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Amazon Parrots: Most Popular Pet Birds of Choice for Bird Lover

The Amazon parrots, often called Amazons or Amazon birds, were called initially Green parrots and are some of the most popular pet birds. The birds belong to the genus Amazona in the parrot family Psittacidae. It is one of the first birds Columbus discovered in the New World. The parrots are very popular and are typically bold, comical for their reputation.

Many Amazon bird species are suitable as pet birds. The birds are a loud, mimic, and vocal breed. Most kinds of birds are sold as pets are popular because of their intelligence and sociability; these traits are why they make great pets.

Why You Select Amazon Parrot as a Pet Bird?

The birds are among the most popular medium-sized parrots species that are famous for their lovely gregarious personalities. Their reputation is well, and that’s why Amazon pets love to the center of attention. If you are adopting an Amazon parrot, the article helps you know all about the information on the lovely pets.

Natural Habitat of Amazon

Native Region or Natural Habitat

Amazon parrots are all hailing from South and Central America (including West Indies, Mexico, and the Caribbean). The parrots are one of the first birds Columbus that is discovered in the New World. The wild Amazon’s natural habits include palm groves, savannas, rainforest, and scrub forests.

Life Span of Amazon Parrot

How Many Species of the Amazon Parrots are There?

There are 25 to 30 described species of Amazon parrots. Some Amazon parrots are-

  • Blue-fronted Amazon (Amazona aestiva).
  • Green-cheeked Amazon (Amazona viridigenalis).
  • Limacine Amazon (Amazona autumnalis).
  • Orange-winged Amazon (Amazona amazonica).
  • Red-lored Amazon (Amazona autumnalis).
  • Yellow-crowned Amazon (Amazona ochrocephala).
  • Double yellow-headed Amazon (Amazona oratrix).
  • Lilac-crowned Amazon (Amazona fionschi).
  • Mealy Amazon (Amazona farinose).
  • Panama Amazon (Amazona panamensis).
  • White-fronted Amazon (Amazona albifrons).
  • Yellow-napped amazon (Amazona auropalliata).

Varieties of Amazon

Speech and Sounds of Amazon Parrots

Many Amazon birds have been a remarkable capacity to mimic human speech and other different sounds. Amazons are intelligent, handsome birds and renowned for their talking ability. The bird also has loud vocal abilities, and they pick up words very fast. They can sing and teaching them simple words and phrases.

Speech of Amazon Parrot

Lifespan, Size, and Sexual Maturity of the Parrots

They are long-lived up to 50 years or more in the right environment. They suffered less from any bird diseases. They are medium to large-sized parrots and the most popular pet birds. The average weight of the Amazon parrots is 350-600 gm, and the length is 28-33 cm. The age of the sexual maturity of the birds is 4-6 years.

Color and Size of Amazon Parrot

Physical Features of Amazon Parrots 

The Amazon Parrots are mostly green birds but with splashes of bright color on or around their head and their wings and tail feathers. Young Amazon parrots have a grey-brown iris coloration. The changes stand within 2-3 years to a red, or chestnut-brown, or red-orange. After that age, it is challenging to determine an Amazon’s age.

Physical Features of Amazon

 Behavior and Personality of Amazons

The parrots have outgoing personalities and are very committed. They are generally calm and reasonable, but their personalities are quite complex. They need a stimulating place that provides activities such as climbing areas and chewing toys to keep them content. Amazons require a keeper willing to provide training, socialization, and the right amount of attention.

Behavior of Amazon Parrot

Diets and Environment of Amazon Parrots

Amazons diets are various kinds of feeds like various seeds, vegetables, fruits, and nuts. The birds need to clean, fresh water, fruits, dark leafy greens, and vegetables. The cage and enclosures should be large and wide where the bird is a move to quickly. The bird’s cage should be clean, safe, and secure and facilitate the natural light.

Final Advice on Amazon Parrots

Amazon Parrots are one of the most popular and beautiful pet birds in the world. This bird will enhance the look of your house and gives you much pleasure. You choose the bird for your lovely kids that will play and give enjoyment.

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