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Camargue Horse: The Most Ancient Horse of Europe

Camargue horse is one of the oldest horse breeds in the world. The small horse originated in the Camargue area of France. The horse lived semi-feral for thousands of years in the wetland and marshes of Rhone Delta. The horse breed has excessive stamina and hardiness and can sustain a harsh climate. The horse is well known and famous for galloping over the water bodies. The cowboys of the Camargue area used the horse to guard the region’s black bulls. 

Importance of Camargue Horse

The Camargue Natural Park is situated in the Southern site of France. If you visit the park, the area is at the bank of the Mediterranian sea and full of marshy lands. There you must watch the flock of Camargue horses. The horse is beautiful, intelligent, graceful, and outstanding. In my article, I shall highlight this ancient horse breed’s history and general description.

Color of Horse

Origin and History of Horse

The Camargue horse is one of the oldest horse breeds in Europe. The horse has been an inhabitant of the Iberian peninsula for thousands of years. The horse breed originated from the Iberian, Jaca, and Celtic ponies. The Muslims spread the horse throughout the peninsula and up to the Pyrenees mountains. 

Due to its hardiness and stamina, the Camargue horse was shifted to America, the new world. The horse was used as a war horse and bred with local breeds. The Chilian horse and Criollo horses express some characteristics of the Camargue horse. The horse was extensively used during the construction of the Suez Canal in the 1880s. 

History of Camargue Horse

The French government started to preserve the pure breed of Camargue and set the standard for registration. The studbook for the horse breed was established in 1978. The horse breed was developed by the influences of Arabian, Barb, and Thoroughbred horses. 

Physical Characteristics of Camargue

The horse is medium in size, strong, and can sustain in rough climatic conditions. The head of the horse is similar to a Barb horse that is heavy, square, and expressive. The eyes are bright and wide-set. The forehead is broad, flat, and well-chiseled. The ears of the horse are short, small, and well-apart. 

Physical Features of Camargue

The neck is short, the chest is deep, and the body is compact. The joints are strong, the limbs are well developed, and the tail is full of mane. The muscle is well developed. The hooves of the horse are well-suited for the marshy lands. 

Height and Weight of Horse

The horse is medium to small size but not a pony. The average height of the horse is 13.1 to 14.3 hands (53 to 59 inches) or 135 to 150 cm. The average body weight of the horse is 350 to 500 kgs (750 to 1100 pounds). 

Height and Weight of Horse

Color and Marking of Camargue

The general color of the horse is grey. The skin color of the horse is black, and the adult horse is covered with white hair. The horse is born in color dark brown or black, and the coat colors become white as they grown-up adult. 

Management of Camargue Horse

The Behavior of Camargue Horse

The horse is intelligent, well-developed, and well-behaved. The horse can survive in the harsh environment of the marshy area. The semi-feral horse lives in a flock in the Natural Park of Camargue. The horse is agile and has a calm temperament. 

Behavior of Horse

Usage of Beautiful Camargue Horse

The horse is one of the ancient horses of Europe. The versatile uses of the horses are:

  • The horses are the guardian of the mountain. 
  • The horses are used for the guarding cattle ranch.
  • The horse is suitable for endurance riding as it can sustain longer periods without feed and water.
  • Camargue equestrian sports.
  • Dressage.

The health of the horse

The horse is generally healthy and affected by specific equine diseases. The horse needs regular care and management if you keep it in a stable. The wild horse does not need much maintenance and grooming. Domestic conditions horses require vaccination, deworming, feeding, and watering. The horse lives on minimum care and cost.

Health of Horse

Final Talk on Carague Horse

The Camargue horse is originated in France but found in many European countries and the United States of America. The horse is still found in wild conditions in Southern France. The horse is intelligent, hardy, well-behaved, agile, and calm. This article will help you know about the ancient horse breed. Thank you for being so patient in reading. If you are benefitted, please share the article through social media and with friends. 

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