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Bichon Havanais Dog: The Most Adorable Small Silky Dog Breed

The Bichon Havanais is a companion dog breed that originated in Cuba. They are affectionate, playful toy dogs, the national dog of Cuba. Havanese may be the right choice if you want an easygoing temperament and a small dog with your family. The alternative name for the dog is Bichon Havanais, Bichon Habanero, or Havana Silk Dog.

The Havana Silk Dog tends to be great with children and other pets. This loyal, friendly dog makes them suitable for many homes, including apartments. This is a fantastic article for Havanese lovers. So, stick with us and Keep reading!

History and Origin of Havanese Dog

The Havanese are believed to be descended from Old World bichons, such as the Bolognese and Maltese. Interest in bichons developed throughout the port cities of the Spanish empire, including Havana. Havana is Cuba’s bichon and was sometimes developed in the eighteenth century.

Beautiful Havanese

The aristocracy kept it as a companion, but it soon became popular with Cuba’s middle class. The Havanese were brought to the United States with Cuban refugees who left the country after the revolution in 1959.

Physical Description: Bichon Havanais

The Havana Silk Dog is a small, sturdy dog that is longer than tall. The head is wedge-shaped and slightly broad, and the skull is slightly rounded. The muzzle is equal in length to the skull. The eyes and nose are dark, and the ears are dropped. 

The plumed tail is carried over the back. The double coat has a long, soft outer coat. The hair on the forehead forms a curtain over the eyes of some dogs. The coat may be brushed out or left to the cord in the United States, hanging in tassels.

Playful Havanese

Unlike other members of the bichon family, typically white, the Havanese comes in a rainbow of colors, from black, blue, and chocolate to various shades of gold as well as party colors (white overall with colored markings).

Height, Weight, and Lifespan of Bichon Havanais Dog

  • The average height of the Havanese is about 8 to 11 inches.
  • The average weight of the Bichon Habanero is about 7 to 14 pounds (3-6 kgs).
  • The average lifespan of the Bichon Havanais is about 14 to 16 years.

The Temperament of Havana Silk Dog

The Havanese is a highly trainable, intelligent, and attentive dog. It is quiet and gentle but still playful. It is incredibly affectionate with its owner but is friendly with almost everyone, including children, other animals, and strangers.

Physical Characteristics of Havanese

Other Traits of Havanese Dog

The essential traits of Havanese dogs which attract you to select the dog breed are:

  • Requires lots of grooming.
  • Low prey drive.
  • Easy to train.
  • Suitable for first-time pet owners.
  • Strong loyalty tendencies.
  • Friendly with apartments.
  • High potential for weight gain.

Best Ownership of Havanese

This breed does well with a family in the city or suburbs. The dog is very adorable, curious, and lovely. The dog is one of the best pets in your home. The dog will give you company and comfort at home. 

Havanese Dog Breed

Special Needs of Bichon Havanais Dog Breed

You must ensure the following care and management for the dog:

  • Attention.
  • Grooming.
  • Proper diet and nutrition.
  • Proper health care.
  • Proper dental care.
  • Training.
  • Exercise.
  • Proper skin care.

Health Concerns of Havanese Dog

The specific diseases of the dog breed are as follows:

Concluding Words on the Bichon Havanais

The Havanese dog is a charming, intelligent, sweet, eager-to-please, and easy-to-train breed that is a natural extrovert that loves entertaining. They are an excellent addition to your family and get along well with kids and pets of all sizes.

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