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All About Highland Pony As a Horse Breed For Kids

The Highland Pony is an easily recognizable actual pony breed of great beauty and strength. It is a native Scottish pony of the mountain areas of Scotland. They are capable of carrying the most massive load or person which being stabled. They are the hardy animals and can tolerate many adverse conditions of the climate.

Highland Pony

In my writing, I have to describe the origin and history, body condition, size and shape, unique characteristics of the most lovable ponies which is essential to select the Highland Pony.

Origin and History of The Pony

Good Looking Highland PonyThe Highland Pony is local to the highlands of Scotland and adjacent private islands. The lovely ponies come in a variety of colors and sizes which is suitable for a wide range of tasks. The two recognized categories of Highland Pony are the Scottish Mainland and the Western Islands. The latter is smaller and of lighter build than the former. It is the giant pony breeds of the British Isles, and its pedigree dates back to the 1880s.

General Appearance

Highland Pony Show

The height of the Highland Pony is not to exceed 14.2 hands, and the weight is average 550kg. The color of this pony is a mouse, duns, yellow, cream, grey, brown, and black. Sometimes liver chestnut with silver mane and tail. The body of this pony is well balanced and an attractive head with prominent eyes. A reliable and reasonable length of neck, shoulders that are set well back, the chest is deep, and ribs well- sprung.

Temperament and Lifespan of The Lovely Pet

highland_pony_mareThe animal are intelligent, docile and kind. The pony makes good a child’s pony due to their calm and suitable personality. The Highland pony smoothly rides to children; that’s why it is very famous to the kids. It is also able to carry adults of up to 15 stone in weight. Their average lifespan is 25-30 years, and sometimes the ponies live longer than horses which are 40 or even 50 years.

Unique characteristics 

The unique characteristics of the pony are as follows:

  • Robust, well-balanced, and compact pony.
  • Strength and docility of these animals are renowned.
  • Unique two-layer body coat enables it to withstand the bleakest winter.
  • Their action is free and straight.
  • Powerful quarter and strong thighs.
  • Zebra stripes on the legs with dark mane and tail.

Versatile Uses of The Breed

Uses of Highland PonyThe strength and docility of these animals are very renowned. It traditionally used as utility animals. Highland Pony is also utilized for all kinds of farm work and deer hunter as game carriers. The ponies are calm and steady which makes them suitable for even the most nervous rider. They are good for jumping and trekking due to their quietness, ability, and stamina to carry weight.

In Conclusion

Highland Pony is a beautiful and powerful horse pony in the world. The strength and their sound temperament it makes them good workhorses, and they are used in different purposes like logging or to extract deer carcasses from the hill. So I think it should be a good and right choice for the beginning of the kids, rider and the newcomers.


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