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27 Common Dog Grooming Tools You Should Know As a Dog Owner

Dog grooming is like regular health care and nutrition, is an essential part of caring for your dog. From a pedigree poodle to a lovable pond pup, all dogs require some level of grooming. Brushing and bathing your dog keeps his skin and coat healthy and makes him more pleasant to live with and love. Daily teeth brushing and regular nail clipping prevent future health concerns such as periodontal disease and foot problems. The dog grooming tools are essential parts of grooming.

Common Dog Grooming Tools

The proper grooming depends on the perfect use of dog grooming tools. All grooming tools are not required for each day’s grooming. There are special tools for a specific purpose. You must select the correct tools before grooming your dog. In my article, I have listed the most common dog grooming tools for you.Common Dog Grooming Tools

1. Dog Grooming Tools: Clippers

Clippers are a vital dog grooming tool that is used for culling or clipping of dog’s hair.

Dog Clippers

2. Combination Brush

The combination brush is a slicker brush on one side for removing dead hair and a bristle brush on another side for everyday brushing of the dog.

Combination Brush

3. Double-Sided Comb

A double-sided comb is a stainless steel comb with wide teeth on one end and more delicate teeth on the other used for general grooming, removing undercoats, and flea control.

Double sided Comb

4. Dog Grooming Tools: Flea Combs

The flea comb is a fine-toothed comb for catching fleas and removing undercoats.

Dog Flea Combs

5. Dog Grooming Glove

A grooming glove has rubber nubs for shinning and controlling shedding, which is especially useful in single-coated dogs.

Grooming Glove

6. Dog Grooming Rake

A grooming rake is a comb-like device used to pull out undercoats and to remove mats and tangles. A rake has one to three rows of wide teeth and a long handle for easy gripping. It is beneficial for dogs with double coats.

Dog Grooming Rake

7. Dog Grooming Table

The grooming table is a waist-height table that dogs on for easy grooming.

Dog Grooming Table

8. Hair Dryer for Dog

A hairdryer is used for drying and fluffing hair after bathing. The groomer can use a standard hand-held dryer in handled varieties and canister styles with short legs. There is a hose attachment for direct airflow.

Hair Drier for Dogs

9. Dog Grooming Tools: Mat Splitter

Mat splitter is a tool with razor-sharp teeth used to cut through mats.

Dog Mat Splitter

10. Nail Clippers

Nail clippers are used to cut dog toenails. The nail clippers have come in the guillotine, scissors, pliers, and power types.

Dog Nail Clippers

11. Dog Grooming Tools: Rubber Bristle Brush

The rubber bristle brush is a brush with long bristles used for shining and smoothing the coat.

Rubber Bristle Brush

12. Nonskid Rubber Mat

A rubber mat is placed in the bottom of a sink or a tub to keep a dog from slipping when being bathed.

Nonskid Rubber Mat

13. Dog Grooming Tools: Pin Brush

The pin brush is a brush with round tips on the bristle to avoid skin abrasions. It is popularly used for long-haired dogs.

Dog Grooming Tolls -Pin Brush

14. Pumice Stone

The pumice stone is a porous stone that is brushed across the coat. It collects dead and undercoats and smooths and shines the outer coat.

Pumice Stone for Dog

15. Rubber Curry Brush

The rubber curry brush is an oval brush with small, flexible rubber teeth that message skin, speed up shedding, and add shine.

Rubber Curry Brush

16. Dog Grooming Tools: Scissors

Scissors are used for trimming and thinning the coat and for cutting out mats.

Dog Scissors

17. Shedding Blade

The shedding blade is a saw-toothed device used to thin, heavy shedding coats.

Shedding Blade for Dog

18. Dog Grooming Tools: Slicker Brush

The slicker brush is a brush with closely clustered wire or rubber bristles. It removes dead hair to reduce shedding and helps remove mats.

Slicker Brush for Dogs

19. Stripping Tool or Knife

A stripping tool is a knife-shaped tool with a handle and a toothed blade used to pluck dead hair from wire-haired dogs.

Stripping Tool or Knife

20. Styptic Pencil or Powder

The styptic pencil is used to contract the blood vessel to stop bleeding from a clipped nail.

Styptic Powder

21. Toothbrush or Finger brush

A standard-sized toothbrush or brush made to fit over a finger is used to clean canine teeth.

Dog Toothbrush

22. Tweezers or Ear Forceps

The tweezers or ear forceps are used to remove hair from the ears. Ear forceps are stainless steel devices resembling scissors in appearance that grip hair for pulling.

Dog Ear Forceps

23. Canine Toothpaste

The canine toothpaste is used to clean the teeth of the dog. You must use that toothpaste that is safe for the dog if swallowed.

Dog Toothpaste

24. Cream Rinse or Conditioner

Conditioner is used to add body and reduces static electricity following shampoo.

Dog Cream Rinse

25. Dog Shampoo

The dog shampoos are specially formulated for dogs and come in various types, including medicated, tearless, flea control, bluing, texturing, and moisturizing.

Dog Shampoo

26. Ear Cleaning Solution

The ear cleaning solution is mineral oil or commercial ear cleaner used to clean and reduce odor and excess moisture in the ears. Commercial ear cleaners come in liquid, cream, and powder form. The powder cleaner is also used to help grip and remove hair from the ears.

Dog Ear Cleaning Solution

27. Eye Drops

The eye drops are specially made drops with mineral oils that protect the dog’s eye during bathing.

Eye Drops for Dogs

Concluding Remarks on Dog Grooming Tools

The healthiest dog is a groomed dog. In dogs, brushing and combing help remove dirt, burrs, tangles, and parasites and distributes oils to keep canine skin healthy. The dog’s nails must be clipped at regular intervals to prevent painful breakage or tearing of nails accidentally. Overgrown nails can make walking difficulties and, in extreme cases, lameness and even deform a dog’s paws. Depending on the dog’s coat, dog grooming tools must be select properly. Regular grooming is always helpful for a healthy dog.

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