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15 Most Essential Horse Information For Horse Owner

Horses are one of the mysterious creature of Almighty for humanity in this world. The horses are one of the oldest companions of man and still now at modern world horses are as popular than many other animal species of the world. The essential horse information is scattered in different articles and most of the cases people feel boring to read these. In this article, I have concise about the necessary horse information and horse facts at a glance.

15 Essential Horse Information For Animal Lover

The necessary horse information is the origin and scientific name, breeds of horse, horse behavior, horse identification, horse digestive system, horse hoof, horse diet, horse diseases, horse stress and some unique features like horse hoof diseases, laminitis, and lame horse identification. The basic horseback riding is also the part of horse information.

1. Origin of Horses

The origin of the horse in this earth is more than 65 million years ago. The modern horse fossil found in the USA and Europe and the horses of more than 35 million years ago. One of the oldest horse breeds is Arabian, discovered the Arab Peninsula. The PEGASUS is the mysterious flying horse in Greek mythology, and TROJAN HORSE is the large wooden horse of Troy war.

Healthy Horse

2. The scientific name of Horse

The first necessary horse information is the scientific name of the horse. The scientific name of the horse is Equus caballus. The zoological classification of horses is:
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Mammalia
Order: Perissodactyla
Family: Equidae
Genus: Equus
Species: Equus caballus

The equidae family has several species like horses, zebras, and asses. The horses have 42 teeth and around 203 bones in their skeleton.

3. Horse Breeds

There is more than 500 horse breeds in the world. The origin of the horse breeds in various parts of the world based on the climatic condition. People also make some horse breeds with some other kinds by crossbreeding as per requirements. The most popular racehorse breeds are popular in the horse community. The horse breeds of the worlds, you will know by reading my article.

Excellent Horse Breeds

4. Horse Identification

After selecting horse breeds, as a horse owner, you must go for horse identification. There are four basic methods of horse identification; the kinds, sex, color and marking in the horses. There are some are artificial methods of horse identification is horse brands.

5. Horse Health Issues

As a horse owner, you must know the critical horse health issues. The fundamental problems and ailments that need routine care and veterinary help are laminitis, colic, respiratory diseases, feeding, grooming, vaccination and deworming. You must know the symptoms and signs of your horse when you call a vet.

6. Horse Hoof Structures

A horse hoof is the most important structure of the horse. As a horse owner, you must have detailed knowledge of horse hoof. There is a proverb, no hoof-no horse. Horse hoofs are grown as same as human nails. They need to trim horse hoof regularly and make the horse fit for work.

7. Horse Diet

As a horse owner, the most critical pieces of information need to know are the details on horse diet. Horse stomach is simple, at the same time he eats grass. The digestion of horse feeds ours in stomach and cecum that is unique to other animals. The horse diet requirements are also unique than other animals.

8. Horse Behavior

Horse behavior and psychology is critical horse information for the horse owner. The behavior pattern and psychology is very vital, and you must establish very close relations with your horse to know about him. The essential horse behavior and horse lousy behavior are significant for you. The bad behavior must be removed by exercise and veterinary care.

Horse Behavior- Horses are Staying in Group

9. Horse Hoof Diseases

Horse hoof diseases are widespread in working horse and racehorse breeds. Hoof diseases become very detrimental unless proper care. There may be various types of horse hoof diseases. In my following link, you will get detail idea on 15 most common horse hoof disease. Every kind of infection is unique than others.

10. Horse Digestive System

Horse digestive system is unique than other animals in many aspects. The horse is a simple stomach animal and at the same time eat cellulose containing grass. The grasses are digested in the cecum, and others digested in the stomach. The digestion of foods stats from the mouth to cecum. In my article, you will know in detail on the horse digestive system.

11. Horse Stress

Horses are susceptible to stress and work. The management of horse is effortless and at the same time very critical if not managed everything properly. There are several types of horse stress, stress horse behavior and symptoms of stress horse in my article in detail.

12. Horse Gait

As a horse owner and lover, you must be very clear about horse information on gaits. There are ten most popular horse gaits throughout the world. The most common horse gait are the walk, trot, canter, and gallop. The other rhythms you will get in detail in my article.

13. Horseback Riding

Horseback riding is becoming favorite day by day. In the old years, people used horses for their need for transport, war machine and in the agriculture field. Now in this technological world, the horses are mostly used for riding and racing. There are some horse show and sports around the globe.

Bad Horse Behavior

14. Horse Diseases

Horses are prone to many diseases, of which some are bacterial, some viral and some are non-infectious diseases. The horse information on most common horse diseases is essential for every horse owner. The clinical signs, diagnostic procedure, and prevention methods of most common horse diseases you must know as a horse lover.

15. Lame Horse

Your horse may be affected with foot diseases and hoof problems at any stage of life starting from foal to adult horses. As a horse owner, you must have a detailed idea on lame horse identification and first aids. It was also necessary for every horse owner when to call a vet for a lame horse.

The Concluding Remarks on Horse Information

The horses are the precious gift of Almighty. As a horse owner and lover the essential horse information you must know in brief. Some pieces of information on the horse you must have a bit of detailed knowledge. In this article, you came to know on to 15 necessary horse information on one page. I hope that you will be delighted to know the above information and enrich your knowledge.

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