dogs

Scabies in Dogs: Most Notorious Skin Disease You Must Know

Scabies in dogs, also known as canine sarcoptic mange, is a skin disease caused by the parasitic mite Sarcoptes scabiei. These mites enter into the skin, producing intense itching and skin irritation. Scabies in dogs...
Kai-Ken Dog

Kai-Ken Dog: An Ancient Dog Breed of Japan

The Kai-Ken is a friendly, intelligent dog breed that originated in Japan. The dog was once considered too primitive to serve as a family pet. But although Kais may be reserved with strangers, they...
Persian cat

Persian Cat: The Most Beautiful Cat Breed of the World

The Persian cat is a long-haired breed known for its beautiful, luxurious coat and flat face. It is believed to have developed in Persia (now Iran) and has been around for centuries. Persian cats...
Korean Jindo

Korean Jindo: An Excellent Dog Breed of Far East Region

The Korean Jindo is a faithful indigenous dog that originated in Korea. The dog is a perfect family pet and loyal to their owner. They are rare, and this dog easily adapts to domestic...
Equine Massage

Equine Massage: The Pros and Cons On Horse Massage Therapy

Equine massage is a type of therapeutic massage designed specifically for horses. It involves using various techniques to manipulate the soft tissues of the horse's body, such as the muscles, ligaments, and tendons, to...
Equine Cataracts

Equine Cataracts: Causes, Signs, Diagnosis, Treatment & Control

Equine cataracts are a condition in which there is an opacity or cloudiness in the lens of a horse's eye. This can affect the horse's vision, causing it to become blurred or even wholly...
Japanese Chin

Japanese Chin: The Most Intelligent Small Dog Breed of Japan

The Japanese Chin is an intelligent, cat-like dog that originated in Japan. They are sensitive and loyal dogs and a good dog companion. The dog is responsive, affectionate, and reserved with strangers or new...