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Choosing The Best Pet Birds: Top 20 Pet Birds Reviewed For The Beginners

Birds becoming popular day by day as pets in human society since the last centuries. People choose birds as the pet due to bright color, easy maintenance, needs less space, which requires limited food, and few health problems. Moreover, pet birds can be accommodated in small apartments to the large garden house. There are lots of options available when the choices come to you about the best pet birds on the market. In my article, you will have an idea of how you select the best bird for you and your family that will adopt your environment easily.

The Best Pet Birds: Top 20 Pet Birds Reviewed

As the first owner of pet birds, you must do thorough research on feeds, nutrition, behavior, physiology, environmental factors, talking ability, and the price of birds. Basing on the above matters the best pet birds suited for you select one species. In this article, I shall briefly discuss the top 20 best pet birds found worldwide.

1. Macaw


Macaw is the long-lived, larger, and one of the best pet birds in the world which originated in North America. They attract humans due to having their long tail, bright color, and beautifully curved beaks. You must care about their beaks which can attack your kids. They are intelligent, vocal, friendly, and sociable pet birds that you can train easily.

2. Caiques


Caiques are the clown parrots and well known popular and best pet birds that originated in the Amazon basin. They are popular for their excellent bright color, hard beaks, and, named by their voice “Cakie”. Caiques are a medium-sized bird that needs very less care but very costly. They are the strong, energetic, stubborn, and friendly attitude to all family members. It can be your unique family members that will increase your choice in society.

3. African Grey Parrot


African Grey Parrots are the most intelligent and most vocabulary pet birds that can speak at the age of six months. You can own an African grey parrot at any place will find the same friendly attitude. They are most popular for their bright red colored tail. Grey parrot establish a strong attachment with you with proper training and become destructive without training.

4. Pigeon


The playing pigeon is one of the most popular and best pet birds in many regions of the world and it is a passion for the owner. There are hundreds of varieties of the pigeon that you may select for your purpose. You make kept pigeon for the economic purpose and their young chicks are very nutritious.  Pigeon is very obedient, intelligent, friendly, playful, loyal, and earlier days they were used as communication birds.

5. Cockatiel


The cockatiel originated in Australia and one of the most popular birds in the world. They are one of the nice-looking birds and easily adjust with your child. The cockatiel is a very friendly, social, and playful pet, so it may the best pet for your child. They are not ornamental birds and with proper care, they can live up to 25 years.

6. Pet Birds: Budgerigar


The very much social and smallest birds Budgerigar, that originated in Australia. They are curious and playful birds that you can choose. Budgerigar likes to explore the new area. They are very beautiful and friendly, so they enjoy to pass the time with you. Though budgerigar is short-lived they are very stunning, brilliant and unique to all other pet birds.

7. Ring-Necked Doves


If you have less time to care for pet-birds but you are interested, that time you can choose Ring-necked Dove as the best selection. They are easy-going nature, friendly, requires less maintenance and their voice is sweet. Ring-necked dove originates in Africa but you can find throughout the world.

8. Domestic Canary

Domestic Canary

This is the attractive, cheerful, and ideal companion that you may choose as best pet birds. The most popular singing birds of the USA, the Domestic Canary for their melodious song. They are colorful, having pleasing personality and you can easily manage the Domestic Canary.

9. Amazon Parrot

Amazon Parrot

The talented pet birds that you may choose, Amazon Parrot which originated in Mexico and Caribbeans. They are more talkative, excellent speech abilities and charming personalities. The Amazon Parrot can talk more words than the African Grey parrot. They are good family birds and your kids will love to play with him.

10. Pet Birds: Sun Conure

Sun Conure

Sun Conure is one of the loving and excellent birds and you will find in different varieties which originates in South America. Everybody attracted to the birds for stunning looks and brilliant characteristics. They are loud, bright, colorful, strong, and well-behaved pets.

11. Rose-Ringed Parakeet

Rose-Ringed Parakeet

Rose-ring Parakeet is a long-tailed parrot that is popular for the presence of a ring in their neck. They are the most popular case pet birds in the world that you may choose. The Rose-ringed Parakeets are originated in South Asia and Central Africa and famous for green plumage. This bird may be the best choice for your apartments and a very good companion to your family.

12. Finches


Finches are smallest birds group those are gregarious. They are small but strong, you can keep a number of birds in a case. Finches are an excellent singer that can give you pleasure at leisure. They are easy to maintain and you can get with limited cost. There are several varieties of Finches like American Goldfinches, European Goldfinches, Zebra Finches, Gouldian, and Purple Finches.

13. Pet Birds: Toucan


Toucan is less common pet birds but you can keep it for exception case. They are famous for their long and colored beaks, well-organized feather, and close related to woodpeckers. They are most loudly forest birds and named for their voice. They are very common and popular in the zoo and museums.

14. Pionus


Pionus are quiet, easy-going, friendly, and secret parrots which you may keep as the pet at your home with pride. They are the best talker and create friendships very quickly with the owner. Their native region is South America which also survives in all over the world. Pionus are easy-going and medium-sized. You can own an excellent pet at your surrounding.

15. Pet Birds: Parrots


Parrots can pick up the speech of humans that why it is another popular pet bird that you can choose. You can be a master of your parrot to talk as you wish. Parrots are friendly but little noisy bird, which can live even 30 years. They are brightly colored and very attractive as the pet for family and children.

16. Cockatoo


Cockatoo is the highly sociable and demanding pet birds in the world of pet owners. They are very curious, intelligent, mischievous birds. Cockatoo is very famous for its dramatic crest feather. People got affectionate towards cockatoo due to their excellent bright color and highly loyal towards its owner. There are few varieties of cockatoo but all are equally popular.

17. Pet Birds: Psittacula


They are parrot family ring-necked Afro- Asian parakeets found all over the world. They are very friendly and charming. Psittacula is a bright color, intelligent, vocal, and can learn to talk easily. There more than 15 species of Psittacula, out of them Rose-ring Parakeets( Psittacula krameri) is most popular. They are non-stop talkers and natural whistlers. It may be one of your best pet birds.

18. Song Canary

Song Canary

Song Canary is the most domesticated canary group of pet birds and most popular in the United States for their excellent singing ability. They are bright and beautiful colors, small sizes, and easy to manage. The singing ability of song canary varies on different varieties.

19. Pet Birds: Rosella


Rosella is most popular for its vibrant bright color and an excellent combination of a feather. You will not take away your eyes after seeing the bird. They are originated in Australia and less available in the aviary. They are easily maintained and kept in a small corridor of apartments.

20. Cassowary


The cassowary is most popular in zoo birds but less popular and introduced as a pet. Though some people kept cassowary as pet birds in their house and garden as an excellent ornament. The cassowary is originated in Australia and spread all over the world in the zoos. They are the second heaviest bird after the ostrich. The cassowary is popular for the blue neck, colored wattles, and wild helmets.

The Final Words

The choice of people in the different parts of the world is not similar. There are hundreds of best pet bird varieties in the aviary. Almost all the bird’s family are easily adaptable to the environment they are kept. They are easy to manage and less hazardous in the home and garden. The 20 best pet birds I have mentioned in the above article will definitely help you to select the suitable one for you.

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