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I am a Veterinary postgraduate from a reputed Agricultural University of Bangladesh. I have more than 300 articles and publications on veterinary subjects. I am an animal lover and I want to share my knowledge of dogs, cats, birds, horses, and farm animals. I am also experienced with thesis writings, book reviews, content writings, and research paper optimization. I feel free to share my experience and views with you.
IVDD in Dogs

IVDD in Dogs: Causes, Signs, Diagnosis, Treatment, and Prognosis

Intervertebral disc disorder or IVDD in dogs is a non-infectious disease where the bones of the vertebral column bulge or burst into the intervertebral space. The bulging bone then puts pressure on the nerve...
Indian Horse Breeds

9 Indian Horse Breeds You Should Know As A Horse Lover

The Indian subcontinent has been a unique place for development for several horse breeds. The horses that have come from this area each have unique traits, tend to have high endurance levels, and have...
Puppy Strangles

Puppy Strangles: Causes, Signs, Diagnosis, and Treatment

Canine juvenile cellulitis, or Puppy strangles, is a granulomatous condition that affects the submandibular lymph nodes and the skin of the pinnae and face. It is an idiopathic disorder of your young dogs, usually...
Cat Vomiting

Cat Vomiting: Most Important Information You Must Know As A Owner

Cat vomiting is a common health problem in house cats. The cat may vomit due to excessive eating, swallowing unwanted feed, grass, metal, woods, and disease conditions. The vomition causes the throwing up ingested...
Beautiful Welsh Cob

Welsh Cob: A Native British Horse with Extraordinary Qualities

Welsh Cob and Pony are mainly four pony and cob horses that originated in the Welsh of England. The Cob and ponies are well-known for their temperament, behavior, hardiness, and smooth gaits. The four...
Horse Markings

Most Common Horse Markings Helps To Identify Horses Properly

The variations in horse markings are infinite and cannot be accurately described by a limited number of terms without specific arbitrary groupings. In some cases, a mixture of the terms given below must be...
Borna Disease in Horses

Borna Disease in Horses: An Epizootic Disease You Should Know

Borna disease is an acute or subacute, non-purulent, often fatal viral encephalomyelitis of solipeds (horses, mule, donkeys) and occasionally of sheep. Borna disease virus can cause a slow infection in horses that affects the...
Diarrhea in Cats

Diarrhea in Cats: What You Should Need To Know As A Cat Owner

Cats are the most lovely pets in the house. As a cat owner, you must keenly observe the daily routine of your lovely cats. Cats usually poop twice daily in the litter box or...
Leptospirosis in Horses

Leptospirosis in Horses: Causes, Signs, Diagnosis, Treatment, and Control

Leptospirosis in horses is a bacterial disease caused by several species of Leptospira spp. The organisms are found commonly throughout the world and are widespread in cattle herds. The bacteria can persist for many...
Coccidiosis in Goats

Coccidiosis in Goats: Most Important Information for Farm Owner

Coccidiosis in goats is a highly pathogenic protozoal disease of goats and sheep. The disease is more dangerous in kids than adult goats. Coccidia in goats is caused by several species of Eimeria, which...