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I am a Veterinary postgraduate from a reputed Agricultural University of Bangladesh. I have more than 500 articles and publications on veterinary subjects. I am an animal lover and want to share my knowledge on dogs, cats, birds, horses, and farm animals. I am also experienced with thesis writing, book reviews, content writing, and research paper optimization. I feel free to share my experience and views with you. You can send your comments, and write up to my email: [email protected] or [email protected]
Sheep Diseases

OJD in Sheep: Causes, Signs, Diagnosis and Treatment

Ovine Johne's Disease (OJD), also known as paratuberculosis or Johne's disease, primarily affects ruminants, including sheep. Ovine Johne's disease is caused by the bacterium Mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis (MAP). The disease primarily targets the...
Largest Horse Breeds

10 Largest Horse Breeds of the World You Should Know

What are the Criteria for the Largest Horse Breeds Several criteria can be considered for the "largest" horse breeds. The most common criteria include: Height: The height of a horse is estimated in hands, with...
Himalayan Cats

Himalayan Cat: A Beautiful Breed You Can Choose

A Himalayan cat is a domestic cat known for its long, luxurious fur, striking color points, and blue almond-shaped eyes. It is a breed that originated by crossing Siamese cats with Persian cats, combining...
Digestive System of Dog

Stomach Cancer in Dogs: Causes, Signs, Diagnosis, Treatment

Stomach cancer in dogs, also known as gastric cancer or gastric adenocarcinoma, is a type of cancer that originates in the tissues of the stomach. Gastric cancer is a relatively uncommon form of cancer...
An Ideal Horse Stable

Horse Barn: 50 Helpful Tips For Horse Owner and Rider

A horse barn is a structure designed and constructed to shelter horses. It serves as a central location for various activities related to horse care, including feeding, grooming, and sheltering the animals. Horse barns...
Hello Munchkin Cat

Kidney Disease in Cats: Causes, Signs, Diagnosis, Treatment

Kidney disease in cats, also known as feline renal disease or feline kidney disease, is a common and severe medical condition that affects a cat's kidneys. The kidneys are vital in filtering waste materials...
Horse Teeth

Horse Dentition: Determination of Horse’s Age On Teeth

The horse’s teeth, unlike those of men or dogs, do not grow to a certain length and remain so. On the contrary, they continue to grow and be worn away until old age. As...
Equestrian Club

10 Most Popular Equestrian Club of the World You Should Know

An equestrian club is a specialized organization or facility dedicated to the sport and recreational activity of horse riding and horsemanship. These clubs provide various services and opportunities for individuals interested in horses, riding,...
Heartworm in Dogs

Pericardial Effusion in Dogs: What To Know As Dog Owner

Pericardial effusion in dogs is a medical condition characterized by an unwanted fluid accumulation within the pericardium. The pericardium typically contains a small amount of fluid to allow for the smooth movement of the...
Gaited Horses- The Tolt

15 Most Popular Gaited Horse Breeds For Smooth Riding

Gaited horse breeds or individuals within breeds that possess unique, smooth, and natural riding gaits in addition to most horses' typical walk, trot, and canter/gallop. These smooth gaits are often more comfortable for riders,...