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German Shepherd Dog: The Most Versatile Dog Breed of the World

German Shepherd Dog is one of the versatile and most popular dog breeds in the world. The dog shows extraordinary courage, loyalty, enthusiasm, and loveable. The dog breed can be used as a working dog, lovely pet, police dog, war dog, and many more purposes. Dogs are found in almost every country in the world. They can adapt themselves to all weather conditions.

The Naming of German Shepherd Dog

The name of the breed “Geman Shepherd” was given by Max Von Staphaniz as per the sheep’s utilization. The other herding dog of Germany was called “Old German Herding Dog.” Later the dog was also named Alsacian Herd Dog by the UK Kennel club due to the anti-German sentiment. The name Alsatian was taken from France’ Alsce’, at the French-German border. After 1977, the British Kennel club allows the registration of the dog breed as German Sheperd.

Naming of German Shepherd Dog

Origin and History of GSD

German Sheperd dog originated in 1859 from Europian Herding doh used for herding the sheep flock. The necessity of the dog declined after industrialization, and fear from the wild animals reduced. An ex-Captan, Max Von Stephanitz; of the German Cavalry started breeding the dog observing its intelligence, stamina, behavior, and performance. 

Origin of GSD

In 1899, the Society for German Shepherd was established, and the first dog was registered. By 1923, more than 50,000 dogs were registered in the society, and more than 500 branches were found throughout Germany. At present days, GSD is the second most popular dog breed in the United States and the seventh most popular dog registered in the United Kingdom.

Physical Characteristics of German Shepherd Dog

GSD has an athletic body. The head is elongated, the muzzle is square-cut, has strong jaws, and the nose is black. The eyes are brown and medium, the ears are long, erected at front or side, and sometimes towards the back. The neck is long; the tail is long and bushy. The body of the German Shepherd is covered with two layers of hair; a long and dense outer coat and a thick undercoat.

Physical Features of GSD

Height and Weight of Alsatian Dog

German Shepherds are medium-sized working dog breeds. The average height at wither of the male dog is 60-65 cm (24-26 inches), and the female is 55-60 cm (22-24 inches). The dogs are longer than the height. The average bodyweight of the male dog is 32-40 kg (68-88 lbs), and the female is 24-32 kg (55-68 lbs). There is no specific standard for height and weight for this dog breed.

Alsatian Dog

Color of the German Shepherd Dog Breed

The most common color of GSD is black/tan to red/tan. The other acceptable colors of the dog breed are pure black, black mask and sable coat sable, pure-white, blue, silver, or liver color. 

Colors of GSD

Behavior and Temperament of Alsatian Dog

The GSD is brilliant and well-behaved. They are a quick learner and can interpret the trainer easily than other breeds of dogs. They are obedient, curious, lovely, and take care of their pups.

German Shepherd Tracker Dog

Care and Management of GSD

The dog requires daily grooming, bathing weekly during hot climates, and a good room for sleeping. They are sociable, and if you train correctly, they can adjust themselves with other dogs. It would be best if you gave vaccines to your dog against severe diseases and regular revaccinate. It would help if you used regular deworming at least every four months interval.

German Shepherd as SAR Dog

Feed and Nutrition of German Shepherd

The usual feed of GSD is chicken, beef, mutton, bread, rice, and vegetables. You can adjust your pet with the usual feed of your house. The dogs must feed twice a day at regular intervals. You can make a diet chart by your veterinarian. The diet must contain protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and minerals. The dog must have free access to drinking water all the time. 

Guard GSD

Uses of the GSD

German Shepherd is one of the most famous dog breeds. The dog is used for various purposes:

  • GSD is the most popular police dog.
  • Guard dog.
  • Herding dog.
  • Search and Rescue dog.
  • Pet dog.
  • Hunting dog.
  • Popular in media and TV shows.

Concluding Remarks on German Shepherd Dogs

The GSD originated in Germany around 200 years ago but is now found in most of the world’s countries. No such dog breed attains such popularity. The dog is used for various purposes and shows excellent performances. In my article, I have tried to highlight the salient features of the dog breed for dog lovers.

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