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Australian Stock Horse: 10 Most Important Points You Must Know

The Australian stock horse is the breed of horse that is bred primarily for Australian conditions. The horse is a hardy, intelligent, and gentle breed suitable for many equestrian disciplines. The horse was developed from the combination of several breeds from Asia, Europe, and Africa. The horse breed is still a working horse by stockmen and women of Australia. 

Importance of Australian Stock Horse

The Australian stock horse is one of the oldest horse breeds on the island. The brumby horse is the oldest horse breed in Australia. The horse is considered the national heritage of Australia. At present more than 1,90,000 horses are registered throughout Australia. 

Australian Stock Horse

What Makes an Australian Stock Horse?

The horse was developed from the first nine horse breeds that arrived in Australia in 1788. The initial horse breeds on this island were Arabian, Thoroughbred, Cape of Good Hope horse, Timor Pony, Barb, Spanish Horse, and Pony of Welsh Mountain

The horses were bred to improve their stamina, strength, endurance, and working ability. Later in the 20th century, American Quarter Horse was infused to improve the horse’s speed. The most vital horses were used for breeding, and weaker horses were culled. The horse is the national heritage of Australia. The Australian Army used horses during World War I due to their toughness and endurance. 

Features of Australian Stock Horse

Physical Features of Stock Horse

The ideal stock is well predominated in all aspects. The head of the horse is an expressive, finely cut body; the eyes are bright and large, and the forehead is broad. The neck is arched and long and well set with the head. The withers are well-defined, the body is muscular, the back is broad, the chest is deep, and the ribs are well sprung. The hindquarters are strong; the hooves are well conformed and hard. 

Australian Stock Horse Height

Height and Weight of Stock Horse

The horse is a medium-sized working horse breed. The average height of the horse is 14 to 16 hands (56-64 inches). The average body weight of the horse is from 450 to 500 kgs (100-1100 lbs).

Color and Markings of Australian Stock Horse

The horse is acceptable in available solid colors. The most prevalent color of the horse is bay. The other body colors are brown, chestnut, and black. The standard equine markings are also acceptable. The typical markings are blaze, sniff, and stripe on the head, leg, and body.

Temperament and Behavior of Horse

The Australian stock horse is famous for its intelligence, gentle behavior, courage, hardiness, and stamina. The horse is a sure-footed, agile, sound, and quick-mover. The horse is well-behaved and has a calm temperament. They are trainable, easygoing, and suitable for kinds and disabled persons.

Management and Care of Australian Stock Horse

The horse is a relatively low-maintenance breed in Australia compared to many other breeds. There is no special care and management need for the breed. You must ensure daily grooming, a routine diet, and regular exercise. 

Health and Nutrition of Horse

The horse breed is generally healthy and robust. There is no specific disease for the breed. You must ensure regular vaccination and deworm for your horse. The horse lives on grain, green grass, and hay. If the horse is maintained in the deal environment can live up to 20-30 years. You must be cautious about laminitis, stringhalt, navicular disease, arthritis, and melanoma. 

Present Conditions of Australian Stock Horse

The registration authority of the horse breed is the Australian Stock Horse Society (ASHS). At present more than 1,90,000 horses and foals are registered in ASHS.

Versatile Uses of Stock Horse

The stock horse is used in many competitive disciplines of equestrian sports:

The horse is also used for pony club activities, stock work for cattle, and horse hacking. 

Best Ownership of Australian National Horse

The horse is suitable for all levels of owners. The horse’s gentle temperament and well behavior make it an ideal pet for all classes of people, including kids. You must check properly by an equine vet before purchasing a horse. Horse owning is an expensive task and lasts till the lifespan of the horse. 

Price of Stock Horse 

The price of a horse depends on the age, confirmation, and amount of training received by the horse. The ideal price of an Australian horse ranges from 1500-3000 USD. 

Final Talk on Australian Stock Horse

The horse is a national heritage animal of Australia. The horse was developed in Australian conditions from different horse breeds transported on this island. The horse has made an outstanding contribution to the development of modern Australia. 

I have discussed almost all possible information on this unique horse breed. You will be happy to know that you can get more information about different horse breeds at our website.

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