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American Foxhound: A Beautiful Hound Dog Breed of America

The American Foxhound dog is one of the oldest and may even be the first breed of dog developed in the United States. They are sweet, easygoing, loyal, and kind, making them modern-day a good companion. The dogs are good jogging patterns for their excellent stamina, and they are four types: field-trial hounds, fox-hunting hounds, trail hounds, and pack hounds. 

History and Origin of American Fox Hound

The American Foxhound Dog was developed in Virginia and Maryland from foxhounds imported to the United States from Europe in the eighteenth century. The dog was bred to hunt fox singly and participate in field events and drag hunts in the pack.

Origin and History of American Foxhound

Physical Description American Foxhound Dog

Foxhound is a medium-sized to a heavy muscular dog. It has a long, broad head; medium-length drop ears; and large, brown eyes. The muzzle is straight and square. The American Foxhound has a long back, straight legs, and a long tail set high and curved. The close, coarse coat is of any color.

Physical Features of American Foxhound

Height weight and Life Span

The average height of the dog is about 21 to 25 inches, and the weight is about 60 to 70 pounds. The average life expectancy of the American Foxhound is about 11 to 13 years.

Height and Weight of Foxhound

Colors of the American Foxhound Dogs

They are intelligent, kind, and independent dog breeds, and their colors are different types. The colors are-

  • White.
  • White and cream.
  • Tri-color.
  • Tan.
  • Red.
  • Blue.

Colors of Dog

The Temperament of Foxhound Dog

This is an energetic dog breed but an easygoing and friendly dog that gets along with almost everyone, including children and dogs. It can be stubborn and independent, so training takes patience. 

Behavior of Foxhound

Training Your Foxhound Dogs

Training is more important for your American Foxhound. If you plan to train your dogs, there are many different training methods. Some are widely popular, and others have become controversial or are only slowly gaining acceptance. It’s essential to know about the training methods before training your dog. 

Training of American Foxhound

Possible Health Concerns of Foxhound Dog

The dog is generally healthy, but you must be concerned about the following diseases:

Health of American Foxhound

Ownership of the American Foxhound

Having a job is ideal. This breed does best with an activity family in a rural or suburban home.

Ownership of Dog

Takeaway Points from the Article

The American Foxhound is a healthy and highly active, popular dog breed. It needs to be routine checkups, and they are low maintenance and affectionate pets for the family members. My write-up will give you a clear idea of the lovely dog breeds that make them your family companion pets. Thank you for your time.

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