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Standardbred: Most Important Qualities for Choosing The Horse Breed

The standardbred is a versatile horse breed. They are so named in the past each animal had to be capable of performing up to a set standard before being eligible for inclusion in the stud books. The animal may either trot or pace. They vary in conformation because of speed is considered more important than beauty. In my article, I have to discuss in detail the all necessary information of standardbreds such as the origin and history, body condition, lifespan and personality which is essential to make them the ideal choice.

Origin and History of Standardbred Horse

Excellent Standardbred

The source of this breed in the United States. It is an American horse which is very famous for harness racing. The other name of this breed is Trotter or Pacer. The name “Standardbred” is derived from the beginning in 1879, eligibility for the registration was based on the performance of the animal to trot the mile at 2:30 or pace the same distance at 2:25. The horse was developed in the 19th century.

General Appearance of The Equine

Physical Appearance of StandardbredThey are smaller and shorter-legged than Thoroughbred. The most common color is bay, chestnut, brown, black but the roans, grays, and duns are sometimes are found. The average height of standardbred is 15 to 16 hands, and the weight is usually 900 to 1300 pounds. The body of standardbred has a long, sloping, muscular shoulder and the chest is deep and thick, and the ribs well-sprung.

Temperament and Lifespan of Your Boy

Life of StabdardbredStandardbred usually has a good temperament, and that’s why they are easily trained for racing complete as either Trotter or pacers. Beyond their physical attributes and their enthusiastic docile personality make them truly what sets the standardbred apart from other breeds. The expected lifespan is 25 years.

Grooming of Standardbred

Grooming of Standardbred

The standardbred horses should have to need groomed regularly. Grooming is the best procedure to keep your horse healthy and pleasant. Hoof care should be required to prevent infections. Grooming is the best way to maintain a healthy coat and also necessary for looking and feeling great. When you maintain a healthy relationship with your lovely horse, you must have to groom the animal properly. It gives you a beautiful, healthy and disease free horse.

Disease Condition of Standardbred

Use of StandardbredStandardbred is a racing and athletic horses that’s why the muscular disorder is so common. Sometimes it can be fatal and frustrating in your horse. They appear to share a disorder causing tying -up during horse training with clinical manifestations rarely or never noticed during actual racing exercise. This condition is referred to as recurrent exertional rhabdomyolysis (RER). The disease is more common in faster horses which might permit more rapid muscular processes at the cellular level.

Handling and Training of Standardbred

Behavior of StandardbredThey are the gentle, docile, calm, and intelligent horse. It should be handled and training more quickly than the other horse. You have to train your horse at home, jogging around the fields and or the farm area. Unlike standardbreds, thoroughbreds in training are often turned out to pasture except for race days. Most of the animal enjoy this break, as it is a more natural lifestyle than living in a stall most of the time. Whenever regular turnout suits your training purposes depends on the individual animal.

Feeding of Standardbred Horse

Black StandardbredYour horse should have to need good quality feed because they are less able to digest poor quality feeds. They are doing heavy work, and young growing horses may also need a supplementary feed at other times the year. Good quality grass in the form of hay should be the first-choice supplement in most situation. A Standardbreds in training will generally be able to intake 2.25-2.5% of its body weight daily in a 60-65% concentrate to 35-40% roughage mix.

Unique Characteristics of The Breed

The most choosing unique features of the breed are as follows for you:

  • They are famous for their speed and athletic ability.
  • Well-muscled, long body.
  • Powerful shoulders and hindquarters and solid legs.
  • Slightly heavier than Thoroughbred.
  • The standardbred is renowned for the harness racing.
  • They often have feathers behind the fetlock.
  • They are branded with a coded freeze brand on the right neck.

Unique Features of Standardbred

Versatile Uses of the Horse

A standardbred is a popular form of the racing animal because they provide the opportunity for owners to both train and drive.they are used for the harness racing and the sports such as speed games, jumping, distance riding, competitive carriage and the pleasure driving.

Concluding Remarks

You may be surprised because of their captivating performance. The Standardbred is very heart and talent which are admired and revered by racing enthusiasts and the horse lovers everyone. The standardbred is a friendly, steady, and calm horse and they enjoy spending time with their human companions which making them ideal for all horse riders and owners.


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