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Appenzeller Dog: An Excellent Small Dog Breed For Kids and Children

The Appenzeller is a tri-color medium-sized dog breed and very popular and affectionate with a family companion. Appenzeller dog is good with young children and other dogs. The alternative names of the dog are Appenzeller Sennenhund or Appenzell Mountain Dog or Appenzeller Cattle Dog or Bouvier Appenzellois. Their activity level is high.

History and Origin of Appenzeller Dog

The Appenzeller is one of four Swiss dogs believed to be descendants of local dogs crossed with the mastiff breeds brought to Switzerland by the Romans. Appenzeller was used as a cattle drover and home, property, and livestock guard. The Swiss have worked to preserve the breed since the late nineteenth century. The origin of the Appenzeller is Switzerland.

History of Appenzeller Dog

Physical Description Appenzeller

The Appenzeller is a large, powerful, square-built dog with an abroad head, strong muzzle, small, brown eyes, a black nose, and small to medium-size drop ears. The tail is carried over the back. The short, smooth coat is tricolor with black or brown as the base and tan and white markings.

Physical Features of Appenzeller Sennenhund

Size, Height, Weight, and Lifespan of Appenzeller Sennen 

Appenzeller Sennenhund is a medium-size dog breed. The average height of the dog breed is about 19 to 23 inches and the average weight is about 48 to 55 pounds. The average life span of the Appenzeller is about 12 to 14 years.

Height and Weight of Sennhund Dog

Coat Color and Grooming of Appenzeller

The Appenzeller Sennenhund has a thick, shiny topcoat in brown or black with white and tan markings, covering a thick brown, black or grey undercoat. The symmetrical tan markings appear over the eyes and chest, cheeks, and legs. The white markings include a blaze on the face, white from the chin to the chest, white on all four feet, and a white tail tip. Grooming is very important for your dog and they have an easy-care that needs regular brushing, clipping, nail trimming, and bathing to keep them healthy and sound.

Sennenhund Dog

The Temperament and Personality of the Appenzeller

Appenzeller Sennen is a confident dog that is affectionate and playful with family but wary with strangers. The dog breed is a cheerful and trainable dog breed that is very easy to train and suitable for you a companion family member.

Behavior of Sennhund Dog

Are Appenzeller Smart?

Nowadays they are a versatile good working and family dog breed that is more popular as companion friends. They are cheerful, smart, intelligent, loyal, reliable, fearless, and self-assured. If you want to choose a family companion dog, it is the best option for you.

Health of Appenzeller Dog

Best Ownership of Appenzeller Dog

The dog is best with an active individual or family in a rural or suburban home.

Special Needs for Your Appenzeller Dog

The special needs of the dog breed are:

  • Regular Exercise.
  • Job or organized activity.
  • Positive training.
  • Socialization with other dogs.

Final Talk on Appenzeller Dog Breed

The dogs adapt well to apartment living and are good for novice owners. They are tolerant of cold and hot weather and affectionate with kids, dogs, and family. They are also friendly towards the strangers. It is a very intelligent dog breed. In my article, I have discussed all information on the Appenzeller dog breed which is very essential for a dog lover. If you are interested to know the interesting facts about other dog breeds don’t hesitate to visit my website. Thank you for your time. 


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