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Borzoi Dog Breed: A Larger Russian Dog Breed You Should Know

The Borzoi dog is a loyal, independent, charming, affectionate, susceptible Russian breed, and it is a sighthound type hunting dog. The alternative name of the breed is Russian Wolfhound. Despite their large size, they are not gregarious, friendly family dogs who can even adapt to apartment living.

History and Origin of Borzoi Dog

Coursing hounds of the Borzoi type have been known in Russia since the thirteenth century. It is probably a descendant of the bearhound of early Russia, the coursing hounds of the Tatars, and the ovcharkas, among others. It was used by the Russian aristocracy to hunt wolves and was rarely bought or sold, almost always given or received as a gift.

History of Borzoi Dog

The breed was almost wiped out during the Bolshevik Revolution because it was associated with the ruling class. A few dogs were saved and exported to Great Britain and North America, where Breeding Programs were established. The country of origin of the breed in Russia. 

Beautiful Dog Borzoi

Physical Description of Borzoi Dog

The Borzoi is a large, slender dog that is graceful and strong. It has an arched, powerful neck, narrow forequarters, and a deep, narrow chest. The skull is domed and narrow with a Roman nose. The dog’s jaws are long and powerful, and the eyes are large and dark.

The nose of the dog breed is black and large, and the ears are small and semi-erect. It has large hare feet and a long, feathered, curved tail. The coat is silky and long and can be flat, wavy, or curly, with a neck frill and feathering on the hindquarters and tail, chest, and the back of the forelegs. Borzi dogs can be found in any color or combination of colors.

Physical Features of Russian Borzoi

Height Weight and Life Span of Dog

The average height of the Borzoi dog breed is 26 to 32 inches, and the weight is about 55 to 105 pounds. The life span of the dog is about 11 to 15 years.

Height and Weight of Borzoi Dog

Temperament and Behavior of Dog

The Borzoi is affectionate with its family but is also stubborn and independent. It has a high prey drive and tends to be a runner. It gets along with children is socialized but is not trustworthy with small animals.

Health Care of Borzoi Dog Breed

Health Care of Your Borzoi Dog

Parts of taking good care of a dog are understanding how his body works and what can go wrong. The skin and coat, ears, eyes, paws, and all the other components that make up a dog have a role in health and activity. You will need to provide your dog with different preventive measures to ensure your dog has a healthy life. The dog’s teeth need to be brushed daily to ensure good dental care.

Care and Grooming of Dog 

Daily Care and Grooming of Dog

Your dogs need more than just regular veterinary care to maintain good health. Borzoi dog needs to be groomed, and you also provide adequate nutrition for maintaining good health. Good nutrition keeps your dog’s body in motion, reduces the risk of disease, and maintains the vital organs of dogs. Grooming keeps the dog’s skin and coat healthy and prevents the occurrence of external parasites.

Borzoi Dog

Training of Borzoi Dog 

It is imperative to train your dogs, and it starts in puppyhood and continues throughout a dog’s life. The first command your puppy needs to learn and recognize is that you are the best. This training should begin as soon as your Borzoi pup enters your home. 

Training of Dog Borzoi

Possible Health Concerns of Borzoi Dog

The horse is healthy and suffers only from general dog diseases. As a dog owner, you be concerned with the following diseases:


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