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10 Most Popular Polo Horse Breeds You Must Know

Polo is one of the most ancient equestrian sports developed in Persia (Iran). The game was played on horseback with a stick and ball made of buffalo hide. The game was introduced to China by the Turkic people during the Tang dynasty, and they first used the polo horse breeds. The game was shifted to Europe from China and became the game of noble people. Polo is also called the game of kings.  

Polo horses were introduced to America by British settlers during the 19th century. The polo horse must be speedy and can change direction quickly with speed. You will be surprised to know about the Polo horse breeds.

History of Horse Polo

Polo horses may be in different shapes and sizes. The polo horses may be from different horse breeds suitable for the sport. The horse must have specific qualities like speed, stamina, intelligence, a good sense of balance, and coordination. Horse Polo is a dangerous game played by gentle people.

History of Horse Polo

Polo is famous in many countries of the world. Polo is also played as an equestrian event in the FEI and Olympic games. The game is played in Australia, China, the United States, India, Pakistan, Switzerland, Argentina, England, Chile, Italy, Peru, Mexico, and Spain. 

The polo ground is a rectangular grass field measuring 300 yards long and 160 yards wide. The horse polo game is a team sport, and each team has four players. The game has four lags, and each lag contains 7.5 minutes. The stick in Polo is called a mallet, and the ball is made of wood covered by leather. 

Most Popular Polo Horse Breeds

In this article, I shall discuss and give you an idea of the most common polo horse breeds and how to choose a polo horse. 

1. Manipuri Pony

Manipuri Pony is one of the most famous polo horse breeds. The horse originated in Manipur province of India. The horse was used to play Polo by native Indian people and transferred to Europe by the British conquest. The Manipuri pony is 13.2 to 14 hands in height, speedy, intelligent, and with lots of endurance.

Manipuri Pony of India

2. Arabian Horse

The Arabian horse is one of the world’s most beautiful and famous horse breeds. The horse is suitable for many equestrian sports, including Polo. They have extraordinary stamina, endurance, intelligence, and bravery.

Polo Horse Breeds- Arabian

3. Argentine Polo Horse

The Argentine polo horse is the cross-bred Thoroughbred and Native Argentine Horse Criollo. The Criollo is the local mountain horse of Argentina used for cow ranches. Like American Quarter horses, they can move quickly and turn speedily. Horses have more endurance than speed. 

Roan American Quarter Horse

4. Thoroughbred Polo Horse

The Thoroughbred is one of the most robust and versatile horse breeds. The polo horses in the United States of America and either Thoroughbred or cross-breed thoroughbred horses ( more than 75%). The Thoroughbred horses have strong hindquarters, speed, and long-duration stamina. 

Thoroughbreds Horse Racing

5. Thoroughbred- American Quarter Horse Cross.

The cross between Thoroughbred and American Quarter horse is called Appendix horse. The cross-bred is done to teach the stamina or endurance of Thoroughbreds and the speed and quickness of the AQH. The combination of these two horse breeds makes the “Appendix horse.” The Appendix is primarily used in Polo in the US and is also suitable for working ranch horse and barrel racing.

Versatile Use of Thoroughbreds Horse

The physical strength and speed are ideal for polo sports. The horse has both of the qualities, including the ability to speedy sharp turns. 

6. Australian Stock Horse As Polo Horse 

The Australian Stock horse is one of the primary horse breeds developed in Australia. The horse is hardy, robust, agile, and full of endurance. The horse was developed from European, Asian, and African horses in Australian conditions. The horse is used in racing, endurance riding, Polo, and equestrian sports.  

Australian Stock Horse

7. American Paint Horse

The Paint horse is a breed developed in America with the combination of Pinto conformation and dark coat colors. The horse was developed by cross breed between Thoroughbred and spotted American Quarter Horse. The horse breed is used for reining, western pleasure riding, Polo, showjumping, and English riding.

Beautiful paint Horse

8. Polo Horse Breeds: Clydesdale

The Clydesdale is a heavy draft horse breed that originated in Lanarkshire, Scotland. The horse is mainly used for the draft purpose and pulling horse carriage in rural villages of Scottland. The horse can be used in Polo due to its calm behavior and stamina.

Running Clydesdale

9. Appaloosa Horse

Appaloosa is an American horse breed with the specialty of body coat color patterns. The horse was brought to North America from Europe and the ancient ancestors of the horse in Nez Perce. The horse is suitable for trail riding, western pleasure riding, show jumping, hunting, barrel racing, and equine Polo.

Interesting Facts of Appaloosa

10. Polo Horse Breeds: Shire Horse

The Shire horse is a giant breed from the Great horse of England. The horse is heavy, intelligent, calm, and with excessive stamina. The horse is used mainly for draft and show purposes. The horse can be used in Polo due to having stamina.

Shire Horse Riding

Final Talk on Polo Horse Breeds

Polo is a dangerous game, and accidents and injuries are common. The game is enjoyable for all age groups if you take adequate precautions and proper dress. Polo is an excellent way of spending time with friends outdoors, enjoying horsemanship, physical endurance, and obtaining mental stamina.

Please visit our website to learn about horse polo, how to play horse polo, and the basic rules. This website will guide you with specialist advice on horses, dogs, and pet animals. 

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