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7 Distinguished Features of Haflinger Horse Breed For Choosing

Haflingers are the hardy and healthy animal and very well known for their excellent disposition and longevity. They are very elegant looking and relatively small size animal. In my writing, I have to describe in detail the necessary information like history of the breed, body size, and shape, lifespan, unique characteristics which is essential to know the Haflinger lover.

1. Origin and History

The Haflinger is originating in Tyrol, Austria. The alternative name of this breed is Avelignese. They are crossed with other, and some observers feared the strain was in renewed danger of extinction. The Haflinger name comes from the village of Hafling, which now named in Northern Italy. The first Haflinger breeds were imported into the United States in 1958.

Excellent Haflinger with Foal

2. General Appearance of Haflinger

The Haflinger’s physical appearance shows a head tapering to the muzzle, a broad chest, deep girth, short legs, and a long full back. This combined with its body color, and marking which ranges from pale to dark chestnut, makes it is a unique breed. Most Haflingers range from 13 hands to 15 hands in height and the average weight usually 800 to 1300 pounds.

General Appearance of Haflinger

3. Temperament and Lifespan

Docile, good-tempered and adaptable hard worker. They are the most tolerant horse breeds in the equine world. They are gentle, quiet, and very versatile breed. The Haflinger is very willing to learn, and they easily listen to the commands of someone with expertise with relative ease. The average lifespan of the Haglingers is 25-30 years.

Haflinger Horse Breed

4. Feeding of Your Horse

Good feeding practice is essential for a Haflinger horse. There is various good feed advice for this breed or another horse owner as given the chance they like to eat.they will need to stay on a controlled diet that is low in sugar and starch. A Mature Haflinger will generally eat 1.5 to 3 percent (in dry matter) of their body weight.

Haflinger Horse

5. Grooming of Haflinger

Grooming is the best procedure to keep your horse healthy and different types of infectious disease free. To maintain the regular skin care and to ensure the cleanliness of this horse than you must have to follow the grooming system. Grooming keeps and promotes your lovely horse’s good health.

Temperament of Haflinger

6. Various Uses of Your Horse

They are used for trail riding, showjumping, dressage, harness work and as pack horses in steep terrain. The horse also used in vaulting, pleasure driving, CDE, CTE, hitch work, endurance riding, and athletic riding exercises. Haflingers maintains their own in competition with other horse breeds, often showing surprising athleticism and strength for their size.

Uses of Haflinger

Unique Characteristics of Excellent Breed

The unique characteristics of this breed for choosing from other horses are as follows:

  • Chestnut coat color with its flaxen mane and tail.
  • Haflinger are frugal, tough, sure-footed and long living.
  • Small horse and sturdy build.
  • They are nature and become an official breed standard and is checked during the regular inspection.

The Concluding Remarks

The Haflinger is a small horse and one of the old breeds in the equine world. Their personality and temperament are incredibly calm, and quiet and very gentle. The horse is very hardy and mostly used in carrying and drawing. Their attractive appearance and excellent performance it should become make an absolute best world breed in the horse lover. So you have to choose a Haflinger horse without any doubt.


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