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African Grey Parrots: Most Adorable Pet Birds of Choice By Bird Lover

African Grey Parrots have throughout history fascinated humans. Whether for their beautiful feathers, their entertaining aunties, or their unique ability to talk, they have been held in high regard. Parrots are the kind of pet bird that most kids want to own because they can “talk” while not all parrots know how to talk. Many of them can learn regularly repeated words.

Essential Features of African Grey Parrots

Grey parrots are the most popular pet birds with a fantastic ability to talk. This fabulous bird is not only brilliant but is also a curious, interactive, and charming companion. The bird also is known as the Congo grey parrot, Congo African grey parrot. African grey parrot is the giant parrot in Africa.

Important Information on African Grey Parrots

Common and Scientific Name of the Bird

The most common names of the pet birds are Congo African Grey Parrot (CAGP), and Timneh African Grey Parrot (TAGP). The scientific names are  Psittacus erithacus (CAPG), and Psittacus erithacus timneh (TAGP). The birds are among the smartest pet birds in the world and are highly social. 

Naming of Grey Parrots

Size, Lifespan, and Temperament

Length 12 to 13 inches from beak to tail and weight is average 2.5 pounds. The life span is around 50 years and an individual about 75 years of age. African Garrots are brilliant birds. The bird is highly sensitive and a little demanding. They are brilliant and also are charming. Psittacosis or Parrot fever is the common health problem of the bird and you can easily control at home.

Size of the Bird

Charming Colors of African Grey Parrots

African Parrots, true to its name, having mostly grey feathers, some with a beautiful thin white edging. Congo African Grey boasts shiny black beaks and bright red tail feathers. The Tinmeh grey parrots have bone-colored mandibles and tail feathers of deep marrow. 

Color of Grey Parrots

Diet of African Grey Parrots

A meal containing fresh vegetables and tropical fruits, supplemented with a quality pellet diet is best for the African grey parrots. Some eat seeds, nuts, cereals, eggs, and small bits of cheese. They are less disease susceptible and healthy birds.

Diet and Nutrition of Bird

Exercise of the Birds

Sufficient amounts of exercise are imperative to the good health of a captive African grey. Caged Grey Parrots should be grant to spend a minimum of one to two hours outside of their captivity daily. They should be provided with plenty of bird-safe chew toys to facilitate exercising their powerful mandibles.

Exercise of African Grey Parrots

Are African Grey Parrots Good pets?

The African Grey Parrots are adorable, and one of the best pet birds love by all bird lovers of the world for various reasons:

  • African grey parrots have been rared as pets for many centuries.
  • Their fascinating ability to speculate and intelligent for clearly mimicking human voice has helped to slingshot them to celebrities both in the field of analysis and in the pet trade.
  • Captive African parrots typically pick up on words and sound very quickly with owners broadcasting birds that mimic the voice of telephones, microwaves, and even other pets like dogs and cats.
  • One African grey has even been considered by blowing the whistle on a women’s love affair by repeatedly calling out the other man’s name in front of her husband-using the cheating wife’s voice.
  • Much like small toddlers, Parrots have a reputation for repeating everything they hear, so it’s no wonder that many grey owners are careful to watch their mouths around their pets.

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