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Top 12 Fastest Horse Breeds of The World You Should Know

Whenever you think about a horse, you will recollect the speed, beauty, size, and temperament of a horse. Most of the cases, in racing or other competition, the fastest horse is mostly discussed. A horse’s ability to be own in a racing competition is mainly on the speed, natural stamina, endurance, intelligence, and the rider’s ability. There are hundreds of horse varieties around the globe, but all are not at equal speed. The fastest horse breeds are of choice to many horse lovers.

Best Fasted Horse Breeds

The popularity of a horse mainly depends on its speed. At present, horses are mainly used in racing, riding, competitive events, and equestrian sports. The fastest horse is one of the prime criteria in selecting a horse for racing or other competitive events. In my article, I shall discuss the most common fasted horse breeds in the world.

Racing Horses

1. Arabian Horse

The Arabian horses have been bred purely for many countries and have formed many other breeds. It originates in the deserts of the Arabian Penninsula and the Near-East, where hard bodies and robust will were required for existence. Today due to its adaptability, it is used for all types of riding. It is especially suited to endurance riding.

Arabian Horse Breeds

Large eyes and beautiful chiseled triangular face distinguish the Arabian horses. The neck is long and domed, leading to a compact and graceful body. The usual height ranges from 14.1 to 15.1 hands. The luxurious coat color is usually grey, bay, or chestnut, although there is an occasional black. White identical markings are sometimes fount on the head, body, and legs.

2. Thoroughbred

The Thoroughbred or blood horses developed in England about 300 years ago for racing purposes by using local and Rabian Stock. Today this noted for its stamina, speed, the fitness of confirmation, and long, well-muscled legs. It is intelligent and courageous with a temperament most suited to competitive events.

Thoroughbred Racing

Standard coat colors of Thoroughbred are Bay, Chestnut, and brown, although some are greys. White markings present on the legs and face are typical. The Thoroughbred has been used successfully for improving the quality of many breeds. The maximum utilization of Thoroughbred in racing, but its blood also used for hunting, harness racing, dressage, eventing, polo, stock work, and horse polo.

3. American Quarter Horse

The American Quarter Horse is prominent in the haunches, solid, heavily muscled, and can run exceptionally speedy over short distances, hence the colloquial name “quarter-miler.” Its gentleness and easy-going personality make it a suitable mount for women, children, and men. It is intelligent, determined, sure-footed, and can start, stop, and turn with a comfortable balance.

Golden American Quarter Horse

The most common coat color patterns are Bay, Chestnut, and Dun. An innate “cow-sense,” thriftiness, ease of training, and ability to learn are unique qualities. It is a talented horse and is particularly appropriate for Western-style events, including barrel racing, cutting, Western riding, Western Pleasure, working cow horses, reining, Trial class, and English pleasure.

4. Andalusian Horse

The Andalusian is an ancient noble breed, has only recently been permitted by the Spanish Government to be exported. The most common coat color is grey for this breed.

Jumping By Andalusian Horse

The Andalusian is strongly boned and stands at between 15 to 16.2 hands. It is spirited and arrogant appearance belies a clam, cooperative temper, steadiness under pressure, and a remarkable disposition for training. It possesses strength and endurance, and its movement is elevated, agile, and smooth, It successfully competes in harness, dressage, in-hand, and under-saddle classes.

5. Standardbred

Standardbred is so termed because, in the past, each animal had to be suited for operating up to a set standard before being suitable for inclusion in the studbooks. Standardbred may either trot or pace. They vary confirmation because speed is considered more important than beauty. They are smaller and shorter-legged than Thoroughbred. The most accepted color of the coat is bay.

Use of Standardbred

Standardbred usually has excellent temperaments and often have feathers back of the fetlock. They are marked with a coded freeze mark on the right neck. Standardbreds are a popular form of racing animals because they allow the owners to both train and drive.

6. Appaloosa

The most distinct feature of the Appaloosa horse is its coat pattern. This coat color pattern varies from horses to horses. The Appaloosa has identical markings, and in some horses, the markings changes with age. However, most Appaloosa is white over the loins and hips with dark, round or egg-shaped spots, varying in size from specks to 100 mm in diameter.

Interesting Facts of Appaloosa

Other characteristics of the breed are a white sclera around the eye, mottled skin, and striped hooves. The most valued qualities of an Appaloosa horse are a quiet, sensible disposition and keen intelligence. Stockwork, sprint racing, show ring competitions, jumping, and dressage are the primary uses of the Appaloosa.

7. Akhal Teke

Akhal Teke or Golden horse originated from Turkmen horses. They have reputed for speed, intelligence, and metallic shin golden coat colors. They can adapt in any climatic conditions and thought to be the oldest horse breeds of the world. They have a natural athleticism and can be used in racing, dressage, eventing, endurance riding, and show jumping.

Akhal Teke

8. Caspian Horse

The Caspian horse developed in the Caspian Mountain in Iran. Thought to have been abolished for centuries, the Caspian horse was discovered in 1965in the village in Northern Iran. Since then, Caspian stud has been established in several countries. Despite the establishment of breeding programs, however, it is believed that there are less than 300 pure breeds.

Caspian Horse

Although small, with a regular height of 11 hands, Caspians are not ponies. They have a slenderize body with a graceful neck, long sloping shoulders, and a deep girth. Limbs are slender, with sharp, dense bones, and little or no feathering on the fetlock. The breed is light, well-balanced, agile, and reliable. Their jumping ability is exceptional for their size. The Caspian’s kind and eager nature, small size, and smooth gait make them ideal as children’s first horses.

9. Black Forest Horse

The Black Forest is the famous horse breeds of Germany. The horse is registered only in Chestnut color with a flexon mane and tail. The horse was most commonly used in drafting, pulling the cart, agricultural work, harness racing, and horseback riding. The horse is light, reliable, intelligent, and speedy.

The German Black Forest

10. Harness Horse

A harness horse is of any breed, from a Shetland and Clydesdale, that can pull a jinker or wagon. It should be robust and sound with excellent conformation. It can be used for pleasure, showing, or three-phase driving.

Harness Racing

11. Friesian Horse

A massive horse especially suited for harness work and high-level dressage, the Friesian originated in Friesland, a province of the Netherlands. These horses were exclusively bred for 1000 years and have had little domination from other breeds.

Cost of Friesian Horse

The regular height of the modern Friesian is between 15 to 16 hands. They make an extravagant impression in the horse show ring because of their extreme natural knee action and heavy mane and tail.

12. Morgan Horse

The Morgan stance at about 15 hands and usually solid black, brown, or chestnut in colors. It has a compact physique with a broad, short head, and neck. It has strong shoulders and back and powerful hindquarters. Morgans considered a good all-rounder, is capable of duties ranging from show driving to weight pulling in collar and working horses harness to pleasure.


Concluding Remarks

Horses are the oldest and trusted companion of human civilization. Earlier people used horses for agricultural works, transport, war, honor, pride, and pleasure. At present, horses are mainly used for recreational and pleasure purposes like racing, venting, competition, and sports. The fastest horse is one of the prime requirements for all of the purposes. A person selects horses based on many qualities and criteria. The speed of the horse is one of the main requirements of them. In my article, I have select 12 horse breeds based on speed and stamina. I think this selection will give you the answer to many questions.

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