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Japanese Chin: The Most Intelligent Small Dog Breed of Japan

The Japanese Chin is an intelligent, cat-like dog that originated in Japan. They are sensitive and loyal dogs and a good dog companion. The dog is responsive, affectionate, and reserved with strangers or new situations. The alternative name of the dog is Japanese Spaniel, and the common nickname is Chin.

The Japanese Chin is alert and independent, using its paws to wipe and wash its face. This article gives you a clear idea that is very interesting for a Japanese Chin lover. So, please stick with us and keep reading!

History and Origin: Japanese Spaniel

It is believed that the Japanese Chin originated in China and was brought to Japan as a gift from a Chinese emperor. In Japan, the breed became popular among the nobility, and shoguns bred different types with various coat types and sizes. 

Japanese Chin Dog

The dog breed was first seen outside Asia when the country opened to Western trade in 1853, and several were brought to the United Kingdom.

Physical Description of Japanese Chin

The Japanese Chin is a small, well-balanced, square dog. It has a large, round head with large, dark eyes. It has a short, broad muzzle; a short nose with open nostrils; and small, triangular drop ears. 

The tail is carried over the back. It has a profuse, silky, straight, single coat that forms a ruff at the end. The tail and thighs are heavily feathered. It comes in black, white, red, or black and white with tan points.

Small Dog Japanese Chin

Height, Weight, and Lifespan Chin

  • The average height of the Japanese Chin is about 8 to 11 inches (20 to 28 cm).
  • The average weight of the dog breed is about 4 to 11 pounds (2 to 5 Kg).
  • The average life expectancy of a dog is about 12 to 14 years.

Temperament or Personality of Japanese Spaniel

The Japanese Chin is a sensitive, mild-mannered, and intelligent dog. It has strong likes and dislikes and an excellent memory. Some say it is cat-like in its habits. The Japanese Chins get along with almost everyone, including strangers, other animals, and children.

Best Ownership of Japanese Chin Dog

This breed does equally well in the city, suburbs, or country. They are playful and trusted companion.

Special Needs of Japanese Spaniel

You must ensure the following care and management practices for optimum health and function of 

  • Basic Obedience Training. Basic obedience training will make your dog more social, calm, and affectionate. 
  • Exercise. Regular exercise will make the dog healthy, fit, and affectionate with its owner and family.
  • Proper diet and nutrition. You must give healthy and nutritious food daily to the dog. 
  • Proper health care. Dog’s health is vital thing to keep them fit and healthy.
  • Grooming. The dogs need daily grooming with appropriate grooming tools.
  • Skincare. The dog must be free from skin diseases.
  • Dental care. 
  • Fenced yard.
  • Leashed. It would be best if you kept the dog leashed outside. 

Health Concerns of Japanese Spaniel

The dog is small, active, curious, and intelligent. The dog is affected by widespread canine diseases. The following diseases are more frequently found in this dog breed:

  • Back Problems.
  • Cataracts.
  • Heart problems.
  • Luxating patellas.
  • Keratoconjunctivitis Sicca.
  • Entropion.

Concluding Words on Japanese Chin Dog

The Japanese Chin is loyal to its owners and is typically a friendly dog. The dogs have a good sense of balance and tend to hide in unexpected places. They were also bred to entertain their owners.

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