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Bloodhound Dog Breed: Most Versatile Larger Dog Breed of Choice

The Bloodhound is a more extensive and scent hound doh that was initially bred for hunting deer and boar. The dog was widely used for tracking in the middle ages. The dog is now widely used in police and law enforcement agencies for tracking human and lost people. The bloodhound dog has an exceptional quality of scent that can identify the human scent even after a day.

Origin and History of Bloodhound Dog

The bloodhound dog is one of the ancient dogs breeds of Great Britain. The early bloodhounds were black and white; the blacks were called Saint Huberts, and the Whites were called Southern hounds. In the twelfth century, the Bloodhound became popular with Church dignitaries who kept the breed pure over several centuries. The Bloodhound was further developed when it arrived in the United States of America in the early nineteenth century. Although it does not commonly hunt today, it is widely used by law enforcement agencies as a tracking dog. 

Bloodhound as Police Dog

Physical Characteristics of Bloodhound

The Bloodhound is a large, heavy, and powerful dog with thin, loose skin that hangs in folds. The dog has a long, narrow head with a long, deeply sunk, with heavy lids. The very long, low-set ears fall in folds. The dog breed has a large nose, deep flews, and profuse wrinkles on the face and neck. The bloodhound dog has a long neck with large dewlaps. The feet of the dog are large and knuckled. The coat is short and hard in black and tan, liver and tan, or red. There may be a small number of white hairs on the chest, feet, and tail.

Physical Characteristics of Bloodhound

Height and Weight of Bloodhounds

The dog is a larger dog breed category, and the average height of the breed is from 23 to 27 inches (65 to 85 cm). The average bodyweight of the adult Bloodhound is about 80 to 110 pounds (30 to 45 kgs). The average lifespan of the Bloodhound is 12 to 15 years.

Height and Weight of Bloodhounds

Behavior and Temperament of Scent Hounds

The Bloodhound is a good-natured and outstanding dog. The dog is very affectionate and gets along with almost everyone, including children and other dogs. They can be somewhat shy and sensitive; the bloodhounds are vocal, and often stubborn, and tend to be sober. The dog is difficult to train, but it performs more than excellent if you can train properly.

Behavior of Bloodhound Dog

Activity Level of Dog

The Bloodhound is a highly active and energetic dog. The enthusiastic level of the dog is super high, and they can work for a longer time than other dog breeds. They can be your house guard and protect the home for the whole night. 

Activity Level of Dog

Health and Care of Hounds

The dog is generally healthy and affected by only common diseases. Particular attention should be made to bloat, ear infections, hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, cardiac diseases, thyroid problems, and luxating patellas. You must vaccinate your dog at the age of 6 weeks against potential diseases. The dogs need periodic deworming, daily grooming, and care. 

Health of Bloodhounds

Uses and Special Features of Bloodhound Dog Breed

The bloodhounds are versatile dog breeds and used for various purposes. 

  • The dog was initially used for hunting boar and deer.
  • The excellent scent quality is ideal for tracking.
  • The dog is used for tracking by the police and military.
  • Shepherd dogs to protect sheep herd.
  • Excellent house guard dogs.
  • The dog is calm and excellent with children and other dogs.

Uses of Bloodhound dog

Concluding Remarks on Bloodhound Dog

The Bloodhound is an extraordinary and traditional dog breed of choice. The dog is large, adorable, intelligent, calm, and practical. The dog can be used for various purposes. The dogs are excellent for lawn and bungalow. They can play with kids and at the same time can protect your property. You select the dog breed for your next house. 


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