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Havanese Dog Breed: A Small and Hypoallergenic Dog Breed of Choice

The Havanese is the most popular and national dog breed of Cuba and called ‘Blanquito de la Habana.’ The dog was originated from the Bichon Friese dog by the Spanish Settlers. The dog is hypoallergenic, small, and sturdy. The dog is liked much for its beautiful silky hair and friendly attitude. The dog is highly friendly and fit for a companion. 

Origin and History of Havanese Dog

The Havanese is a small dog breed that originated in Havana, Cuba. The dog is also called Bichon Havanese, Havana Silk Dog, or Habanero. The Havanese are believed to be descended from Old World bichons, such as the Bolognese and Maltese. Interest in bichons developed throughout the port cities of the Spanish empire, including Havana. The Havanese is the bichon of Cuba and was developed sometime in the eighteen century. The aristocracy kept it as a companion, but it soon became popular with the Cuban middle class. The Havanese dog was brought to the United States of America by the Cuban refugee who left the country after 1959.

Beautiful Havanese

Physical Characteristics of Habanero Dog

The Havanese is a small, cute, and sturdy dog that is longer than it is tall. The head of the Havanese is wedge-shaped and slightly broad, and the skull is slightly rounded. The muzzle of Havanese is equal in length to the skull. The eyes and nose of the dog breed are dark, and the ears are dropped. A double coat covers the dog’s body, and the outer coat is long and soft. The tail is plumed and is carried over the back. The hairs of the forehead form a curtain over the eyes in some dogs. In the United States, the coat may be brushed out or left to a cord, hanging in tassels. 

Physical Characteristics of Havanese

Color and Markings of Habanero Dog

Unlike other members of the Bichon family, who are typically white, the Havanese dogs come in rainbow colors, from black, blue, and chocolate to various shades of gold and parti-colors (white overall with colored markings).

Color of Havanese Dog

Height and Weight of Havanese Dog

The Havanese is a small dog category. They are tiny, and the average height of the dog is from 8 to 11 inches (20 to 28 cm). The dog is very light, and the dog’s average weight is about 7 to 14 pounds (3 to 6 kgs).

Assistance Dog

Behavior and Temperament Havan Silk Dog

The Havanese is a highly trainable, attentive, and intelligent dog. It is quiet and gentle but still playful. The dog is incredibly affectionate with its owner but is friendly with almost everyone, including children, other animals, and strangers.  

Companion Dog

Health and Care of Havanese

The dog is generally healthy and affected by only usual dog diseases. You must take special care about chondrodysplasia, deafness, juvenile cataract, hip dysplasia, skin diseases, luxating palates, and liver shunts. The dogs require regular vaccination and deworming. They need daily grooming and care. 

Health of Havanese

Food and Nutrition of Havanese Dog

The dogs are small and eat a small amount of feed. The dog is habituated with commercial dog food. The dog food must be compiled with fiber, proteins, fat, ash, vitamins, and minerals. The food must be given twice or thrice a day. The dog should be allowed to drink water as and when required.

Care and Nutrition of Small Dog

Activity and Uses of Havanese Dog Breed

The dog is moderately active. The average life span of the dog is around 13 to 15 years. The dog can be trained in multiple directions and used for various purposes. The regular uses of the dog breeds are:

  • Best companion dog.
  • Well suited for tiny houses and apartments.
  • Therapy dog.
  • Assistance dog.
  • Signal dog for the deaf and disabled persons.
  • Tracker dogs.
  • Detection dog for mold and termite.
  • Excellent sporting ability, dancing with music, flyball, and obedience training.

Playful Havanese

Final Advice on Havanese Dog Breed

Havanese is a small but intelligent dog breed. The dog is hypoallergenic, so ideal for persons with an allergic reaction to dog and ist droppings. The dog is highly friendly and playful. They can be used in multiple disciplines and sectors. They can be easily accommodated in a small apartment. You can choose the dog breed for your best companion.

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