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Coton de Tulear: A Small Dog Breed You Can Choose For Your House

Coton de Tulear is a small, hypoallergenic, and cute dog breed that originated in Madagascar. The dog was first introduced in the United States of America in the 80s and is now found in most of the European countries, Australia, and many parts of the world. The dog is one of the most famous pet dogs that easily adjust themselves in the house.

Origin and History of Coton de Tulear

The Coton dog is a member of the Bichon family and has always been a companion pet. The dog’s ancestors are believed to have been brought to Madagascar 400 to 500 years ago. The breed named for the port city of Tulear was embraced by the Malagasy upper class and become known as the Royal dod of Madagascar. Only members of the novelty could own the breed. In 1973, a North American doctor came across the bred and in 1974 brought the first Coton de Tulear to the United States of America. Although it is the official dog of Madagascar, it is close to extinction there.

Origin of Coton De Tulear

Physical Characteristics of Coton De Tulear

The Coton is a small, well-muscled dog. It has dark, round eyes and a large, black nose. There are triangular drop ears and a medium-length, low-set tail. It has a medium-length, soft, dense, cotton-like coat, for which it was named (Coton id French for Cotton). There are three color varieties; white, tricolor, and black and white. The white color is the most common in this breed. Registries differ on whether the non-white Coton de Tulear is permissible.

Beautiful Dog Breed Coton

Height and Wright of Coton

Coton de Tulear is a small dog breed whose average height is 8.5 to 12.5 inches (20 to 28 cm). The average body weight of the dog is 8 to 13 pounds. The dog is easy to manage, care for, and fed. 

Size of Coton

Temperament of Coton de Tulear

The Coton is a cheerful, agreeable dog that gets along with almost everyone but is specially bonded with its family. The dog is friendly with children, strangers, and other animals. It is playful and sometimes even clownish.

Health of Coton Dog

Activity Level of Dog

The dog is moderately active and playful. The breed is versatile and does well with a family in a city, suburban, or even rural home. They are liked by kids and elderly people as companion animals.

Activity Level of Coton Dog

Care and Health of Small Dog Breed

The dog sheds very little and is considered hypoallergenic. People who have problems with dogs’ allergen can choose the breed as a pet. The dog needs daily grooming, continuous attention, and training. They may live up to 20-22 years.

Health of Coton Dog 

Concluding Remarks on Coton de Tulear

The dog is generally healthy. The dog is usually affected by widespread dog diseases. However, the breed is affected mainly by disc problems, eye problems, kidney disease, and thyroid diseases. The dog has a short genetic pool and is in very critical condition. 

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