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Barb Horse Breed: The Oldest Horse Breeds of the World

Barb horse is famous for possessing an atypical sport-horse breed. Their docile and gentle nature makes them popular with horse lovers. The alternative name of the horse is Berber horse or Barbary horse. The everyday use of the horse is general riding and equestrian games.

What is the Barb Horse Used For?

The horse was undoubtedly used extensively to improve light horse breeds and types. These good, all-round riding horses are extremely tough, capable of carrying great weights, and are very economical feeders. Unfortunately, in North Africa today, most of the breed are worked too young, fed insufficiently, and prematurely weaned, so their extraordinary characteristics are not fully developed.

What Barb Horse Used For


History and Origin of Barb Horse

The Barb horse is in the northwest corner of Africa, in what is now Morocco, Tunis, and Algeria, formerly known as the Barbary Coast. It is a breed of ancient origin- the Barbary Coast has been noted for its horses for over 2000 years- and, like the Arab, has had a considerable influence on other breeds, notably the Thoroughbred, the Lipizzaner, and the Andalusian.

However, when the Muslims conquered Barbary in the 10th century, Arabian blood was introduced, and the Barb and Arab of today have many similar characteristics. The Barb was first exported to Britain during the reign of Elizabeth I, and after that, the breed was exported to Europe in great numbers.

Origin of Barb Horse

What color is a Barb Horse?

Barb is usually found in bay, brown, black, chestnut, or grey colors. The horses are often found in solid colors, and the most common color is gray, but shades of dun, buckskin, roan, and grullo are also possible. 

Colors of Barb Horse

Barbary Horse Characteristics

The general characteristics of barbary horses are: 

  • Although small, they are not exceeding 15 hands and are not the most handsome of horses.
  • The Barb was regarded as good breeding stock for racehorses because of its endurance, and remarkable speed over short distances Barb is hard to find today.
  • The best pure-breds can be seen at the Royal Stud in Morocco.
  • A substantial body and the pasture make weight-bearing easiest for the horse.
  • They are quickly trained and gentle.
  • Their popular traits are endurance, stamina, and hardiness.

Height and weight of Horse

Barb Height Weight and Life Expectancy

The breed’s average height is about 14.2-15.2 hands (58 to 62 inches), i.e., 1.47-1.57 meters at the withers. The weight is about 900 to 1000 Ibs (400-450 kgs). The average life span is about 20-25 years. 

Personality or Temperament of the Horse Breed

The Barbs are one of the oldest horse breeds in the world. Many horse breeds in the modern age originated from the Barber horse. The horse is famous for its behavior. The characteristics of the horse breeds are:

  • Docile.
  • Intelligent.
  • Gentle.
  • Willing.
  • Endurance.
  • Hardiness.

Behavior of Horse

Feeding or Diet of the Horse

The horse lives on usual horse feeds. You must supply a balanced meal daily to your horse. The general feed ingredients for the horse are:

Final Talk on Barb Horse Breed

The horse is a light riding horse and is usually very spirited, highly trainable, and obedient. It is an ancient horse breed and very docile, gentle, and willing. In my article, I have to discuss all the information about the Barb horse, which is very special for horse lovers. Thank you for your time. 

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