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Top 25 Most Popular Draft Horse Breeds of The World

The horses are mostly loveable animals in the world from ancient history. In present days, horses are owned for various purposes like show jumping, equestrian sports, security forces, and eventing. In all cases, draft horse breeds are essential and widely used horses. In my article, you will get a general idea about the most common draft horses of the world.

Draft Horse Breeds of The World

Draft horse breeds are known by their body structure, muscular build-up, energy to work, and power. The height and body weight varies in different ranges of these breeds. They are extensively used in agricultural farms, horse carriage, equine training events, show jumping, security forces, and eventing. The most popular draft horse breeds are Australian draft, Friesian, Fjord, American cream draft, Belgian, and Dutch draft horse. In my article, I shall discuss the characteristics of the 25 most popular draft horse breeds of the world.

1. Friesian Horse

Frisian HorseThe famous Friesian Horse originated in the Netherlands, and the other name of this breed is Belgian Black. This breed’s recognized color is black but occasionally is chestnut. The height of this breed is 15 to 17 hands, and the average weight is 1300 pounds or more. The distinguishing features are powerful muscle, lower leg feathers, elegant action, an agile and thick mane, and a tail.

2. South German Coldblood Horse

South German Coldblooded HorseThe other name is Suddeutsches Kaltblut and originated in Germany. The South German Coldblood is one of the few horse breeds to show leopard or “tiger” spotting. They are susceptible to bone diseases osteochondrosis and osteochondritis dissecans. The personal traits are agile, multi-talented, and hardy. The average height is 16–16.2 hands, and the weight is more than 500 kg.

3. Soviet Heavy Draft Horse

Soviet Heavy Draft

The Bay, brown, roan, and chestnut-colored Soviet Heavy Horse originated in Russia. The other name is Soviet Heavy Draught, Sovetskil Tyazhelovoz, Sovetskaya Tyazhelovozskaya. They are docile, lively, adaptable and willing animals. The average weight is 750–1000 kg and the height is up to 15.74–16.4 hands. The favorite features of this breed are easy trainability, sturdiness, and excellent trots.

4. American Cream Draft Horse

American Cream Draft HorseThe country of origin is the USA. They have a calm, quiet, energetic personality and are easy to handle. The breed has a light, medium, or dark cream coat and the skin is pink, hazel or amber eyes, white mane, and tail. The height is average is 15-16.3 hands, and the weight is 680-820 kg. The common uses of this breed are horseback riding, show jumping, agricultural work, and driving carts.

5. Dutch Draft Horse

Dutch Draft HorseThe famous Dutch draft horse originated in the Netherlands. The color of this breed is chestnut, bay, gray, and occasionally black. The horse is calm, friendly, docile, and quiet in nature. The outstanding characteristics are strength, quiet disposition, and the ability to work for a prolonged period. The average height is 15.2 to 16 hands, and the weight is 700–750 kg the healthy draft horse breed is used in draft work and riding horses.

6. Fjord Horse

Fjord HorseThe breed is famous for its strength, versatility, and calm temperament. Generally, the Fjord is 13.2 to 14.2 hands high, and the weight is 900 to 1000 pounds. The different feathers of this breed are powerfully built, dun coat with primitive markings, and mane usually roached to stand erect. They are naturally brown, dun color but sometimes are yellow dun, gold, pale dun, grey, or red dun. The alternative name is Norwegian Fjord Horse, Fjording, Fjordhest, and the origin of this breed in Norway.

7. Irish Draft Horse

Irish Draft HorseThe origin of this breed is in Ireland. The horse is energetic and lively. They are intelligent and easily manageable. The famous features of this breed are powerful warmblood build and well-muscled. They are high-quality sports horses and are also popular in eventing, showing, and as a hunter.

8. Latvian Horse

Latvian HorseThe country of origin is Latvia. Latvian horses are tall, bulky muscles, bony, stamina, and ability to work are the distinguishing traits. Latvian are black, brown, or bay color. Chestnut color is rare. They are the willing, docile, strong-willed, and gentle animals. The height is average is 158-164 cm, and the weight is 500-600 kg.

9. Russian Heavy Draft Horse

Russian Heavy Draft HorseThe Nickname of this breed is Croatian Posavac or Busac Posavac. The country of origin is Russia. The temperament of this breed is docile, ready to work, patient, friendly, obedient, and loyal. The horse is chestnut and roan in color. The weight is 1433 pounds, and the height is 14.1-15 hands. They are energetic, agile, maintainable, and tolerant of cold weather. The life expectancy of around 25-31 years.

10. North Swedish Horse

North Swedish HorseThe country of origin is Sweden. They are versatile, durable, and hardy, easily maintainable and their care and feeding cost is low. The breed is gray, black, dun, chestnut, palomino, buckskin, and brown. The loyal, intelligent, cooperative breed weight is 1700 pounds and its height is 15.1-15.3 hands.

11. Dole Draft Horse Breeds-Dole

Draft Horse Breeds- DoleThe nickname is Dole, Dole Trotters, Norwegian Trotters. They are an intelligent, lively, fast learner and docile animal — the country of origin in Norway. The personal traits of this breed are multi-talented, suitable for novice owners, sturdy, and easily trainable. Most commonly they are bay and brown in color. The height is 14.1-16 hands, and weight is average in 1290 pounds.

12. Comtois Horse

Comtois HorseThe personality of this breed is steady, quiet, kind, sociable, lively, energetic, ability to learn quickly, and willing to work. The origin of this breed in France. The color of this breed is bay, chestnut, black, silver, bay silver. The height is 14.3-16.1 hands, and weight is 650-800 kg. They are stocky, robust body and the attractive trait is slight feathering on legs, flaxen tail and mane with chestnut.

13. Belgian Horse

Belgian Draft Horse BreedsThe other name is Brabants Trekpaard, Cheval de trait Belge, Brabancon, Belgian Heavy Draft. The origin of this breed is Belgium. The Belgian Horse is a massive and powerful animal. The height is 15.3-18 hands, and the average weight is 1800-2200 Ib. The personality of this breed is patient, docile, kind, hard-working, quiet, willing to please and intelligent.

14. Ardennes Horse

Ardennes HorseArdennes originated in Belgium, France, Luxembourg. The nickname is Cheval de Trait Ardennais in French, Belgian Ardennes, French Ardennais. The breed is kind, tolerant, calm, and docile animal. The personal traits even disposition, high stamina and strength, working ability in rugged mountainous regions and easy keepers. The color is chestnut, bay, roan, grey, palomino, black is rear and not accepted for registration. The height is 15.3-16 hands, and the weight is average 700-1000 kg.

15. Italian Heavy Draft Horse

Italian Heavy Draft HorseThe traditional color of this breed is liver chestnut with mane and tail being flaxen, also found in roan and bay. The other name is Rapid Heavy Draft, Italian Agricultural horse, TPR. The country of origin in Italy. The height is average is 14.2 to 15.3 hands, and the weight is 1320-1540 pounds. They are healthy and easy to work with multi-talented and excellent horse gait.

16. Percheron Horse

Italian Heavy Draft HorseThe Percheron horse originated in France. The draft horse breeds-Percheron are generally Gray or black in color. The horse is well muscled and to famous for their intelligence and willingness to work. They are agile, clean-limbed, powerful, and docile draft horse breeds. The size is average is 15.1 to 18.1 hands, and weight is 500-1200kg.

17. Pinto Draft Horse

Pinto Draft HorseThe Pinto is a spotted draft horse. They are first recorded in the court of Queen Elizabeth 1. They are used in a variety of purposes. They are a large, strong and well-muscled animal. The breed is intelligent and powerful. They are used in agricultural work, pleasure driving, showing, parades, trail riding and as commercial horses.

18. Polish Draft Horse

Polish Draft HorseThe other name is Zimnokrwiste, Konie Pogrubione, Gravolin. The origin of this draft horse breeds in Poland. The average height is 15 to 16.3 hands, and the weight is 1433 to 1550 Ibs. The color is bay, chestnut, roan, and sometimes it is black and grey. The temperament of this breed is calm, patient and adaptable. The special abilities are excellent working horses and can work in all climates over steep terrain. Very economical to keep.

19. Shire Horse

Shire HorseThe Shire Horse originated in the United Kingdom. They are large in size and usually black, bay, or grey in color. The Shire is the tallest and the most significant draft horse breeds. The average weight is 850-1100kg, and the height is 16 to 17 hands. The primary features are Draught conformation, feathered legs, and a Roman nose.

20. Murakoz Horse

Murakoz Draft HorseThe other name is Murakosi, Murakozi. The horse originated in Hungary. They are incredibly efficient, loyal, have the willingness to work, intelligent, easy going, trainable and obedient. Murakoz is average in size and height is 16 hands. The color of this breed is bay, brown, gray, black, chestnut. The mane and the tail are flaxen. They are a healthy breed and needs low horse care and diet cost.

21. Suffolk Punch Horse

Suffolk Punch HorseThe nickname of this breed is Suffolk and the origin in England. They are always chestnut in color. Suffolk is a heavy draught horse. The height of this breed is average in 16.1 to 17.2 hands, and the weight is 900-1000kg. They are docile and powerful animal.

22. Boulonnais Horse

Boulonnais HorseBoulonnais is a sociable, lively, easy going and adaptable animal. The origin of this breed in France. They have smooth gaits, versatile and easily trainable. The size is average in 15.1 to 16.3 hands, and weight is 1320 pounds. The color is most common is gray, and the black is rare and the chestnut also allowed by the breed registry.

23. The Gypsy Vanner Horse

The Gypsy Vanner HorseThe breed is also called the Cob, Gypsy Cob, Gypsy Horse, Irish Cob. The origin in Ireland and the united kingdom. The attractive trait is Cob formation, often piebald or skewbald and feathered heels. The height is 13 to 16 hands, and the weight is average 800 kg. They are a powerful animal and easily handled.

24. Australian Draft Horse

Australian Draft Horse

Country of origin in Australia. The breed is spirited, friendly, even-tempered and alert. The heavy breeds, weight is 1320-1980 lbs, and the height is average 16-17.5 hands. The color of this breed is black, white, brown, gray and roan. The favorite features are hardy, healthy, multi-talented, calm and suitable for beginners.

25. Cleveland Bay Horse

Cleveland Bay HorseThe country of origin in England. They are bay in color. The breed is well-muscled and mainly used for driving and fox hunting. They are generally 16 to 16.2 hands and the average in size. The horse is docile and hardy and long-lived horses. The handling of the horse is straightforward.

Concluding Remarks on Draft Horse Breeds

In my above discussion and review, I have highlighted particular characteristics of the draft horse breeds for you. The above information is precise and crisp of all information related to draft horses.  I think as a horse lover these piece of information will enrich your knowledge in this regards. You can share the above documents to your friends who have a keen interest in horses. Please subscribe to our website to get related topics.


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