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10 Most Common Types of Chicken You Should Know As Bird Lover

Chicken or poultry are domesticated birds that provide meat, eggs, and feathers. The term poultry or Chicken covers various species like Chicken, ducks, geese, jungle fowl, turkey, muscovy ducks, and turkey. In recent times, koel and ostrich were also reared as poultry for meat and eggs. The types of Chicken are one of the most discussed topics among bird lovers and farmers. 

Most Common Types of Chicken

Chicken is the single species leading among the types of poultry. In the year 2019, the world population of poultry is 93% covers from Chicken. The Chicken is found almost all over the world; ducks are found primarily in Asia than Africa. Turkey is found mostly in North America, and Guinea fowl is abandoned in African countries. 

Types of Poultry

1. Chicken

Chicken is the most common poultry bird of the world that provides more than 90% poultry meat of the world. The egg production of the world’s 93% comes from Chicken. The scientific name of the domestic Chicken is Gallus domesticus. There are two common varieties of Chicken; layer chicken for egg production and broiler chicken for meat production. There are also some other varieties of Chicken like Cockrel, backyard chicken, and dual purposes. Most of the Chicken is rared in the commercial farming systems. In developing countries, poultry farming is one of the most common economic activities of village women. Chicken farming had an outstanding contribution to poverty alleviation. 

Poultry Birds Diseases

2. Millard Ducks

Ducks are the second most common type of poultry and most abandoned waterfowl. The scientific name of the duck is Bucephala albeola. The ducks are more diminutive than geese and lives on the water. The ducks are reared for the best quality meats and eggs. Ducks originated in China more than 2000 years ago and are found mostly in Asian countries. Ducks are good sources of animal protein by providing meat and eggs. 

Ancona Ducks

3. Muscovy Ducks

The Muscovy ducks are the popular waterfowls that originated in North America and Canada. They are larger than ordinary ducks and height up to 30 inches, and male ducks weigh up to 7.5 kgs. The female ducks are smaller than the males and body weight of up to 3-4 kgs. The color of the duck is black and white, and there is a distinct red-colored wattle. The ducks became domesticated more than 150 years ago and reared mainly for meat purposes.

Muscovy Duck

4. Types of Chicken: Geese

Goose is another type of waterfowl and is also reared as poultry for both meat and eggs. The goose is larger than the ducks, and Muscovy ducks with a long neck. The color of the goose is mostly grey and white. Most geese are wild, and some are domesticated, like Chinese Geese (Ansar cygnoides domesticus) and greylag geese (Anser anser).

Embden Goose

5. Guinea Fowl

Guinea fowls are the oldest gallinaceous birds mostly found in Africa. They are under the family Numidiade and order Galliformes. The domesticated guinea fowls are found almost all over the world. The meat of guinea fowl is leaner and drier than Chicken and has a grammy flavor. The meat is richer in protein than Chicken and turkey and has low fat. The eggs of guinea fowl are more nutritious than the chicken eggs. The meat has lesser calories than the Chicken and turkey meat.

Guinea Fowl

6. Jungle Fowl

Jungle fowls are the most common wild bird that originated in the South and South-East Asian countries more than 6 million years ago. The scientific name of the jungle fowl is Gallus gallus. The birds typically live in the forest in tropical and subtropical areas. The birds are also found in the South American forests. The bird is customarily bred and lives on the feed available in the forests. They are omnivorous and essential sources of animal protein to many people who live in the Jungle area. The Jungle Fowl is the National bird of Srilanka.

Types of Poultry- Jungle Fowl

7. Types of Chicken: Quail

The Quail is another famous poultry bird that is reared all over the world. The bird is smaller in size and very prolific. They produce a considerable amount of eggs, and chicks grow very fast. They can be used as meat after 45 to 50 days of age. They require minimal space and less feed. They are very nutritious and delicious. The quail eggs are surprisingly rich in heavy nutrition than ordinary chicken eggs. 

Poultry Bird Quail

8. Ostrich

The ostrich is a giant bird on the earth and can not fly. The bird is similar to Kiwi, Emus, and Rheas. The bird originated in Africa; they lay the most prominent bird eggs and run at 70km/hour. The bird was initially reared as a zoo bird throughout the world. The birds proliferate, and meat is nutritious. The ostrich, in recent days, has been reared as poultry birds. The maximum height is 9 feet, and it can grow up to 150 kg body weight.

Ostrich Bird

9. Turkey

The domestic turkey is the second-most populous poultry in the world. They were originated in the Central Mesoamerican region more than 2000 years ago. Turkey chicken is the second most supplier of poultry meat, and it accounts for around 6% of real chicken meat. Each year more than 65 million turkey chickens are slaughtered during Christmas and Thanksgiving Day in the United States of America. Commercial farming of turkey is a profitable business, which lowered the price at the hand of mass people. 

Types of Chicken Turkey

10. Types of Chicken: Pheasants

Pheasants are the Eurasian birds under the family Phasianidae and order Galliformes. The male birds have bright colors in the abdomen, wattles, and females have long tails. The birds usually are found in wildlife and recently as captive birds. The bird’s meat has an excellent nutritional value and is also reared as poultry birds. 

Pheasant Bird as Poultry

Concluding Remarks on Types of Poultry

There are many more birds that are also reared as poultry, but they are not common. The pouty birds have an outstanding contribution to the protein supplement of human food. They are the source of income for many people. The poultry by-products are also used in various handicrafts, fish feed, and jewelry. In my article, I have discussed the most common types of Chicken briefly. 

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