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12 Most Common Types of Doves You Must Know As A Bird Lover

Doves are one of the most popular pet birds in the world. There are many types of doves found both in captivity and wild. All types of doves are very popular with human beings as pet birds. The white doves are used as the symbol of peace and in wedding ceremonies. They are intelligent, lovely, passionate, and singers. They live on minimum care and adjust themselves very quickly. They can easily be trained and used to catch other wild doves.

Common Types of Doves of the World

Doves are one of the most famous pet birds and well and beautiful wild birds. They are a good singer and makes very charming sounds. There are at least twelve varieties of dove in the world. All doves are not available in all regions. The common dove varieties will be discussed in this article for you.

Common Types of Doves

1. Spotted Dove

Spotted doves are mainly found in South and Southeast Asian countries. They are medium in size, brown in color, and a large ring of spotted feathers is in the neck. They can adjust themselves in any environment and are now found all over the world.

Spotted Dove

2. Mourning Doves

Mourning doves are the most common doves in the United States of America. They are easily visible in the electric wires of streets, trees, houses, and farms. The sound of the dove creates a soft drawn-out or cry that, like “mourning,” the name of the dove comes from this sound. They are very fast in flight, like a speeding bullet.

Mourning Doves

3. Types of Doves: Turtle Dove

Turtle doves are commonly found in temperate and tropical environments. They are also called ringneck dove and laughing dove. The dove has no relation with reptiles Turtle. The name of the bird comes from the sound they create, which may surprise men.

Turtle Dove

4. Laughing Dove

A laughing dove is a small bird found in the semi-desert areas of the Indian subcontinent. They are found commonly in human habitation, farmland, drylands, and scrubs. They are mostly brown and have no rings on the neck.

Laughing Dove

5. Types of Doves: Emerald Dove

The Emerald dove is one the most beautiful and found in the Indian subcontinent. The bird is the State bird of Tamil Nadu of India. They are medium in size, have brilliant green-colored wings and cherry red-colored beaks. They live in farmland, human houses, and bushes.

Common Emerald Dove

6. Eurasian Collared Dove

Eurasian collared dove is a native dove variety of the Indian subcontinent. They are not migratory birds rather native and most common dives. The birds have a beautiful ring on the neck. The color of the is brown, small in size, and very active. They are found typical in streets, farmhouses, human houses, and bushes. They are mostly found in pairs and familiar songs “Googo–Googo.”

Eurasian Collared Dove

7. Red Collared Dove

The Spotted Dove is a native bird of the Indian subcontinent and is also found worldwide. The bird is small, brown in color, long tail and small black spots cover its whole body. The bird has a medium spotted ring on the neck.

Red Collared Dove

8. Types of Doves: Inca Dove

The Inca dove originates in the temperate climate of Inca, Peru. The dove can survive in minus 20 F temperature. Their typical habitat is mountain scrubs and herbs. The population in the United States is around 700,000. They gather together for warm temperature and form “Pyramid Height” one over another.

Types of Doves -Inca Dove

9. Common Ground-Dove

Common ground-dove is the most populous dove variety of the United States of America. The total number of the dove is more than two million. They are small, sparrow-sized, brown in color, have small black spots on their feathers. They are one of the most miniature doves in North America. They live on the desert bush and dense bushes.

Common Ground Dove

10. Ruddy Ground-Dove

Ruddy ground-dove is one of the rarest doves of North America. They are often found with Inca dove and common ground-doves. They live in habitat and semi-habitat areas.

Ruddy Ground Dove

11. White-tipped Dove

White-tipped doves are one of the rarest doves of America. Their total number is less than 10,000. They are found in a flock in the fall in southern Texas. The color of the dove is bluish-brown and has white marks on the tip of the head.

White Tipped Dove

12. White-winged Dove

The White-winged doves are the second most populous doves of America. Their population is as many as six million. The outstanding feature of the dove is that the tip of the wings is white. They live on herbs, sub-herbs, and desert bushes.

White Winged Dove

Concluding Remarks on Types of Doves

The doves are one of the most popular pet birds to bird lovers. Many of you are surprised by the types of doves I have discussed in my article. There may be few other varieties of doves, but their number and distribution are negligible. I have highlighted the most common dove varieties in one article.

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