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Iffat Kawsar, DVM, MS
I am a Veterinary postgraduate from a reputed Agricultural University of Bangladesh. I am an animal lover and I want to share my knowledge of dogs, cats, birds, horses, and farm animals. I am also experienced with thesis writings, book reviews, content writings, and research paper optimization. I feel free to share my experience and views with you.
American Horse Breeds

16 Most Common American Horse Breeds Reviewed For Horse Lover

Horses are an essential part of the history and development of the United States of America. Horses have contributed in many folds to the development of agriculture, transport, sports, pleasure, endurance, stamina, pride, and...
Types of Domestic Goose Breeds

15 Most Popular Types of Goose You Should Know As A Bird Lover

Goose, or in plural geese, are the most popular waterfowl. The bird becomes domesticated and widely used for many purposes. They are also considered pet birds in many societies and myths. Geese are found...
Rabies in Cattle

Rabies in Cattle: Causes, Signs, Transmission, Prevention, and Control

Rabies in cattle is a highly fatal viral disease of the central nervous system, which occurs virtually in warm-blooded animals and man. Dogs have been and still are the primary source of Rabies in...
Horse Cart by Cleveland Bay

Cleveland Bay Horse: 12 Most Interesting Facts On This Beautiful Breed

Cleveland bay is one of Britain’s oldest horse breeds in Yorkshire in the early 16th century. The horse is medium in size and well muscular. The color of the horse is always bay and...
Sheep Breeds of the World

25 Most Common Sheep Breeds of the World You Should Know

Sheep are classified in the subfamily Caprinae, and all domestic sheep are included in the genus Ovis and species Ovis aries. The importance of sheep was maintained mainly for meat production, and subsidiary functions...
Vibriosis in cattle

Vibriosis in Cattle: Causes, Signs, Diagnosis, Treatment, and Prevention

Vibriosis in Cattle or Vibrionic abortion or Epizootic abortion is an infectious disease of cattle and sheep characterized by abortion and infertility. This is a venereal disease and is transmitted either at natural service...
Hanoverian Horse Breed

Hanoverian Horse: 11 Most Important Information On This Versatile Breed

The Hanoverian horse is one of the most versatile warmblooded horses that originated in Germany. The horse is elegant and noble, well-proportionate body, flaxen mane, tail, and well suited in Olympic games. The Military...
Angora Goat

Angora Goat: Most Important Information For Selecting the Goat Breed

Angora goat is a popular breed of domestic goat valued for various functions, which are worthy of mention, especially in the context of their integral role in complex agriculture systems. The breed is originating...
Bovine Rotavirus

Bovine Rotavirus: Causes, Signs, Diagnosis, Treatment and Prevention

Bovine Rotavirus has been recorded in many species of domestic and zoo ruminants, monogastric animals, and man. Calf rotavirus and most likely lamb rotavirus infection have a worldwide distribution. It is responsible for most...
Rocky Mountain Horse Breed

Rocky Mountain Horse: 12 Most Important Information for Horse Lover

Rocky Mountain horse (RMH) is one of the most gentle and well-behaved horse breeds of the United States of America. The horse is famous for its characteristics four-beat single-footed gait. This is how the...