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Finnish Lapphund Dog: An Excellent Hunting Dog of Finland

The Finnish Lapphund is a beautiful, ancient breed. The dog is brave, quick, and agile, with an intense startle reflex that serves them well if a reindeer suddenly turns on them. The alternative name of the dog is Finnish Suomenlapinkoira, Lapinkoira ( Swedish ) Svensk Lapphund.

The Finnish Lapphund is a great family pet. The dog is affectionate with family, friends, kids, and other dogs. This article gives a clear idea that is very interesting for Finnish Lapphund lovers. So, stick with us and keep reading!  

History and Origin of Finnish Lapphund 

The Finnish and Swedish Lapphunds are old breeds with common roots that are believed to be more than 9,000 years old. Their descendants may have accompanied humans to Scandinavia. They were developed by the native people of Scandinavia, the Sami (Laplanders ). The Sami use the dogs for hunting and to herd reindeer. Both breeds continue to serve in these traditional roles but are also kept as companions.

Finnish Lapphund

Physical Description of Finnish Suomenlapinkoira Dog

The Finnish Lapphund is a medium-sized dog, compact and square-shaped, with typical spitz looks. It has naturally pricked ears and a tapered, foxy muzzle. It is double-coated with a long, dense outer coat. The dog may be any color as long as one color predominates.

Finnish Lapphund Dog

The dog may have facial, neck, stomach, and tail markings. It may be black, brown, or bear brown. The dog breed can have white on the paws, chest, and tail tip, but more white than that is undesirable.

Height, Weight, Lifespan of Finnish Lapphund

  • The average height of the Finnish Lapphund is about 16 to 20.5 inches
  • The average weight is about 15 to 24 kg
  • The average lifespan of the Swedish Lapphund is about 12 to 15 years.

Temperament or Personality of Svensk Lapphund

Both breeds are intelligent, trainable, and friendly. They can be stubborn and are known for vocalizing. They enjoy the outdoors and a cool climate.

Finnish Lapphund

Best Ownership of the Finnish Lapphund

They do best in active homes in the suburbs or country. The dog is best friend with your kids and elderly people. You can choose the breed for your garden protection, house guard, and trusted companion.

Finnish Suomenlapinkoira Dog

Special Needs of Finnish Suomenlapinkoira

You must ensure the following care and management for the smooth functioning of the dog breed:

Health Concerns of Finnish Lapphund Dog

The dog is affected by common canine diseases. You must vaccinate your dog against potential diseases and deworm it every three months. The following diseases are commonly seen in this dog breed:

Concluding Words on Finnish Suomenlapinkoira

The Finnish Lapphund is intelligent and easy to train. Their activity level is moderate to high, and they tolerate cold weather. They are very energetic, active dog who loves to work. The dog requires a lot of exercise and mental stimulation.

Swedish Lapphunds need a daily walk, and they make great jogging companions. This article has covered all the best features of this dog so that you can quickly choose the best pet for your family.

If you have any doubts, feel free to inform us here. Also, you can share your opinion to let us know anything you want. We are leaving today and will come back with something new. Thank you for your time.

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