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Irish Wolfhound: The Biggest Dog Breed You Should Know

The Irish Wolfhound is a large sighthound that originated in Ireland. They are a sweet-tempered and gigantic dog breed. The dog can reach a height of 34 inches at the shoulders, making it the tallest of all dogs. They are the giant dog breed of all dog breeds.

The Irish Wolfhound was initially used in war to drag men off chariots and horses. This article gives a clear idea that is very interesting for dog lovers. So, stick with us and keep reading!

History and Origin of Irish Wolfhound

The original Irish Wolfhound is believed to be an ancient breed, dating from as far back as 339 B.C.E. The dog was first written about in Rome when the Roman consul Quintus Aurelius received seven dogs as a gift.

Irish Wolfhound Dog

In Ireland, it was used as a guardian and military dog to hunt wolves. When wolves disappeared from Ireland in the late 1700s, so nearly did the Irish Wolfhound. Fanciers in the 1840s revived the dog. The alternative name for the Irish Wolfhound is Greyhound of Ireland, Wolf Dogs of Ireland, or Great Hound of Ireland.

Physical Description Greyhound of Ireland

The Irish Wolfhound is a large, tall, Greyhound-like dog that is rough-coated. It is muscular but graceful, with a long head carried high and a long, pointed muzzle.

The nose and eyes are dark, and the small ears are folded. It has a strong, long, arched neck with a deep chest, large feet, and a long, curved tail.

Features of Irish Wolfhound

It is double coated with a short, dense undercoat and medium-length, rough outer coat, which is especially wiry around the eyes and under the chin. It may be gray, brindle, red, black, white, or fawn.

Height, Weight, and Lifespan of Wolf Dog of Ireland

  • The average height of the Irish Wolfhound is about 30 to 32 inches (75-85 cm).
  • The average weight of the dog breed is about 105 to 120 pounds (48 to 55 kgs).
  • The average lifespan of the Irish Wolfhound is about 6 to 10 years.

Temperament or Personality of Irish Wolfhound

The Irish Wolfhound is a dignified, calm, and intelligent dog. It gets along well with people, especially children. It makes a poor guard. It is fun-loving and active but calms at home. 

Best Ownership of Great Hound Of Ireland

This breed does best with an active family or individual in a suburban or rural home.

Special Needs of Irish Wolfhound

You must ensure the following care and management for better service of the dog breed:

  • Exercise regularly.
  • Fenced yard.
  • Daily Grooming.
  • Basic Obedience Training.
  • Proper diet and nutrition.
  • Proper health care.
  • Proper dental care.
  • Skincare.

Possible Health Concerns of Greyhound of Ireland 

The dog is generally healthy and affected by less number of infectious diseases. You must vaccinate your dog against potential viral diseases. The dog needs regular deworming against parasitic diseases. The following diseases are more commonly seen in this dog breed:

Concluding Words on Irish Wolfhound Dog

The wolf-dog of Ireland is a sturdy yet swift animal, capable of running down and killing large animals. They also hunted large game such as boar, deer, and wolves. 

The dog is one of the oldest breeds in existence. The Wolfhound is also athletic and graceful, with a dignified appearance.

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