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Pyrenean Shepherd: A Herding Dog of the Pyrenees Mountain

The Berger des Pyrenees is a clever, active, passionate herding dog small to medium-sized breed. They are a very long-lived breed, and the dog’s other names are Berger, Labrit, Petit Berger, Pyr, Pyrenean Shepherd, and Pyr Shep. The dogs love two things that are work and their family. Now I will brief you on this breed profile if the charming, lovely dogs suit your life. 

History and Origin of Pyrenean Shepherd Dog

The Berger des Pyrenees was developed as a herding dog in the Pyrenees Mountains valleys in France. It is believed to descend from the dogs kept by nomadic shepherds in the Pyrenees. The dog is traditionally worked together with the Great Pyrenees flock guardian dog.  

Australian Shepherd Dog

The Pyrenean Shepherd was a military dog during World War I. The breed was first seen in America in the nineteenth century. It is believed that Petit Berger’s dog has played a role in the development of the Australian Shepherd.

Physical Description of Pyrenean Shepherd

The Berger des the Pyrenees is a small-to-medium-size, lean and muscular dog with a triangular-shaped head and a flat skull. The muzzle is wedge-shaped and short. Because of an overlapping top lip, the dog appears to be smiling. Petit Berger’s dog has large eyes, which are brown, blue, or partially blue. 

Physical Features of Berger des Pyrenees

The nose of the Pyrenees Shepherd is black, and the ears are short, cropped straight across, or a natural drop. The tail is completely docked, a natural bob, or naturally long and crook shaped. The slightly wavy, harsh coat is semi-long to long. It may be fawn, gray, merle, brindle, black, or black with slight white markings.

There are smooth- and rough-faced Bergers; smooth-faced dogs have longer muzzles covered with fine short hair, and rough-faced dogs have a short chin with hair that lengthens up the muzzle and is swept back on the head. Smooth-faced dogs also have shorter hair on the body.

Size, Height, Weight, and LifeSpan of Pyrenees Shepherd

The average Height of the Berger Des Pyrenees is about Rough-faced, 15 to 19 inches, and Smooth-faced is 15.5 to 20.5 inches. The average weight is about 25 to 30 pounds. The life expectancy of the breed is about 15 to 17 years.

History of Pyrenean Shepherd

Temperament or Personality of Pyrenean Shepherd

The Berger des Pyrenees is a very active dog full of nervous energy. It is wary with strangers, alert, and fearless. It may be mischievous. The smooth-faced tends to be less nervous. 

Herding Dog Pyrenean Shepherd

Best Ownership of Petit Berger Dog

The Berger des Pyrenees requires an active, dog-experienced owner in a rural home.

Petit Berger

Special Needs of Pyrenean Shepherd

The dog is small, active, curious, and fast. You must take necessary care and managemental measures to keep the Pyrenees Shepherd healthy and fit for work. 

Health Concerns of Petit Berger Dog

The dog is healthy and active. Pyrenees Shepherd dog is affected by prevalent diseases of the canine family. The breed is commonly affected by the following diseases:

Final Talk on Pyrenean Shepherd Dog

The innovative, intelligent Pyr Shep is popular to be loyal to you because of their beautiful nature. Their bundle of energy to have fun with their family. If you maintain proper training and exercise, Berger des Pyrenees is an exuberant companion for your family. If you want to know the other dog breeds, don’t hesitate to visit my website. Thank you for your time.

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