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Cavalier King Charles Spaniel: A Small Toy Dog Breed For You

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a friendly, gentle, and affectionate dog breed. They are gorgeous dogs who show their enjoyment when they are in the company of humans and other pups. The dog is a trendy companion dog due to their small size and love of people.

Now keep reading for everything you need to know, including history, health issues, fun facts, and how much training, exercise, and care they need.

History and Origin of Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Small toy spaniels like this have been known in Europe since the sixteenth century. They were bred as companions and to hunt small game. In the seventeenth century, the toy spaniel became a particular favorite of King Charles I and was popular with royalty throughout the region of King Charles II.

Beautiful Charles Spaniel

However, it had become rare by the late seventeenth century and almost disappeared. The breed wasn’t revived until the 1920s when an American came to Britain looking for the breed he’d seen in old paintings.

For five years, he offered money for the best old-type spaniel at the Crufts Dog Show, stirring a revival of what was to become known as the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. The breed has followed in the United States and the United Kingdom since, becoming more popular than the original King Charles Spaniel, the English Toy Spaniel in North America.

Physical Description of Dog

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is small, well-balanced, and graceful. The skull is slightly rounded but appears flat because of long, high-set drop ears. The full muzzle is slightly tapered, and the eyes are round, large, and dark. The nose is black with large nostrils.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Physical Features

The tail is naturally long; occasionally, it is docked to two-thirds its length. The coat is moderately long, silky, and straight or slightly wavy, with feathering on the ears, feet, back of the legs, and tail. 

Color of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

The coloring patterns of the dog breed can be:

  • Black and Tan.
  • Rich red (ruby).
  • White with Chestnut markings (Blenheim).
  • Black.
  • White.
  • Tan (Tricolor).

Color of Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Height, Weight, and LifeSpan of Dog Breed

  • The average height of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is 12 to 13 inches
  • The average weight of the dog breed is about 13 to 18 pounds
  • The life expectancy of the dog is 9-14 years

Temperament or Personality of Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

This is a gentle, friendly, and affectionate dog that is easygoing and gets along with almost everyone.

cavalier King Dog

Best Ownership of Dog

This adaptable dog does well with a family or individual in the city or the suburbs.

Special Needs of Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

The dog is active, intelligent, and playful. They are well suited for small apartments and big lawns. You must ensure the following care and management for your lovely toy dog:

Health Concerns of Dog

The dog is generally healthy and needs minimum care. You must ensure regular vaccination against potential viral diseases. The dog needs periodic deworming to keep it healthy and safe. The following diseases are frequently seen in this breed:

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Puppies

The dog is a sweet, petite, affectionate breed eager to please its human companion. They are highly playful and active. The puppies are highly demandable to kids. They need very tiny space and can be kept comfortably in small houses. You can purchase puppies from the reputed Kennel Club. The regular price of puppies ranges from US$ 500-1500.

Cavalier King puppies

The Black and Tan parti-color pups are said to be the rarest of the coat colors accepted by the AKC, although some people would argue that it is the Tricolor. The Duke of Norfolk was also the Blenheim type but developed the black and tan variety. The tricolors were called Prince Charles. The ruby color was the last color to be developed in the breed.

Ending Notes on Beautiful Dog

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a loyal, intelligent dog breed. So that’s all about how you control or maintain your Cavalier dog. Besides, if you want to know about the other dog breed, just input your question in the article comment box. Our support will reach you soon.

In this article, I have discussed an in-depth overview of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel feathers. We think it will help you choose the right family companion for your home. We hope you will gain complete guidelines for maintaining your lovely pets. Thank you for your time.

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