Home Horse Morgan Horse: Excellent Horse Breeds of Choice for Horse Lover

Morgan Horse: Excellent Horse Breeds of Choice for Horse Lover

The versatile Morgan Horse is the earliest horse breed and it is a beautiful breed in the world. The Morgan, breed of horse is very famous and adaptable to virtually any situation and use. The horse is loyal, easy to keep and compact refined breed.

What is the origin of the Morgan Horse?

Morgan is one of the oldest horse breeds of America which was initially named Justin Morgan. This horse breed has influenced other major horse breeds of the United States like Standardbred, American Quarter Horse, and Tennessee Walking Horse. After 1907, the US started to export Morgan to other countries of the world like the United Kingdom and Australia. At present more than 170,000 Morgan horses distributed throughout the world.

Origin of Morgan

Are morgan Horses good for beginners?

Morgans are courageous, spunky, and strong that’s why the horse is good for beginners. The breed is well known for their loyalty and affection. Morgans are very long-lived horses. If you take well cared the most horses live for 20-30 years.

Size and Lifespan of Morgan

Morgan stands at about 15 hands (57 to 62 inches, 145 to 157 cm) and the average weight from 900 to 1100 pounds (400 to 500kg). They have a long life span. The average life span is 20-30 years.

Size and Shape of Morgan Horse

Breed Characteristics Lovely Morgan

They are usually solid black, brown or chestnut in color. It has a compact physique with a broad, short head and thick neck. Expressive eyes and ears are well-shaped and short. It has strong shoulders and back, and powerful hindquarters.

Versatile Uses of Morgan

Considered a good all-rounder, the Morgan is capable of duties ranging from show driving to weight pulling in collar and working horse harness to pleasure riding. The horse is also used in trotting horses on the race track. Sometimes they are used as cows and pack horses. The breed is also famous as a stock horse.

Versatile Use of Morgan

Unique Characteristics of the Morgan

The Morgan is attractive, stylish and smooth lines, expressive eyes, small ears, and a nicely crested neck. The breed is compact, muscular but refined build, well-arched neck and expressive head. They are alert and good temperaments.

What is Morgan Horse Good For?

The horse is maintained in many disciplines including show jumping, dressage, endurance riding, western pleasure, and cutting. Morgan is well known for its versatility and is used in various types of Western and English events. The horse is also famous for pleasure riding and driving.


Final Thoughts on Morgan Horse

Morgan is a member of many club or associations like The American Morgan Horse Association, Morgan Horse Club, etc. The horse is widely used in many Western and English events. They are widely shown in many disciplines like Endurance riding, dressage, showjumping, cutting, and western pleasure. This bold, good looking, strong, intelligent, well-trained, and versatile horse you can choose for your home. It will give you pleasure and pride as a horse owner.


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