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37 Dog Coat Colors Pattern You Must Know To Identify Your Pet

You must choose a beautiful dog as a companion animal. The beauty of a dog depends mostly on coat colors. The most important thing is that, as per my knowledge, dog coat colors are based on the dog’s pigment, which is present in the epidermis of the dog’s skin. The epidermis is the outer layer of skin that covers a dog. This pigmentation is more critical for your dog’s coat color, and the pigment comes in two different varieties. These varieties are eumelanin or black, and phaeomelanin is red or yellow. 

The Dogs Coat

The type of coat a dog has depends on variations in the size and number of guard hairs and under hairs within compounds follicles. Among the different dog coats is the wiry covering seen on many terriers and sporting dog breeds. The profuse double coat of the Nordic dog breeds ranges from the Pomeranian to the Alaskan Malamute; the long silky coats are seen on such breeds as Maltese and Yorkshire Terriers.

Most Common Dog Coat Colors

The curly or corded coat of the Poodle, Puli, or Komondor is the short or medium-length double coat of such breeds as German Shepherds, Labrador Retrievers, Beagles, and Pugs. Short coats can be coarse, like that of the Rottweiler, or fine, like the Boxer.

Dog Hair Coat Function

You need daily groom your dog’s coat to keep healthy and beautiful looking. The hair coat protects the dog’s skin from cuts, scrapes, and sunburn and serves as insulation from heat and cold. Hair become damaged by sun, air pollutants, dryness, and the normal wear and tear of being scratched and lain on. So periodically, the body replaces the hair coat with new hairs. The dogs we tend to think of as shedding breeds are both longhaired dogs and dogs with a dense undercoat.

Dogs Coat Color Pattern

Most Common Dog Coat Colors

Firstly, I give you a clear scientific explanation, and then step by step, I will tell you the various coat colors of dogs. Dog coats may come in various colors, and these coats come in four primary colors. The four colors are red, black, white, and brown. The standard for some breeds allows many different coat colors, while others have very little variety. These coat colors are: 

1. Black or Solid black

The whole body of the dog is covered with black hair. Example: Black Russian Terriers, Scottish Terriers, Miniature Schnauzers.

Black Colored Dog

2. White: Solid white.

The body of the dog is covered with creamy or white hair. Example: Chinese Crested, West Highland white terriers.

White Color Dog

3. Dog Colors: Red

There is no presence of black pigments in the hair or coat of the dog. Example: Irish Setters, Vizslas.

Red-Colored Dog

4. Brown Color

The brown color is the dilated version of the black or eumelanin pigments. The dog looks reddish or whitish brown. Example: Havanese, Labrador Retrievers.

Brown Dogs

5. Blue Colored Dog

The body of the dog is covered with silvery-grey in color. Example: Italian Greyhound, Weimaraners.

Blue Dog

6. Fawn Color of Dog

Fawn is a reddish-brown yellow coloration of a dog’s coat. Example: Mastiffs, Pugs, American Staffordshire Terriers.

Fawn Color dogs

Types of Dog Coat Patterns 

After reading this article, you can find out your lovely dog’s color and pattern patterns. You will be surprised to know the types of dog coat color patterns. Here, I have summarized at least 37 different dog coat color patterns.

1. ASCOB: Any solid color other than black.

Any Solid Color Other Than Black

2. Badger: A mix of brown, black, gray, and white hairs.

Badger Color Dog

3. Blaze: A strip of white down the center of the face.

Blaze Colored Dog

4. Belton: The term used to describe spots of hair that are lighter or darker than the base color (ticking or roaning) in English Setters only.

Belton Dog

5. Blue: A grayish-blue.

Blue Dog Color

6. Blue Merle: Dark and light streaking that looks like tiger stripes.

Blue Merle

7. Cafe au Lait: Creamy brown color of dog’s coat.

Cafe au Lait

8. Chestnut: Reddish-brown color of the dog.

Chestnut Dog Color

9. Chocolate: Brown coloration of dog’s coat.

Dog Coat Color chocolate

10. Cream: Off-white coloration of dog’s coat.

Cream Dog Color

11. Dead Grass: Tan color of the dog’s coat is a pattern of dead grass.

Dog Coat Color- Dead Grass

12. Fawn: A reddish-brown yellow.

Fawn Dog

13. Grizzle: A mixture of white hairs with black or red hairs.

Grizzle Dog

14. Harlequin: Patchy black or gray on white, this term is usually reserved for Great Dane.

Harlequin Dog Pattern

15. Hound color or Marked: White with tan and black patches.

Hound Dog Color

16. Landseer: Black-and-white Newfoundland.

Landseer Dog Color

17. Lemon: Yellow coloration of dog’s coat.

Lemon color Dog

18. Lion Color: Reddish tan color is also called the lion color.

Lion Color Dog

19. Liver: Deep reddish-brown coat color of a dog is called liver color.

Liver Color Dog

20. Mahogany: The dull reddish-brown of a dog’s coat.

Dog Color mahogany

21. Mask: The dark color on the face is called the mask.

Mask Color

22. Merle: The dark splotches against a lighter background of the same color.

Merle Dog Color

23. Mottled: The dark, round splotches on a lighter background.

Mottled Color Dog

24. Mustard: The muted-yellow color is called mustard.

Mustard Dog Color

25. Parti-colored: The patches of two colors or more are called Parti-colored dog coats.

Parti-colored Dog

26. Piebald or Pied: A large splotches of two or more colors.

Piebald or Pied Dog Color

27. Roan: A mixture of colored hairs with white hairs is called roan.

Roan Color Dog

28. Ruby: The mahogany red coat color is called ruby.

Ruby Dog

29. Rust: The reddish-brown color is called rust.

Rust Dog Color

30. Sable: The black-tipped silver, gold, gray, brown, or fawn hairs.

Sable Dog

31. Sandy: The sand-colored or light tan color is called sandy.

Sandy Colored Dog

32. Seal: The black with a reddish tint.

Seal Colored Dog

33. Sedge: The reddish-yellow color of the dog’s skin.

Sedge Dog Color

34. Stag Red: The deep red with black hairs.

Stag-red Dog

35. Wheaten: Wheat-colored, or tan color of dog’s coat.

Wheaten Dog

36. Tawny: The brownish orange color odd.

Tawny Dog Color

37. Ticking: little spots of color lighter or darker than the base color.

Ticking Dog Color

The Rarest Dog Coat Color

The rarest dog coat color is piebald or pied. Piebald means large splotches of two or more colors. Example: German Shepherd.

Beautiful German Shepherd Dog

Takeaway Points on Dog Colors

Like human beings, every dog has a particular look, temperament, and personality that is very important to make them our family companions. Once again, I would like to remind you to choose a pet dog that is comfortable for your family members. Hopefully, you have learned a basic scientific explanation of dog coat colors in my article. Coat color selection is beneficial for choosing a family dog. Thank you for your time. 

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