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Horse Gift: 35 Beautiful Gift Ideas for Horse Lovers, Kids, and Friends

Do you like Horses? Many people want a horse and enjoy horse riding; horse riding is a passion and a matter of pride. Many people like a horse but have limited excess or chance to own a horse. Horse gift items are suitable for those who love horses. Many horse gifts item may surprise many horse lovers. 

Horse Gift Ideas for Horse Lovers

Horse present ideas are available on different shopping websites, including Amazon. You can purchase horse gifts from online platforms or directly from a showroom. In my article, I shall highlight the most common horse gifts item that may surprise your lovely ones.

Horse Gift

1. Horse Portrait

A horse portrait is one of the favorite equine gift items for horse lovers.

Horse Portraits

2. Horse Models

Horse models with metals, brushes, silver, gold, and wood are valuable gift items for horse lovers.

Horse Models

3. Saddle Bag Cell Phone Holder

While horse riding, there is a problem keeping your cell phone. A cell phone holder may be a surprise gift for horse riders that may amaze your lovely ones.

Saddle Bag Cell Phone Holder

4. Pay Card For Equine Vet

The horse owners expense a considerable amount of money on veterinary care. You can gift a payment card to a horse owner at the nearest equine veterinary hospital.

Vet Care Pay Card

5. Horse Gift Box

A horse’s gift box contains a mug, wine glass, gloves, T-shirt, etc. You can send a surprise horse present to any lovely person who likes horses.

Horse Gift Box

6. Gift A Ticket For Equestrian Event

Horse lovers regularly visit equestrian sports shows. You can send a tick for equestrian events that may surprise anyone.

Equestrian Event Ticket As Gift

7. Matching Saddle Pad and Polo Pad

Many women love everything matching. You can purchase saddle and polo items matching and gift for your lovely person who likes to ride a horse.

Matching Saddle Bag and Pad

8. Soft Brushes for Horse Grooming

Horse grooming helps maintain good health, appearance, and comfort. You can gift a comfortable and exceptional-looking grooming brush to the horse owner.

Grooming Brush

9. Pay Class Fees for Favorite Horse Show

Many kids are running online classes to learn horse riding and horse shows. You can pay an online class fee for your kids, which may surprise you.

Horse Show Tickets

10. Handmade Plushie

A handmade matching plushie may be an excellent gift for kids and women.

Handmade Horse plushie

11. Weekend Horse Chores

You can plan a weekend at horse chores. It may be a suitable vacation plan for horse lovers. You may enjoy pleasure riding, cross-country, hacking, jumping, photography, etc.

Weekend Horse Chores

12. Professional Horse Photography

You can arrange professional photography with horses. This is also a surprise gift for horse lovers.

Professional Horse Photography

13. Essential Horse Knots

You can teach essential horse knots to horse riders, and you can send a horse knot book for him or them.

Horse Knots

14. Offer An Online Course on Horse Riding

You can offer an online horse riding lesson course for your lovely kids.

Online Horse Course

15. Horse Gift: Saddle Box

You can gift a horse rider saddle box and saddlery items. You can purchase matching saddle items for new horse riders.

Saddle Bag Cell Phone Holder

16. Horse Snacks

You can gift a snack box having edible fruits like apples and carrots that may surprise your horse. Horse snacks develop good relations with horses and riders.

Horse Gift- Snacks

17. Horse Travel Bags

You can gift a travel bag with horse marks.

Holdall Bags for Horse

18. Horse Gift: Tack Trunk

A horse tack trunk or box is essential for a horse owner. You can gift a horse tack trunk to the horse owner and rider.

Horse Tack Trunk

19. Luxury Horse Hand Gloves

Horse hand gloves are one of the necessary items for the horse rider. You can gift luxury and fashionable hand gloves to horse riders.

Luxury Hand Gloves for Rider

20. Horse Gift Voucher

You can send horse gifts voucher to kids, women, and lovely people.

Horse Gift Voucher

21. Holdall Bag For Horse

You can gift a holdall bag with horse marks. This bag you can use during the vacation of riding classes.

Horseback Riding-Lose Grip by Thigh and Knees

22. Horse Gist: Bracelets

Horse bracelets are suitable both for women and men. This may be an appropriate gift for your lovely one.

Horse Gift Bracelets

23. Children Paddock Boots

You can gift children starting boots for kids who visit the stables and riding area. 

Kids Horse Boots

24. Horse Stirrup Neckless and Earrings

Horse lover women like neckless and earrings designed as per horse stirrup with metal, brass, silver, or gold. This may be a surprise gift to any woman who loves horses.

Horse Stirrup Neckless

25. Horse Statue

A horse statue made up of stone or metal increases the beauty of your office. You can choose a horse statue for your horse, living room, or a precious gift for your friends.

Horse Statue

26. Headcaps for Horseback Rider

Head caps or headgears marked with horses, horse head, or horseshoes are very famous to many people. You can choose horse head caps as a presentation item for your friend or kids.

Horse Headcaps

27. Comfortable Horse Boots

Horse boots are essential items for horse riding. You can gift a comfortable and fashionable boot for your kids, friends, or a lovely one.

Comfortable Horse Boots

28. Horse Wind Chimes

Wind chimes marked with horses or horse equipment increase the beauty of your living room. You can select horse wind chimes as a gift item.

Horse Wind Chime

29. Equestrian T-Shirt

T-shirts are very comfortable during summer. T-shirts marked with horses, racing patterns, horseshoes, and jumping performances are very lucrative. You can select as a gift item horse T-shirts.

Horse Riding

30. Horse Grooming Kit

Horse grooming is a daily requirement to keep the horse healthy and active. Grooming also increases the relationship between the horse and the rider. You can select a grooming toolbox as a gift item for a horse owner.

Horse Grooming Kit

31. Horse First Aid Kit

A horse first aid kit and box is an emergency item for the horse owner and rider. You can select a horse first aid kit as a gift item for the horse owner and rider. 

Horse First Aid Kit

32. Horse Gift: Mug

Ceramic or glass mugs designed with horses or horseshoes are an exceptional gift for horse lovers.

Horse Mug

33. Horse Socks

You can gift a pair of comfortable socks designed with horses. These gifts may surprise many horse lovers.

Horse Socks

34. Horse Photo Frame

Photo frames of friends and family designed with horse statues may be a surprise gift for the horse lover.

Horse Photoframes

35. Horse Gift: Equestrian Show Journal

You can gift an equestrian show journal that may track horse shows and related issues. They can find the latest equestrian results in the journal.

Equestrian Journal

Final Talk on Horse Gift

There are many more ideas on equine gifts and presentations. The gifts for horse riders, horse lovers, and also a horse. Sometimes you may select a horse as a gift for your dearest friend and kid. I have highlighted only a few ideas as an eye-opening. You can now imagine what new ideas are there. I think this article will help you a lot. Thank you for the time to read the article.

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