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Horse Tack: 15 Essential Horse Equipment For Owner and Horseback Rider

Horse tack is the assemblage of equipment used in riding, saddle, bridle pad, girth, stirrups, martingale, and harness. If you want to ride a horse, you must check western tack carefully. As a horse owner or horseback rider, you must have a detailed idea of horse tack. At the same time other horse equipment like accessories of horse riding, grooming items, farrier tools, horse blanket, safety, and first aid equipment you may know as a horseman. In my article, I shall bring all horse-related equipment for your easy understanding. 

Why is Horse Tack Called Tack?

The word tack comes from “tackle” which means the equipment or accessories used to control horse during riding or at work. During the year of 1924, the word tack used by shortening and exclusively for the equestrians. The word horse tack includes all equipment related to riding, saddle, bit, harness, bit, and equestrian accessories. The room used for storing tack is known as “tack room”. 

What Equipment is Needed for Horse Riding?

Horses used for the war and sports from ancient times. Day by day horseback riding and equestrian sports are becoming popular throughout the world. As a horse lover or horse rider or even an equestrian sportsman, you must know some essential horse tack and equipment that frequently used in these purposes. In my article, I have categorized 15 different types of tack or equipment for your better understanding.

1. Horse Tack: Saddle Equipment

The saddle is the most important item of the horse. The saddle is a comfortable seat on the horseback, placed on the girth, and prepared from leather that gives comfort both the horse and its rider. For every purpose, you need saddles like horseback riding, equestrian sports, work, and pleasure. There are different types of saddle: western saddle, English saddle, dressage saddle, polo saddle, jumping saddle, and many more. The parts of a saddle are as follows:

  • Pomel
  • Seat
  • Cantle
  • Skirt
  • Saddle Flap
  • Knee Pad
  • Panel
  • Stirrup Iron
  • Stirrup Leather
  • Keeper

Parts of a Western Saddle

2. Equitation and Horsemanship

The equipment required for equestrian sports and horsemanship is all necessary items of both horse and its rider. The items include saddle, headgear, the dress of the rider, riding helmet, wisp, blanket, watering and feeding utensils, grooming kit, and first aid kits. A horseman should have a brief idea about all necessary items or equipment that keeps fitting his/her horse.


3. Grooming Equipment

Horse need grooming daily. Grooming is the regular care of the coat and feet of the horse. It is more important when your horse is in work. The reasons for grooming are to ensure cleanliness, improve appearance, maintain, and promote good health. Grooming makes the horse’s skin shiny and keeps its skin healthy. This doesn’t mean that you have spent 3 hours a day, a 20-minute massage will make you feel better. The grooming box contains the following equipment:

  • Plastic currycomb
  • A rubber currycomb
  • A Dandy brush
  • A body brush
  • A metal currycomb
  • Stable rubber
  • Leather massage pad
  • Mane or Tail comb
  • Thinning Scissors
  • Sponge
  • Sweat Scraper
  • Bot Egg Knife
  • Hoof oil brush

Grooming Kit

4. Farrier Equipment

A farrier is a person who makes horseshoes and horse’s hoof. He also trimming and making the balance of horse hooves. The farrier used a variety of tools or equipment for the preparation of horse hooves and shoes. As a horse owner or horseback rider, you should have a preliminary idea about farrier equipment. A farrier toolbox contains the following items:

  • Hoof picker
  • Hoof Knife
  • Nippers
  • Driving Hammer
  • Clinch Cutter
  • Anvil
  • Clinch Block
  • Hoof Protector
  • Rasp
  • Alligator Clincher
  • Pritchel
  • Calipers

Farrier Tools

5. Horse Bathing Equipment

Bathing is one of the best methods of keeping healthy and shiny of your horse. Bathing requires after heavy work, during hot summer or to remove mud and other dirty material beyond grooming. You do not need to bathe your horse daily. When you bathe your horse, you first groom and arrange all tools or kits for bathing. The bathing kits include:

  • Bucket
  • Hosepipe
  • Sponge
  • Body brush
  • A duster or soft cloths
  • Scrapper
  • Shampoo
  • Combs
  • Dryer

Horse Bathing Equipment

6. Horse Blankets and Clothes

Horses are naturally grown long and thick coat and hair to produce body heat for sustaining in cold weather. In normal weather, the horse does not require a blanket. Blanketing a horse is necessary to protect from winter and inclement weather. Outside the shelter, a horse can sustain up to 0-5° C temperature but inside the shelter, it can sustain up to -40°C. When you choose a blanket, it must be winter and rainproof. The blanket should be comfortable, the horse should able to dry after exercise and can take breathe easily.

Horse Blanket 

7. Horse Tack: Training Equipment

Horse training is the process by preparing your horse for a specific purpose like sports, racing, horseback riding, remount training, English riding, dressage, Equestrianism, and many more. Knowledge about horse training equipment will help you to understand the behavior of your horse. The following a few  horse training equipment:

  • Training Saddle
  • Harness
  • Reins
  • Surcingles
  • Head Collars
  • Riding Helmet
  • Lunging System
  • Whips
  • Jumping materials

Horse Training Equipment


8. Horse Feeding Equipment

The feed of a horse is the most essential items to keep it healthy and fit for work. As a horse owner, you must have basic knowledge of horse diet and nutrition requirements. In my article on horse diet and nutrition, I have discussed in detail the feed ingredient, nutritive value, and its storage. In this paragraph, I shall give the list feeding and stall equipment list for you. You can check the requirement for your horse. 

  • Feed Bucket
  • Feed scoop
  •  Feed Storage container
  • Feed Mixer
  • Hay Cutter
  • Salt Block
  • Feed Stall Cleaner
  • Hay Bucket or Basket

Horse Feeding Equipment

9. Equine First Aid Equipment

Horse first aid aim is to take immediate action after an incident or accident by the rider or caregiver. The first aid prevents further injury to your horse, assess the amount of injury, identify the causes of injury and takes precautions to reduce further, and waiting for the veterinarian to take further necessary actions. As a horse owner or rider, you must keep the first aid kit ready all the time in stable, in a sports area or in the paddock so that immediate action could be taken. The list of ideal first aid kit are:

Bandage Scissors Knife
Hoof Pick Rolled Cotton Rubbing Alcohol
Sterilized Gauge Insect Repellent Duck Tape
Ice Box Q-Tips Spray Bottle
Bath or Hand Towel Large Syringe Tweezers
Antiseptic Wipe Packet Non-latex Gloves Instant Cold Pack
Adhesive Tape Bandage Antibiotic Ointment First Aid Booklet

First Aid Kit

10. Equipment or Dress of a Horse Rider

If you want to be a good horseback rider, you must wear a proper dress. The dress required for riding or sports is not so expensive. You may find near your hometown or even in horse riding club on payment. The basic horseback riding dress includes:

  • Helmet or Hat
  • Shirt
  • Riding Pant
  • Riding Boots
  • Jacket
  • Vest
  • Undergarments
  • Hand Gloves
  • Wisp

Horseback Rider's Dress

11. Horse Tack: Horseback Riding Safety Equipment

Horse riding is a matter of pleasure and pride. At the same time, riding a horse is also risky during a lack of adequate safety precautions. The basic safety measures are the correct procedure of horse riding, never go alone in horse riding, ride a horse in a safe place, the paddock should be well prepared, and wearing of correct dress. The safety equipment during horse riding are as follows:

  • SEI Certified Helmet
  • Riding Boot
  • Safety Stirrup
  • Body Protector
  • Inflatable air vest
  • Medical Bracelet

Horse Rider's Safety Equipment

12. Horse Beautification Equipment

The beautification of horses often requires while in a competition, equestrian, sports, and in the ceremonial parade. The preparation of your horse for a show is an art and requires a few extra pieces of equipment or materials. The beautification equipment is not a part of horseback riding or for safety. The following items are used frequently for the beautification of horses:

  • Well decorated Blanket
  • Crown in Head
  • Crape Bandage
  • Neckless
  • Shiny oil
  • Silk clothes in the mane or in the tail
  • Hoof wall shiner
  • Horse’s Headgear


Horse Beautification

13. Horse Drawn Vehicles

Horse-drawn vehicle or Horse carriage is a vehicle pull by one or more horses. The horse carriage is utilized by the human being from ancient times for various purposes. In the modern age, the necessity and attraction of horse carriage are more than luxurious cars. There are a hundred types of carriage throughout the world as the coach,  chariot, Victoria, Coupė, Mail Coach, Junting car, Wagon, Troika, and many more.

Horse Drawn Vehicle 

14. Horse Hoof Care Equipment

The horse hoof is the most important part of a working or riding horse. Horse hooves require well care regularly by an expert farrier. As a horse owner or horseback rider, you must check the hoof of your horse daily. In case of any abnormality, you must inform your farrier or vet immediately. In addition to the farrier tools, the hoof care equipment is the horseshoe, nail, leather shoe, hoof oil, copper sulfate, hoof brush, and Trek Boot.

Horse Hoof Care Equipment

15. Accessories of Horse Tack

I have tried to accumulate all the essential equipment required for horseback riding, equestrian sports, and horse care. In addition to the above list following few types of equipment are also necessary. 

  • Backpack
  • Fly Mask
  • Belly Cover or Skinguard
  • Latex bandage
  • Elastic Rubber Band
  • Competition number plate and flag.
  • Tail Guard
  • Measuring Stick or Tape
  • Stable Curtain
  • Water Bottle
  • Machete
  • Wet Gloves

Horse Accessories

Concluding Remarks on Horse Tack

The knowledge of horse tack and equipment is basic learning for every horse owner or horseback rider. In my article, I have briefly accumulated all essential equipment required for horse care, management, feeding, watering, first aid, hoof care, decoration, horse carriage, and few accessories. I believe this piece of information will help you a lot. If you are benefitted, please share this information with your friends.

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