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5 Most Common Types of Pigeons Discussed for the Bird Lover

Pigeons, also known as rock doves, are widespread pet birds found all over the world. Pigeon feathers are typically gray but can range anywhere from white to tan to black. Pigeon feet are often red, and their rumps white. Pigeon wings can beat about ten times per second. There are many types of pigeons found in the world. Pigeons were initially domesticated birds but have since become feral and are now the most common pet birds known to humans. 

Pigeon is found to have been closely allied with the man as per archeological records. Whenever civilization has flourished, the pigeon has thrived, and the higher the culture, the higher the regard for the pigeon. Pigeons and doves were tended with loving care by these ancient peoples and occupied a position of reverence, and were regarded as holy as per many religions. Pigeons have fewer diseases and can rear within a very small place.

Common Types of Pigeons

There are numerous types of pigeons that have been recognized in the world. Varieties are classified according to their temporal popularity and physical attributes, i.e., their color markings, peculiar feathering, body confirmation, etc. Some divisions of pigeons have been made into fancy, utility, high-flying, and racing. Based on utility, the types of pigeons can be divided into three groups. These are- Meat types, Racing types, and Ornamental types of pigeons.

Common Types of Pigeons

1. Meat Type Pigeons

There are many types of pigeons, but only a few varieties are used for meat production. In producing pigeons for meat purposes, only the young pigeons, called squabs, are used. Surprisingly squabs proliferate and are ready for processing by 28 days of age. Squabs are said to be prepared to process when they feather under the wings. They are excellent meat and are suitable for all types of people.

Meat Type Pigeon

Squabs are slaughtered very young, they are tender and high in water content, and the meat is very moist. There are different types of breeds and varieties of pigeons used for meat production. These are kings ( white king, yellow king, silver king, red king, and blue king), Caeneaux, Homers ( American Giant Homers, French, Mondain, Swiss Mondain ).  

2. Types of Pigeons: Racing or Flying or Sporting Type

Racing pigeons were first developed in Belgium and England during the 19th century. They result from the crossing of many other breeds, primarily Smile, French Cumulet, English Carrier, Dragoon, and the Horseman ( now lost ). From the high-flying Cumulet, the Homer received its endurance, the ability to fly for hours on end without tiring; from the Carrier, it inherited the ability to find its way home from great distances.

Sporting Types of Pigeons

Racing Homers could fly 40 to 45 miles per hour and fly 200 to 300 miles at a time, and there is a record to fly 500 miles in 12 hours. They flew at an average speed of 44 miles an hour. The essential racing type pigeons are Homers ( Racing Homers/ Flying Homers ), Tumblers ( Birmingham Rollers ), Flying Tipplers, etc. 

3. Ornamental Types of Pigeons

The most common ornamental types of pigeons are Tumblers, Nuns, Carriers, Maltese, Fantails, etc. A Carrier pigeon used to carry messages and use pigeons to carry messages is generally called ‘pigeon post.’ The Fantail is a popular breed of ornamental pigeons, and it is characterized by a fan-shaped tail composed of 30 to 40 feathers. Fantails are beautiful and attractive birds, and they can not fly sufficiently as familiar birds.

Ornamental Types of Pigeons

The Nun is an ornamental pigeon developed over many years of selecting breeding, was also known as the Shell pigeon of Netherlands in continental Europe. The Nun is one of the ancient breeds and was originally a flying tumbler before being developed for the exhibition. Tumblers are one of the oldest known varieties of pigeons, and because of their very antiquity, the exact place of their origin is unknown. However, they undoubtedly originated in the East.  

4. Fancy Types of Pigeons

Fancy pigeons are domesticated types of Rock pigeons. Pigeon fanciers breed them for various traits relating to size, shape, color, and behavior. The breeders of these fancy varieties exhibit their birds at pigeon shows, fairs, and other livestock exhibits. There are over 300,000 breeds of Fancy pigeons type. The biggest pigeon show of all is held in Nurnberg, Germany, which is the German National Pigeon Show location, which had over 33,500 pigeons at the 2006 show.

Fancy Types of Pigeons

5. Pet Types of Pigeons

Many people love to own pigeon’s pets. People admire pigeons such as Chinese Owl, Old German Cropper, Ghent Cropper, Norwich Cropper, Barb pigeon, and the White pigeon as a pet. Owning a pigeon required proper attention and care. There are several pigeons fact that might be aware of properly care for it. Most of the pet pigeons have a common ancestor, the rock dove pigeon.

Pet Type Pigeon

Concluding Remarks on Types of Pigeons

Pigeons are one of the most common pet birds in the world. Pigeons are found both in captivity as the pet and in the wild as fancy bird. Types of pigeons are one of the most common questions to bird lovers. In my article, I have discussed the most common types of pigeons for you. If the above article answers your question, please share it with your friends.

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