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Kiger Mustang Horse: 10 Most Important Facts You Must Know

Kiger Mustang is one of the rarest horse breeds of the world. The horse is a strain of Mustang horse found in the Southern part of the United States of America, the Oregon state. The horse was first discovered in the year of 1977 from wild captured horses only and not applied for captive ones. This is a unique horse breed with many extra-ordinary qualities for choice. These horses are used for models of many model horses and in films.

Are Kiger Mustangs rare?

Kiger Mustang horses are one of the extinct horse breeds found in the Oregon state of America. The horse first came to South America from Spain. The wild horses are considered as the Kiger Mustang. The captive horses are not included in the pure breeds. At present, two burns of Oregon state maintained by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) keeps the pure breeds. Only a few hundreds of horses are held in these two burns. Every year they call for a public auction for the adoption of Kiger horses.

Kiger Mustang- A Rare Horse breed

1. History and Origin of the Horse

The horses first arrived in western America in 1500 B.C with Spanish Explorers. Many horses were released by the Spanish, and few were stollen by the European settlers or Native Americans and crossbred with other horses. Horses of French and European draft horses also contribute to the development of the breeds. The horse breed was discovered by the BLM in the year of 1977in the Beatys Buttle area. In 2001, the horse was proposed as a State horse by a Senator Stever Harper but failed to pass.

History of Kiger

2. Genetic Buildup of the Breeds

Kiger Mustang horse has been descended from the Spanish Feral horses and Barb Horses as per genetic testing by the University of Kentucky. The Mesteno stallion of the first BLM burn is the ancestors of today’s many horses. The Kiger Mustang horses Association is now Kiger Mesteno Association has registered around 800 horses in the year 2013. Every year they listed 75-100 new horses in their studbook. To improve their genetic diversity, BLM has inserted wild horses Kiger from HMA (Herd Maintenance Area).

Genetic Build up of Breed- Mustang

3. Physical Characteristics of Kiger Mustang

The excellent horse breed is a medium-sized horse, and the average height ranges from 13.2- 15.2 hands (137 t0 157 cm). They are well-muscled, compact body, deep chest, and short back. They are intelligent, bold, agile, calm, extended stamina, and sure-footedness like many wild horses. The average weight is 700-800 lbs.

Physical Characteristics of Kiger

4. What color is a Kiger mustang?

The standard color of this horse breed is dun, but Grulla, bay, red dun, black, roan, and claybank color also accepted by the breed registry. The breed must have dun factor and associated characteristics. The dun marking presents in the dorsal, lacing, leg barring, face cobwebbing, mask on face, eye bars, hock barring, armbars, ventral dorsal, black outlines on the ears, fawn in ears, bi-coloring in mane or tails.

Color and markings of kiger

5. Are Kiger Mustangs Gaited?

Many Spanish horses have natural gaits like the Peruvian Paso, Andalusian, and Barb. They also thought to be gaited horses naturally.

Natural gaits of Mustang

6. Name of the Horse

Kiger Mustang is an iconic American horse. They are the most seeking horse after taking adoption by BLM. The word “Mustang” is Spanish means wild horses are not correct. Mustang comes from “mesteno,” which means unclaimed sheep. Then the name changed to unclaimed and ultimately the wild/ feral horses.

Name of Kiger Mustang

7. Distribution of the Horse

The Kiger Mustang horse discovered in 1977 in Oregon State of the United States. The wild horses are only recognized as this breed. The BLM placed the horse in two separate confined areas for the preservation of the horse. The Kiger Mesteno Horse Association maintains the registry of the breed. In the year of 2013, they have 800 registered horses in the selected areas. They conduct an auction of horses every year for adoption.

Distribution of Kiger

8. Special Uses of Kiger Mustang

Kiger Mustang horses are used as a model of many horses. They are also used in the films and animations industry. They are gentle, naturally gaited, energetic, easily trainable, and intelligent. They are utilized in large agricultural farms. The versatile horse breeds can be used in equestrian sports. They also applied for the trail, academic art of riding, western riding, English dressage, driving, working equitation, and driving.

Special Uses of Kiger Mesteno

9. BLM Managed and Private Owned Horses

Beuro of land Management (BLM) of Oregon state establish to burns. The Kiger HMA (Herd Maintenance Area) is in Southeast Oregon, covering around 36,000 acres of land. The other barn is in Riddle mountain HMA, which covers 28,000 acres of land. The first barm has 50-80 horses, and the second barn has 30-55 horses.

Beuro of Land Management for horses

10. Kiger Mustang Horse Society

The Kiger Mustang Horse Society is presently known as Kiger. Mesteno Horse Association formed in 1988 as the authorized registry of the breed. They have 800 registered horses by the year 2013. They inspect 75-100 new horses every year. Mountain Kiger Registry is another association established in 1993.

Kiger Mesteno Horse Association

Final Words on Mustang Horse

The Kiger Mustang horse is one of the rare ane extinct horses of the world. The horse found only in Oregon state of the United States. The above information I have accumulated will help you to know about the breed. As a horse lover, you will be happy to adopt the horses. You will feel proud to have a horse in this category.

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