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Gypsy Vanner: 10 Most Important Features Highlighted for Your Choice

Gypsy Vanner is one of the newest horse breeds in the world. The horse became popular throughout the world for its beautiful looking, excellent size and shape, working capability, and passionate behavior. The horse originated from a few breeds in England and came to the United States of America in 1998. The horse is mainly used to pull the Gypsy Caravan and is most popular in many countries of the world.

Most Important Features of Gypsy Vanner

The features and breed characteristics of Gypsy Vanner horse are guided by the Gypsy Vanner Horse Society (GVHS). If you are passionate enough, you must choose this breed for your beautiful Caravan. The horse will give you pleasure, pride, comfort, courage, honor, and companionship. In my article, I shall discuss the ten most important features of this beautiful horse breeds for your choice.

1. Origin and History Gypsy Vanner

Cindy Thompson found a beautiful horse in England pulling Caravan in 1995 which was average height but with the body of a draft horse. He decided to develop a horse breed like that. He developed the world’s first Gypsy from British Gypsies. The horse developed from Clydesdale, Shire, Dales Pony and Friesian through genetic association. The Gypsy became popular in the USA, Great Britain, France, Belgium, Poland, and many European countries.

Gypsy Vanner Caravan

2. Breed Standard of Gypsy Vanner

GVHS set few breed standards for the horse and few non-acceptable characteristics. The breed standard of Gypsy is based on Coat color and pattern, markings, height, temperament, head, ears, bite, neck, body, shoulder, withers, coup, chest, the barrel of the body, forelegs, hind legs, movement at the walks, trot, and canter. The non-acceptable characteristics are aggressive behavior, featherless legs, broken crests, and overly slopped croup.

Breed Characteristics of Gypsy

3. Size and Shape

At first glance, the horse is a small graft horse. The body is enhanced with well-developed muscle, feet are covered with a long feather, strong neck, balanced step, and energetic appearance. The average height of the Gypsy horse is 13 to 15 hands. The body weight ranges from 500 to 650 kg. 

Size and Shape of Gypsy Vanner

4. Color and Marking

As per the GVHS, the acceptable colors of the horse are Tobiano (Broken coat), Sabino (Splash), solid color, odd-colored, and Blagdon (Solid color with white splash). The Gypsy Vanner mustn’t be a breed based on the color. The traditional leg and facial markings are present on the horse for easy identification

Color and Marking of Horse

5. Lifespan and Behavior

The alternative name of the horse is Cob, Tinker Horse, Colored Cob, Gypsy Cob. The average lifespan of Gypsy Cob is 20-25 years. The horse is so beautiful that it will give you service from a young age up to the last day of its life. You will find a healthy and strong horse that will enrich your collection. The horse popular for its smooth behavior and temperament.

Life of Gypsy Vanner

6. Temperament of the Horse

As the breed originated from a cold-blooded background, the horse wants to be relaxed, respectful, and mannerly to its owner. The temperament resembles its personality, behavior, willingness to cooperate with the master. The horse is successfully utilized for driving, pulling Caravan, showing purpose, dressage, equestrian, and also as a companion animal. The could be trained easily for any discipline.

Temperament of Gypsy

7. Utilization/ Versatile Uses of Gypsy

The Gypsy was utilized for pulling the Gypsy Caravan in the United Kingdom, Ireland and many European countries. The gypsy caravan is one of the most popular carts in the world. The horse can be utilized for many equestrian sports, dressage, and showing competition. As a companion animal, Gypsy will give you pride, comfort, passion, and enhance your position in your society.

Family Car Run by Gypsy

8. Special Features of Gypsy Vanner

The special features of Gypsy Vanner are:

  • This is a small draft horse.
  • Especially utilized for pulling Gypsy caravan.
  • It has feathered legs.
  • Color varies from skewbald, piebald, odd color, and Blagdon.
  • It can be utilized for sports, equestrian, dressage, and showing.

9. Why Gypsy Vanner is so Popular?

Gypsy is popular in many countries for its unique characteristics, energy, strong muscular body, excellent color combination, feathered legs, strong neck, intelligent head, excellent ears, bright eyes, and well-developed shoulder. The chest is well developed, muscular and attractive. The horse works with confidence, excellent in trotting and cantering. They are capable of a natural three-beat canter. 

Excellent Horse Gypsy Vanner

10. Gypsy Vanner Horse Society

After the development of the breed, the owners and breeders establish GVHS for the uniqueness and breed standard maintenance. The GVHS set the breed characteristics like genetic acceptance, color, marking, height, weight, head, neck, body, shoulder, wither, fore and hind legs, gender, temperament. Based on the guideline, breeders breed their horses and register in society as a new member.

Special Features of Horse

Concluding Remarks

The Gypsy Vanner is one of the most popular horse breeds in the world. The unique characteristics of the breed attract the owner to chose him as a beautiful companion. The temperament, color, size, intelligence, and energy will give you comfort and pride. You can choose this horse for your family and kids also.

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