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Russian Terrier: A Military Working Dog Breed You Should Know

The Russian Terrier is a lively, energetic dog. The dog was initially bred to protect and guard farm animals. The alternative name of the dog is Black Russian Terrier, Blackie, or Chornyi Terrier. They are very loyal and closely attached to you and your family members. The dog is lovable to your children and other pets.

History and Origin of Russian Terrier

The Black Russian Terrier was first bred in 1930 by the Russian military personnel from a cross of Giant Schnauzer, Rottweiler, and Airedale to serve as multi-purpose working dogs. They have been used as trackers, guards, herders, and sled dogs.

Black Terrier of Russia

Physical Description Russian Terrier

The dog breed is a powerful, large-sized, muscular dog slightly longer than tall. The head of the Russian dog is long with a flat skull and a powerful, wedge-shaped muzzle, the eyes of the breed are small and dark, and the drop ears are short and triangular. 

Physical Features of Russian Terrier

The chest is deep. The double coat ranges from 1.5 to 4 inches in length and covers the entire body. There is a dense undercoat and wiry shot or medium-length outer coat. Shorthaired dogs have straight hair, while medium-haired dogs have wiry hair, a beard, eyebrows, and a mustache. The coat may be black or black with gray hairs.

Size, Height, Weight, and Life Span of Chornyi Terrier

The average height of the Russian Terrier is about 26 to 30 inches, and the weight is about 36 to 68 kg. The life expectancy of the lovely dog is about 10 to 11 years.

Black terrier

Temperament or Personality of Russian Terrier Dog

The Russian Terrier is an alert and energetic dog that is affectionate and gentle with family but protective and wary with strangers. It is stable and exceptionally adaptable.

Best Ownership of Chornyi Terrier Dog

The Black Russian Terrier requires a dog-experienced owner. It is adaptable to city, suburban, or country life as long as it is provided ample exercise.

Beautiful Russian terrier

Special Needs of Terrier Dog of Russia

The dog is lively and active. You must ensure the following aspects for the betterment of the dog:

Health Concerns of Chornyi Terrier Dog

The dog needs regular vaccination against potential infectious diseases. You must give anthelmintics at every three months intervals. The dog is commonly affected by the following conditions or diseases:

Final Talk on Russian Terrier

The Black Terrier is an intelligent, large working dog breed with a high energy level. The dog is mainly used for military and police work because of their protective nature. In my article, I have to describe all the information about the dog breeds that are very intersecting for a Russian lover. If you are interested to know the other dog breeds, don’t hesitate to visit my website; thank you for your time.

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