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Shire Horse Breed: 10 Important Facts For Choosing The Gentle Giant

The Shire horse is a large draught breed in England. They are sturdy and famous for their height and strength. The horse is best suited for horse lovers. In my article, I have to describe the breed history, breed traits, size, and colors, grooming, feeding, handling, and training, the different features of this breed. They are a handsome and docile animal, and when you are choosing a shire horse, I think it is a wise decision for you.

1. Origin and History of The Giant Horse

Black Shire HorseThe Shire Horse originated in the United Kingdom and the distribution of this breed in Australia, Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom. The breed’s origin is too much older, and it was established in the mid-eighteenth century. Generally, it was used as a war horse and also in industry and agriculture for the near about 250 years. The shire is a cold-blooded heavy horse and 1st and 2nd world wars it is used for the pulling the heavy artillery in appalling conditions.

2. General Appearance of The Heavy Draft Horse

Easy to Manage Shire HorseThe shire is the tallest and the largest horse breed in the world. The height is average 16.2 to 21.2 hands, and the weight is average in 850-1200 kg. The color of this breed is black, bay and grey or brown. The shire has a long head, and the eyes are enormous. The shoulder is deep and wide, and the hindquarters are sweeping and long. The neck is long and in proportion to the rest of the body.

3. Behavior and Lifespan of The Gentle Equine

Good Conformation of Shire horseThe shire is a docile horse breed, and they have a personality that is inclined to want to work. They are a heavy draft horse, and it is used to general work purpose. The horse is a calm, intelligent and hard-working animal. The breed is easy to train, mellow and laid back. The average lifespan of this breed is 28 years.

4. Handling and Training of Your Working Machine

Height of Shire HorseThe shire has an easy going attitude, and the temperament is friendly, peaceful and gentle behavior. So it would be best if you handled it very quickly. They are highly tolerant, willing to please, and patience that’s why they are eager to please the owner. Safe handling and horseback riding is a fundamental principle when you train your shire horse.

5. Economic Feeding of Your Lovely Boy

Shire Horse with foalThe horse requires more feed than the other animal because of its size. It is possible to calculate the best-balanced horse diet scientifically. Your shire needs to be good feeding practice and the nutrient requirements of its vary depending on their age and stages of growth. They also require high fat-diet in the ration.

6. Grooming and Care of Shire Horse

Beautiful Shire Horse

You are grooming your lovely horse to prevent the bacterial infection and removing the dirt and mud from the body surface. After removing the mud, use the body brush to clean and massage the skin. Give your horse a quick groom before you exercise it in the morning, to make it comfortable and tidy. Grooming is essential to a healthy shiny and glossy coat of your shire horse. They require very less care and maintenance in the stable.

7. Unique Characteristics for Choosing Shire Horse Breeds

Showing Shire HorseThe most valuable unique characteristics of the Shire horse is the extreme strength and the lucrative height. The horse is a friendly and peaceful demeanor which is notable. It is so large that people are known to being a gentle giant. The Shire is the most famous because they aim to please and they are happy, loud noises, cars, water, and children.

8. Multiple Uses of Your Gentle Giant

Shire Horse RidingThe Shire Horse is the largest breed in England’s native horses. They are mostly used as draught horse. It is also used in weight pulling purpose. They are performed in skills tests and obstacle driving, agricultural shows and plowing matches are the most visible face of the working horse. The can be used in police, driving horse cart, horse carriage, and western racing.

9. Distinguishing Features of The Excellent Shire Horse

Stamina of Shire HorseThe most important distinguished features of the Shire horse are as follows:

  • Large size.
  • Large hooves and furred feet.
  • Long Mane.
  • Draught conformation.
  • Feathered legs

10. The Last Word On The Breed

The Shire horse used in various purposes, primarily as drought animal. They are an excellent choice of many horse lover due to its distinct features. Hopefully, I give you a clear idea for knowing all the information about the giant horse in a very concise form. I think it helps to select a good quality horse for newly horse lovers.

Iffat Kawsar, DVM, MS
Iffat Kawsar, DVM, MS
I am a Veterinary postgraduate from a reputed Agricultural University of Bangladesh. I am also experienced with thesis writings, book review, content writings, and research paper optimization. I want to share my knowledge with the user through the internet.

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