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25 Most Popular Hound Dog Breeds of the World You Can Choose

The hound dog breeds are one of the most famous dog breed groups. The hound dogs were used for hunting birds and small prey. The dog breeds vary in size from miniature to medium and are more prominent. The dogs are athletic, energetic, and companions.

Most Common Hound Dog Breeds

Hound dogs are the hunting dog breeds used for hunting and tracking prey. The hound dog breeds are the first hunting dog breeds. They are used to finding the prey after being shot. The dogs are a brilliant, energetic, and superior sense of power. There are mainly two types of hound dogs, like sighthound and scent hound.

Most Common Hound Dog Breeds

1. Pharaoh Hound

The Pharaoh Hound is a medium-sized sight breed that will also hunt by scent. It has been described as the oldest domesticated dog in recorded history because it so closely resembles the likenesses of dogs carved on the tomb walls of the pharaohs and on ancient Egyptian artifacts dating back to at least 2000 BC. the affectionate and intelligent Pharaoh Hound has a happy, confident personality, likes children, and makes a good family pet.

Pharaoh Hound

2. Ibizan Hound

The Ibizan Hound is descended from hunting dogs kept by the ancient Egyptians. The noble-looking animal has a kindly nature, is good with children, rarely fights, and makes a fine gundog and housepet. It is susceptible and has acute hearing, so it must never be shouted at, responding well to kind treatment.

Ibizan Hound

3. Hound Dog Breeds: Basenji

The Basenji comes from central Africa and is also called the Zande Dog, Belgian Congo Dog, Congo Bush Dog, Bongo Terrier, Congo Terrier, and Nyam Nyam Terrier. The dog is playful extremely loving. The dog dislikes wet weather and needs a reasonable amount of exercise. It washes like a cat and has no doggie smell, so a daily rub-down with a hound glove will suffice.

Basenji Dog

4. Hamiltonstovare Hound

The Hamiltonstovare or Hamilton Hound is named after Count Adolf Patrick Hamilton, the Swedish Kennel Club founder, who standardized the breed about a century ago. This medium-sized hound used to flush game in the forests of Sweden. It is intelligent affectionate, and the intelligent dog makes a good companion that may be kept in the home, provided that it receives plenty of exercise.

Hamiltonstovare Hound

5. Bloodhound

The Bloodhound or Chien de Saint Hubert is one of the oldest hound breeds. It is generally believed that its earliest ancestors were dogs bred in Assyria around 2000-1000 BC. Good with children and exceedingly affectionate, the Bloodhound makes an ideal companion for those who have the room to accommodate it, the energy to exercise it, and neighbors who do not object to its baying.

Beautiful Bloodhound Dog Breed

6. Otterhound

The big, powerfully built British Otterhound is believed to trace back to the Griffon Vendeen and the now-extinct rough-coated Griffon de Bresse. The Otterhound makes an amiable though stubborn pet that can be somewhat destructive within the household if undisciplined. It needs a considerable amount of exercise, and its rough coat should be groomed once a week and bathed as necessary.


7. Italian Segugio Hound

The Italian Segugio comes in two coat types, short-haired and coarse-haired. The origins of this ancient Italian hunting dog trace back to the coursing dogs of ancient Egypt, and it still has something of the Greyhound in its appearance. As well as having keen eyesight, it is blessed with a fantastic sense of smell and was used against a wide variety of games.

Italian Segugio hound

8. Hound Dog Breeds: Rhodesian Ridgeback

The Rhodesia Ridgeback was named after Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe, where the settlers highly valued it. It was also known as Lion’s Dog because it was used in packs to hunt lions. This attractive animal is obedient, good with children, and will guard its owner with its life. It has a gentle temperament but can move with great speed when it spies a rabbit or other prey.

Rhodesian Ridgeback Hound

9. Grand Griffon Vendeen Hound

Griffons Vendeen is a French sporting dog in several varieties, including the Grand and Petit Basset. The Grand is the largest and is reputedly the oldest of the varieties. An intelligent dog makes a good family pet and a hunter. It is independent and loves to wander, so all escape routes should be sealed.

Grand Griffon Vendeen Hound

10. Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen Hound

The Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen is a short-legged, rough-coated hound developed in the Vendee district of southwest France. It was bred down from the Grand Griffon Vendeen. This most attractive animal makes a good family pet, provided that it receives plenty of exercises.

Petit Basset Griffon

11. Swiss Hounds

The scenthounds of Switzerland include the Swiss Hound, the Bernese Hound, and Lucerne Hound. There are also short-legged versions, produced by crossing the Dachshund with the full-size versions to produce specialized hunters for certain types of terrain. Swiss Hounds are calm companions but have strong hunting instincts and are powerfully built, and so are not suitable as household pets.

Swiss Hounds

12. Jura Hounds

There are two varieties of Jura Hound, the Bruno and Saint Hubert. Both are native to the Jura mountains area in western Switzerland and have a similar origin to the other Swiss Hounds. The Bruno and Saint Hubert Jura Hounds are gentle, affectionate dogs that make excellent hunting companions but have strong hunting instincts and are not suited to life as a household pet.

Jura Hounds

13. Basset Hounds

In common with members of the Greyhound family, Basset-type dogs were depicted on the tombs of the ancient Egyptians and so have existed for a long time. However, the Basset Hound is relatively recent, developed in Britain from the late 1800s. The dog is now mainly kept as a companion, pet, and show dog. It is a lovable animal that gets on well with children.

Basset Hounds

14. Hound Dog Breeds: Beagle

This small hound has existed in Britain at least since the reign of King Henry VIII. his daughter Elizabeth I kept numerous Beagles, some of which were so small they could be put in one’s pocket and became known as Pocket Beagles. This affectionate dog is usually long-lived and good with children, and it makes a fine show dog and is a good choice for the family pet.

Hound Dog Breeds Beagle

15. Tawny Brittany Basset Hound

The Tawny Brittany Basset or, more commonly known, the Basset Fauve de Bretagne originated in Brittany, northwest France. This short-legged, wire-coated hound has the courage and a good nose. It requires a generous amount of exercise, but its rough coat needs little attention.

Tawny Brittany Basset Hound

16. Hound Dog Breeds: Great Gascony Blue

The Great Gascony Blue is famed for its ability to pick up a “cold” scent. It descends from the scenting dogs of pre-Roman times and the ancient Saint Hubert Hound. This aristocratic animal is taller and lighter than many other hounds; it is powerful and possesses great stamina and a strong, melodious voice. It excelled at hunting wolves, which it pursued to extinction.

Great Gascony Blue Hound

17. Dachshund Dog

There are six varieties of Dachshund: Smooth-haired, Long-haired, and Wire-haired, each occurring as both Standard and Miniature. Sporty and devoted, the Dachshund makes an excellent family pet and a good watchdog, with a surprisingly loud bark for its size. The Short-haired is accessible to the groom, requiring daily attention with a hound glove and soft cloth.


18. Greyhound

The Greyhound is arguably the purest breed on Earth, appearing to have changed little from dogs depicted on the tombs of Egyptian Pharaohs. The dog does have a propensity to chase anything that moves but is also a gentle, faithful animal that is good with children.


19. Hound Dog Breeds: Whippet

The Whippet looks like a Greyhound in miniature, and the Greyhound undoubtedly played a part in its make-up. The dog was bred expressly as a racing dog and is the fastest breed globally. It has been timed at 8.4 seconds over a standard 150-yard straight course (36.52mph/58.76kph). It is a gentle dog and good with children and makes a good pet and shows a dog and a splendid watchdog.

Hound Dog Breeds- Whippet

20. Hound Dog Breeds: Deerhound

One of the most ancient British breeds, the Deerhound, may have arrived in Scotland with Phoenician traders about 3,000 years ago and, after that, developed its thick, weather-resistant coat to combat the colder climate. The breed became a favorite of chieftains in the Scottish Highlands, hunting daily and gracing their baronial halls by night. Today, the Deerhound is used for coursing and draws good entries at dog shows.


21. Irish Wolfhound

The Irish Wolfhound dog is the tallest breed in the world and tha national dog of Ireland. The Irish Wolfhound is a breed that many people would choose to own if only their lifestyle and house size enabled them to be popular. However, the Wolfhound does not require more exercise than average-sized breeds, and although it can be kenneled outdoors, it has a calm temperament, and many of these giants have a place by the fireside.

Irish Wolfhound

22. Hound Dog Breeds: Saluki

The Saluki is an ancient breed whose likeness appears on the tombs of Egyptian pharaohs. It takes its name either from the ancient city of Saluk in Yemen or the town of Sleukia in the ancient Hellenic empire in Syria. This elegant, if somewhat aloof, the breed is loyal and affectionate and is sought both as a pet and show dog.


23. Borzoi Hound

The Borzoi or Russian Wolfhound was used in Russia from the 17th century for wolf hunting and coursing, a sport of the tsars and noblemen. The dog’s task was to grab the wolf by the neck and throw it, after which it would be finished off with a blow from a dagger. The Borzoi tracked the wolf when it was beaten from cover but did not kill it.

Borzoi Dog Breed

24. Elkhound

The Gray Norwegian Elkhound has probably existed in its native Scandinavia for millennia. Although somewhat willful in youth, the Elkhound is generally a good-natured household pet with no doggie odor and is reliable with children. It requires daily brushing and combing and plenty of exercises.

Norwegian Elkhound Dog

25. Afghan Hound

Its ancestors found their way from Persia to Afghanistan, where the breed developed its long, shaggy coat to withstand the harsh climate conditions. Afghan Hound’s speed and stamina meant that it was used to hunt leopards, wolves, and jackals. It has since become a famous show dog and has been utilized in the growing sport of Afghan racing.

Afghan Hound

Concluding Remarks on Hound Dog Breeds

You can take to the dog for multiple purposes. Hound dog breeds are primarily used for hunting dogs with excellent scent power, and hunters mostly prefer tracks. The hound dogs are powerful, energetic, hardworking, loyal, and good companions. The dogs I have listed in my article are most widespread. You can choose any of them for your house.

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