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Pony of the Americas: 8 Most Important Information for Horse Lover

Pony of the Americas (POA) is a riding pony breed originated in the United States of America in 1950. The breed was developed from Arabian, Shetland pony, and Appaloosa horse breeds. The breed was developed for the riding of young and small adults. The horse is registered with the Pony of the Americas Club (POAC). More than 50,00 horses, more than 2000 active members, and 40 chapters of the club. 

Most Important Facts on Pony of the Americas

POA is one of the most popular Pony breeds in the United States of America. The horse is neither a small nor an big horse. The horse can be kept as a right companion animal. The pony is excellent for kids and teenagers. Many of you are searching for the characteristics of the Pony. In my article, I shall briefly highlight the main features of the breed for you.

Important Features of POA

1. History of POA

Les Boomhower, a Shetland Pony breeder of Iowa, first developed the Pony in 1950. The foundation stallion was an Arabian or Appaloosa or Shetland pony crossed with Appaloosa colored horses. The offspring was the Pony with Appaloosa colors.  

History of POA

2. Breed Characteristics

The breed is not a real pony breed; rather have phenotype characteristics with American Quarter Horse (AQH) and the Arabian horse. The breed’s main breed characteristics are the Pony must be registered with the Pony of the Americas Club and visible Appaloosa coloring from a distance of 12 meters (40 feet). The horse is muscular, deep chest, well-slopped shoulder. The face is slightly concave.

Physical Characteristics of POA

3. Height and Weight of POA

The POA’s average height is 11.2 to 14 hands or 46 to 56 inches (118 to 145 cm) at maturity. The average weight of the horse ranges from 350 to 400 kg.   

Height and Weight of POA

4. Color and Marking of Pony of the Americas

The most acceptable horse color of POA is the typical Leopard complex Appaloosa color. The characteristic mottling color around the horse eyes, genitalia, and the muzzle. The typical white sclera is visible around the hooves and eyes. The typical pattern of coat color of POA are: 

  • Snowflake Pattern.
  • Blanket Pattern.
  • Frost Pattern.
  • Snowcap Pattern.
  • Leopard Pattern.
  • Marbelized pattern.
  • White with black spots on the hindquarter.
  • Solid with dark spots.

Color and Marking of Pony of the Americans

5. Behavior of POA

The Pony of the Americas is a well behaved and well-mannered horse. They are docile, obedient, and respond positively to any command. You can smoothly ride, trot, jog, or stop quickly. The horse is an excellent companion animal for the growing kids. The POA can also effectively used in equine therapy.

Behavior of POA

6. POAC Registry

All offspring of POA are registered in Pony of the Americas Club (POAC). The POAC was established in 1954. The POAC hosted its first International conference in 1988 and 1990. In the year 2012, the club has more than 50,000 registered ponies. The club has more than 2,000 active members and over more than 40 affiliated chapters.

POA Club

7. Special Features of POA

The impressive and interesting features of POA are as follow:

  • The horse was developed by cross-breeding of Arabian, Shetland Pony, and Appaloosa.
  • The leopard complex Appaloosa color is the accepted color for the breed. 
  •  Pinto or paint color is not accepted for the breed registry.
  • They are having mottled skin around the muzzle.
  • The POA has the white sclera around the eyes.
  • They have vertical light-dark striped hooves.
  • They have many color variations on the body.

Special Features of POA

8. Versatile Uses of POA

The horse developed for mainly western riding and eventing. The versatile uses of POA are as follows:

  • Endurance riding.
  • Three days’ eventing.
  • Driving.
  • Show hunter.
  • Showjumping.
  • Dressage.
  • Excellent horse for young kids and grown adults.

Use of Pony of the Americas

Concluding Remarks on Pony of the Americas

Pony of the Americas is one of the native pony breeds of the United States. Many horse lover has an interest in the breed. In my article, I have tried to accumulate all possible information about the breed. I think this much information will enrich your knowledge. If you are benefited from the article, please share it with your friends. 


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