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Tiger Horse Breed: 10 Most Interesting Information For Horse Lover

Tiger Horse is a unique gaited spotted Appaloosa like horse breed developed in the United States of America. In ancient China, the horse breed was found, Soulon, set in the USA by Mark and Victoria in 1992. The horse became popular in America due to its color variation and exceptional gaits.

Most Interesting Information on Tiger Horse Breed

The horse breed became popular in many countries due to its excellent color combination, “Tiger Like Appearance.” Many horse lovers are searching for different sources for exact information on the horse breed. In my article, I shall discuss the most notable details on the Tiger Horse breed for you. 

Gaited Horse El Caballo Tigre

1. History and Development

Tiger horse is trendy in the United States of America for its exceptional coloration. Mark and Victoria Varley started the breeding of this horse in 1992 in the USA. They began to recreate the “El Caballo Tigre” horse breed brought from the Iberian Peninsula in the 16th century. They started the breeding with Appaloosa horse with the non-spotted gaited horse

Diet and Care of Horse

The horse has genetic similarities with the Leopard-spotted horse of China “Soulon” back in 618 AD. The horse was developed from the Spanish Jennet horse for spotted color and smooth gait. The horse also crossbred with Thoroughbred, American Quarter Horse, and Arabian horse unwisely. The original bloodlines of Tiger horse remain in North America, Canada, and specifically Northwest Pacific regions. 

2. Physical Characteristics

The horse is a medium colorful breed with a well balanced and sturdy body and no extreme muscling. Head is lean, the forehead is broad, and ears are medium in length. The eyes are large and prominent, with white sclera surrounded gives a surprising look. The neck is well arched and moderately long, and well-balanced. The loin is well-muscled, short, and coupled. The legs are strong, muscular, and tendons are visible.

Physical Characteristics of El Caballo Tigre

3. Height and Weight of Tiger Horse Breed

The horse’s height varies from 13 to 16 hands (52 to 60 inches) and, on average, 14 to 15.2 hands. The horse is medium-sized, and the bodyweight is 700 to 1500 pounds ( 350 to 700 kgs). 

4. Color and Markings of Tiger Horse

The horse is famous for its excellent color combination. The primary color of the horse-like bay, black, is acceptable for the breed. In an ideal Tiger horse breed, the tiger-pattern coat color must be present. The specific color pattern like white sclera around the eyes, striped hooves, and mottled skin should be current. The typical coat patterns are Blanket, leopard, with or without spots, Snowflake, roan with or without dots. 

Color of Tiger Horse

5. Horse Gait 

The Tiger Horse is an intermediate natural four-beat gaited horse and a primary gait walk, trot, and canter. The four-beat gait must be even. The evenness and capability to hold the pace are very important. The soundness, athleticism, and smoothness of gait are of utmost importance. All gaits must be natural and having fluid movement with excellent drive and reach. 

6. Behavior and Temperament

The horse is intelligent, affectionate, and sensible. The horse is gentle and easy to teach. The horse is well behaved, excellent learning capacity, and loveable. The horse is suitable for small kids and beginners. You can keep the horse as a companion animal. This will increase the pride and position in society.

Behavior of Tiger Horse

7. Diet and Care of Tiger Horse

The hose lives on regular feed and diet like green grass, hay, and grains. You must maintain a routine in feeding and watering your horse. You can provide horse supplements for health and skin for your horse. The horse’s average feed requirement is 10-15 kg green grass and 5-6 kg of grains.

8. Health and Care

The tiger horse is generally healthy, and no visible health problems exist to the horse breed. The horse is suffering from a few infectious and general diseases or conditions. You should take necessary precautions and improve management. It would be best if you groomed your horse daily. The horse stable must be on high ground with adequate lighting and ventilation facilities. You must vaccinate and deworm your horse regularly.

Health of Tiger Horse Breed

9. Special Features of Tiger Horse

The Tiger Horse is a special breed, and it has some distinguishing features. The impressive and interesting parts of the horse are as follows:

  • The horse is American, but its ancestors root in China.
  • The horse has excellent coat color resembles as “Tiger.”
  • The other name of the horse is “El Caballo Tigre.”
  • The horse has two varieties- “Royalty type” and “Heavenly Type.”
  • The horse has natural “Four-beat ambling gaits.”

 10. Uses and Popularity

The horse is famous for its excellent color combination and gaits. The versatile uses of the horse are as follows:

Concluding Remarks

Tiger horse is one of the most popular companion horse breeds in the United States of America. The horse is becoming more popular day by in other parts of the world. The main feature of the horse is tiger-like coat coloration and four-beat gaits. Many horse lovers search for the horse, and I have compiled all possible information concisely. I believe you will be benefitted from the article.

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