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American Quarter Horse (AQH): Interesting Features for Choosing As Companion

The American Quarter Horse (AQH) is lovely and well known both as a racehorse and as a working ranch horse. The breed is recognized oldest horse breeds of America. In my article, I shall highlight the most interesting facts of Quarter horse that is essential to know for the horse lovers. The horse is top-rated for its gentle nature, versatility, beauty, speed, agility, and loyalty.

1. Origin and History of Your Horse

Roan American Quarter HorseThe origin of this breed in the United States. American Quarter Horse is one of the oldest breeds of the United States of America. The other name of this breed is Quarter Horse. The quarter horse originated near about 1660s and cross between the native horses originated from Spanish blood used by the earliest colonists and English horses imported to Virginia.

2. General Appearance of Your Smart Guy

Origin of American Quarter HorseThe Height of the American Quarter horse is about 14 to 16 hands, and the average weight is 1200 pounds. The Quarter horse is prominent in the haunches, compact, heavily muscled and run exceptionally fast over short distances, hence the colloquial name “quarter- miller.” The most common identifying colors are Chestnut, bay, and dun.

3. Even Temperament and Lifespan

The Quarter Horse is a gentle, calm, intelligent, and docile animal. The horse is a rapid learner, so you should have to train very quickly. Their lovely steady demeanor makes it suitable for all horse lovers. The life span of this breed is an average of 25 years and more.

4. Unique Characteristics of The Breeds

Golden American Quarter HorseIts gentleness and easy-going disposition make it a suitable mount for women and children as well as men. It is intelligent, determined, sure-footed and can start, stop and turn with ease and balance. An innate “cow sense,” thriftiness, comfort of training and ability to learn are its other attributes.

5. What do You Feed a Quarter Horse?

Color of American Quarter HorseWhen you feed concentrate ration of your horse, avoid straight cereal grains like corn, oats, or barley. You have to make sure each feeding is accompanied by as much as possible. Horses daily calories of minimum 70 percents should come from hay or pasture. Many myths have grown up around feeding a quarter horse, follow the basic rules of feeding but do not stick rigidly to formulas:

  • Always make any feeding changes gradually.
  • Never increase food in anticipation of the work the horse will do.
  • Feed your horse a good quality food.
  • Allow the horse access to roughage of some sort for most of the day.
  • Always feed by weight rather than volume.
  • Do not disturb or work your horse during or immediately after feeding, and do not feed your horse directly after work.
  • Feed concentrates in small amounts at the same times every day.
  • Make clean water always available, but do not let your horse drink too much straight after a feed.

6. Grooming Care of Your Lovely Horse

Behavior of American Quarter HorseGrooming your AQH and it keeps your horse healthy and playful. It removes dirt and massages the muscles and skin, stimulating the release of natural oils into the coat and improving the circulation. It is most effective when done after exercise, and the horse is warm. Most Quarter horses enjoy being groomed but some are ticklish in places. If possible, groom outside, so that the dust and hairs blow away and are not just redistributed.

7. Handling and Training of Your Valuable Companion

Beautiful American Quarter Horse

Handling your AQH friendly behavior and approach is very important for your horse. How you first approach and control your horse will affect everything else that follows. You will need to restrain your horse as well as for your convenience when you handle a quarter horse easily than you should have to it comfortably. They are a gentle, calm and docile animal, so the safe handling and training of your horse are straightforward.

8. Versatile Uses of AQH

American Quarter horse is a versatile horse and is particularly suited for your Western-style events, including barrel racing, cutting, western pleasure, western riding, reining, working cow-horse, English comfort, and trail class.

9. Distinguishing Feathers of Your Passionate Boy

The most distinguished features of AQH are as follows that differs from other h

  • Short and refined head.
  • Well-muscled and strong body.
  • Powerful, rounded hindquarter.
  • Great sprinting speed and over the short distance.
  • They are feathering a board chest.

Finally About The Great Buddy

The breed is an ideal choice for the beginning of the riders. They have lovable temperament and makes them easy to train. I give you the most important information which is essential to know all about the quarter horse. In my writing, you have to choose or select a quarter horse very quickly without any doubt.

Iffat Kawsar, DVM, MS
Iffat Kawsar, DVM, MS
I am a Veterinary postgraduate from a reputed Agricultural University of Bangladesh. I am also experienced with thesis writings, book review, content writings, and research paper optimization. I want to share my knowledge with the user through the internet.

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