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15 Most Popular Race Horse Breeds You Must Know As A Horse Racer

Horseback Racing is one of the ancient entertainment for human beings that remain exists in the same spirit in modern civilization. The people use horses for honor, pride, strength, courage, and speed. All these qualities and characteristics can be demonstrated by riding a horse and found in more advanced Race Horse Breeds.

Horse racing is one of the oldest sports that vary from country to country, but the basic requirements are the same. Horse racing is the competition between two or more horses where the involvement of money and many parties benefit from the sports. In the modern era, horse racing developed from a diversion of the leisure class into a huge public-entertainment business.

Most Popular Race Horse Breeds

There are various Horse Breed and pony in the world, but all are not used as racehorses. Racing horses require some unique characteristics and features. Moreover, the most important thing is the breeding history of that individual horse. A well-recorded data regarding sire (Father) and dam (mother) performance in racing and breeding history should be maintained and well-known. You may study the pedigree or stud books to know the detailed information. Previous records and physical performance may help you choose the best racing horses.  

1. Race Horse Breeds: Arabian

Arabian Horse is the most popular Race Horse breed in the world, having high intelligence, stamina, spirit, trainability, beauty, and gentle disposition. The Arabian horses originated in the Arabian Peninsula and spread throughout the world through trade and war. Arabian horses are the most popular racing horse nowadays.


Arabian horses are small compact horses with small heads, broad foreheads, large nostrils, deep chests, well-muscular bodies, short backs, and straight tails. The average body weight ranges from 350 to 600 kgs, and the height from 14.1 to 15.1 hands (57 to 61 inches). It is the oldest horse breed in the world, and all other breeds of horses are found in an Arabian bloodline.

The color of Arabian horses varies from bay, gray, chestnut, black, and roan, and sabino color is never found in Arabian horses. The Arabian horse is the most popular breed of horse widely used in racing, showing purposes, equestrian sports, movies, parades, circuses, and other places. In racing, the Arabian horse is unparalleled in other horse breeds.

2. Race Horse Breeds: Thoroughbred

The most prominent racehorse in the world is the Thoroughbred, which originated in England during the 17th century by breeding a native mare with Arabian, Barb, and Turkman stallions. Many of us doubt that any pure breed horse is thoroughbred, but initially it is a distinct breed of horse.

They are more significant than their oriental forebears, with long legs, a muscular and robust body, a short back, a deep chest, a broad head, and more prominent nostrils. The height of horses varies from 61 to 67 inches (15.1 to 16.7 hand), and body weight from 1000 to 1400 lbs. They are most often bay, dark bay or brown, chestnut, black, or gray color, and less common colors recognized in the United States include roan and palomino.


Whiteis very rare but is a recognized color separate from gray. There may be a presence of white markings on the face, head, legs, and body.  Thoroughbred is widely used in racing and is the most famous horse breed. Other uses of Thoroughbred are eventing, show jumping, dressage, Olympic games, show hunters, western riding, equestrian sports, and many more.

3. Race Horse Breeds: Quarter Horse

The Quarter horse of American Quarter horse is one of America’s oldest recognized horse breeds, named after sprinting short racing a quarter-mile. It is the most popular breed of horse in America and can run up to 88 km per hour. The characteristics of the quarter horse are a healthy well-muscled body, a small, short, refined head, a broad chest, and powerful and rounded hindquarters.


The average height is usually 56 to 64 inches. The most common color of quarter-breed horses is chestnut, grey, bay, palomino, brown, and black. Quarter horses are popularly used for racing. Other uses of this breed are show jumping, western ridings like calf hunting, trail riding, and competition mounted police and horse polo. The quarter horse is one of the most famous racehorse breeds in the world.

4. Race Horse Breeds: Standardbred

Standardbred horses are the world’s most famous harness racing and fasted trotting horse breed. The alternate name of the breed is Trotter Pacer which originated in the United States of America. The horses have a well-developed body structure. In addition to harness racing, the Standardbred is used for various equestrian qualities- including horse show and pleasure riding, particularly in the mid-western and eastern United States and southern Ontario.


The Standardbred typically weighs between 800 to 1000 lbs and has a wide range of heights from 56 to 68 inches.  They are mostly bay, brown, and black, although other colors such as chestnut, grey, and roan are also seen. They have characteristics of a long body, well-muscled, solid legs, and powerful shoulder and hindquarters, in some cases heavier than the thoroughbred.

In horse racing, Standardbreds can trot or pace as speedy as racing. Their special characteristics are they are disciplined at hunting, quiet at jumping, and able to use in show jumping, show eventing, and eventing. They are excellent in trail racing and ranching, and have excellent temperament and behavior.

5. Race Horse Breeds: Paint Horse

The paint horse is a top-rated horse that originated in the United States of America. The American paint horse is trendy and known for its marking, and excellent color, intelligence, and unique refinement makes it most favorite. The Paint horse is used in performance competitions as a show horse and in dressage training.


The color is bay, chestnut, black, palomino, gray, buckskin, and blue roan. But more importantly, their physical coloring is their distinctive white marking. The two dominant coat patterns of the Paint horse, the overo and tobiano, are distinguished by the position of the white coloring on the body.

6. Race Horse Breeds: Appaloosa

Appaloosa is a spotted-colored popular horse breed of America. They are medium-sized breeds ranging from 57 to 61 inches and weighing 450 to 500 kg. They may be of different colors but with distinct spotted markings on the body. They are highly trained in English riding and Western riding.

Appaloosa is well familiar with western competition( reining, cutting, roping), O-Mok-See sports (Barrel racing and pole bending), and English disciplines (eventing, fox hunting, and show jumping)


7. Andalusian Horse

Andalusian is a pure Spanish Horse that originated in the Iberian Peninsula, where its ancestors lived for thousands of years.  They are powerful horses due to their well-developed muscular structure, deep chest, and well-developed nostril. The average height ranges from 61 to 65 inches, and the body weight from 450 to 500 kg; which is a well-known medium horse.

Andalusians are intelligent, docile, and calm horses; that’s why they are widely used in school riding. They are excellent western event horses, cattle events, working ranch horses, and all English events( hunter, pleasure, and dressage).


Due to easy trainability, athleticism, and recent Olympics performance, Andalusian is the original dressage horse. You may bet on a racehorse for Andalusian very confidently and without a doubt.

8. American Miniature Horse

American Miniature Horses are well-known horses found in Europe and America due to their sizes. The average height is 36 to 39 inches, with various colors and coat patterns. American Miniature horse has lengthy and angled shoulders, long and flexible neck, well-formed forearms, wide-set eyes, large nostrils, pointed ears, and a well-muscular body.

American Miniature Horse

The American Miniature is a gentle, friendly, curious, and playful horse, so you can keep it as a pet for children. They are widely used in horse shows, including halter, in-hand hunter and jumper, driving, liberty, costume, obstacle or trial classes, and showmanship.

9. Race Horse Breeds: Akhal Teke

Akhal Teke is the reputed horse breed for intelligence, endurance, and metallic sheen, which originated in Turkmenistan, where they are the national emblem.  They are also known as “Golden Horses” due to their shiny coat of palominos and buckskin. Akhal Teke is a medium horse that ranges from 58 to 63 inches and is well known for its golden color. They are characterized by a straight head, almond-shaped or “hooded eyes,” well muscular body, and glossy skin.


Akhal Teke’s horse is a very confident and quick learner. They are gentle, develop intense bondage with the rider, and are very sensitive, and that’s how to make them “one rider horse.”  Akhal Teke is a well-known riding horse frequently used in racing horses. Akhal Teke horses used worldwide have performed well in dressage, showjumping, eventing, and the famous racehorse in Russia and Turkmenistan.

10. Black Forest Horse

Black Forest horses, also known as Black Forest Cold Blooded horses, originated in Southern Germany. They are bred for working in the farmland and forest as they are small and sturdy.  Black Forest horses include a dark chestnut coat with flaxen mane and tail, short head, muscular neck, well laid back shoulder, broad coup, and expansive gaits.


Black Forest Horses are well-natured, gentle, and intelligent horses initially bred for the draft purpose. The Black Forest is a very popular racehorse for betting and riding horses.

11. Race Horse Breeds: Tennessee Walker

Tennessee Walker or Tennessee Walking horse is a gaited horse known for its unique four-beat running walk and flashy movement. The horse originated in the United States and was initially bred for use on farms and plantations. The Tennessee Walker has a finely chiseled head, large eyes, short and erect ears, 59 to 66 inches in height, and 900 to 1200 lbs of body weight. Tennessee walkers are found in coat colors varying from black, browns, bay, and chestnuts, but roan, buckskin, pintos, and palominos are rare.

Tennessee Walker

Tennessee Walker was developed in farmland for smooth work but is now equally used in English, Western track, competition racing, show ring, or trail. Popularly used in show horses and movies of Television serial Tennessee Walker are also favorites.

12. Morgan Horse

Morgan is one of the earliest horse breeds of the United States of America was developed by Justin Morgan and was widely used in the American Civil war by both sides. The standard breed height is 59 to 64 inches, and the weight ranges from 450 to 500 kg, most commonly bay, black, and chestnut color. Morgan horse is characterized by a strongly led, expressed head, large and prominent eyes, well-defined wither, laid back shoulder, and short back.


Morgan breed is used in many events widely, like English and Western racing, dressage, western pleasure, show jumping, cutting, and endurance riding. Morgan is also one of the favorite racehorses breeds you can bet confidently.

13. Warmblood Horse


Warmblood horses are developed by crossing cold-blooded and hot-blooded horse breeds primarily for draft purposes in Europe, especially Germany. Many countries developed warm-blood horses for riding and drawing wagons and carriages. They can move more athletically heavier draft breeds. Warmblood horses are famous in any discipline, such as dressage, driving, and eventing.

14. French Trotter Horse

French Trotter is a breed of horse developed by crossing Norman Horses with the Thoroughbred or Norfolk Trotters during the 19th century in France. The standard height of French Trotters is 61 to 65 inches, and their body weight is 500 to 650 kg, and they are usually in solid colors like bay, chestnut, or brown.


The French trotters are excellent riding and driving trotting and well-balanced and level astride. After their racing carrier, the French Trotters are widely used in Remount training for hunts and equestrian sports.

15. Hanoverians Horse

The Hanoverian horse originated in the Lower-Saxony and is the world’s most significant Warmblood horse breed. The horse breed was first developed in 1735 AD at the state stud cell by importing 12 stallions from Holstein.


By the day, the breed is now used in light agriculture, riding, and pulling purposes. In Germany, it is also used for racing and some competitions and is popular in temperate countries.

The Concluding Remarks on Race Horse Breeds

You will find hundreds of horse breeds for rearing, riding, and companion animals, but all are not fit for racing horses.  In the above discussion, I have tried to bring all racehorse breeds into one article, and you can make a quick decision with this much information. I have briefly described each racehorse breed’s general characteristics and purposes for you. You can choose a horse for horse events, dressage training, show jumping, and equestrian sports.

I think this concise information and data will help you select horse betting. Please share the content through social media if you like the above information and discussion. To get more information and regular update, please subscribe to our website.


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