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10 Most Common Horse Sounds You Must Know As Horse Lover

Horses are the most gentle and beautiful animals. You will find the horses sweeter if you can understand the sounds of horses made. Do you know that horses make different sounds and meanings of them? Horse sounds or noises have different purposes like showing mode, greeting, anger, or showing you warnings. 

What is the sound of a horse?

Horses are excellent companion animals. You can spend time with horses, ride, have fun, and have joy with them. The horses are of different breeds, sizes, colors, and behavior. The horses are excellent sports animals, hard workers, and good companions, and they communicate with each other and with a human companions. The horses are making noise to communicate with each other. 

What is Horse Sounds

I shall discuss various horse sounds or noises in my article. If you are ready, we shall go for eight different sounds made by horses.  

1. Neigh or Whinny

Whinny or neigh is the primary horse sound that makes a horse for a different reason. This is a welcoming sound made by a horse while seeing a human companion or another horse. Horses also make whinny while catching the attention of another horse. The horses also make whinny when they are kept separate or lonely to seek the companionship of other horses or humans.  

Whinny Sounds

2. Horse Sounds: Snort

Snotting is a happy sound or upbeat sound made by a horse. The horse makes this sound because he allows other horses to come closer. The other positive signs of snotting are swishing of the tail and calm facial reactions. The horse made snort sounds while:

  • Groomed.
  • Received any favorable treatment.
  • Greeting from other farm animals.

3. Squeal Sound of Horse

The horse sound sequel is a dangerous sound. The sound is made by horses involving fighting. The mare also made the sound while she was not allowing the stallion to mate. Some horses made squeal sounds while meeting another horse for the first time. The final word is that the squeal is not always an ominous sound of horses.

Neigh Horse Sounds

4. Horse Sounds: Nicker

Nicker is a horse sound for the owner’s or other horses’ attention. The mare makes the sound to make attention to the stallion to mate or made by a stallion for its mare. The horse sounds nicker is also made a foaling mother call her foal while wondering. The mare also gives warning to their kids during any dangerous situation. The stallion or mare makes nicker sounds to their human companion if they are closely attached. 

Horse Common Sounds

5. Horse Sounds: Groan

The groan is a familiar sound in horses. The sound is made while riding, training, racing, jumping, and pain in body parts. If a horse groans during racing or dressage, the saddle is too tight or smaller than its body. The horse also made groans while at rest, rolling on the grass, sand, or dust to make them comfortable. The horse also made groans while they were alone for a long time or feeling boredom. 

6. Roaring Sound of Horse

Roar is the typical sound made by lions. You be surprised to know that your horse can also make a roar. If your horse makes a roaring sound, there must be a problem. The horse made a roaring sound while:

  • Angry.
  • Fear.
  • Confusion.
  • Pain.
  • Fighting.
  • Bad mode.

You can also call the roaring a trumpet as the sound is thunderous. 

7. Horse Sounds: Scream

The horse sounds screaming is not heard by a horse living in captivity. The wild horses made a screaming sound while fighting with other horses. Domestic horses are more protected from wild animals and predators. The captive horses are also kept away from rival horses and pack animals. The horses made screaming when they got extreme pain or any illness 

8. Sigh Sound Made By Horse

The horse sounds sighing is made by a horse while around the human companion. The sound is made while a horse is in a relaxing condition. The sigh is made while a professional groomer messages the horse. The horse is also made to sigh while grooming, sunbathing, or cruddling. 

9. Bubbling

The horses generally make whinny or neigh gently and softly. The soft, whinny sound was made while a horse approached their friends. The soft, whinny sound of horses is called bubbling. The bubbling sound is made while coming closer to the horse’s human friend or offering food.

10. Blowing

Blowing is the exceptional horse sound. When the horse blows a large amount of air through their nose, they want to express that they are incredibly comfortable and content. When the horse is exceptionally affectionate to each other, they make blow. The term is also known as kissing by animals. 

Final Talk on Horse Sounds

Horses are ordinarily silent and quiet animals. While horses make any sounds, you must understand that the horse is trying to communicate with others. If you know the different horse sounds, you can help your horse in a better way. In the above article on horse sounds, I have tried to clear all familiar horse sounds and the situations they made the sounds. 

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