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Bullmastiff Dog: A Powerful Dog Breed of Great Britain

Bullmastiff dog is a powerful, reliable, and docile, and their calm, easy-going natures make them good dogs for families. The dogs are straightforward to train. They are natural guardians of their people and property. The dogs are excellent guard dogs due to being bred to guard land against poachers.

History and Origin of Bullmastiff Dog

The Bullmastiff originated in 1860 from the Mastiff dog and the Bulldog breed. The dog was bred to catch and hold silent hunters without hurting them. The dog breeders believed the cross created a fast but not aggressive dog. The breed standard states that the original mating was 60 percent Mastiff and 40 percent Bulldog. The origin of the dog breed in Great Britain.

Physical Description of Bullmastiff Dog

The Bullmastiff dog breed is a large and powerful dog with a broad head and a short, blunt muzzle. When alert, the forehead wrinkles. The eyes are dark, and the nose of the dog breed is black. The ears are medium-sized, triangular, and dropped, set wide apart. 

The chest of the dog is broad, muscular, and deep. The tail of the dog is straight or curved. The color of the muzzle is fawn or red; the coat is brindle, smooth, and short. There may be a presence of a small, white spot on the chest.

History of Bullmastiff

Coat Colours of Bullmastiff

As you can see, the Bullmastiff has only three primary coat colors; fawn, red, and brindle. The Bullmastiff colors are:

  • Fawn Brindle.
  • Red Brindle.
  • Red Fawn Brindle.
  • Fawn.
  • Red.
  • Red Fawn.

And they are allowed to have these markings. These are-

  • Black mask.

The non-standard listed are divided into three further markings-

  • Fawn mask.
  • Black mask with white markings.
  • Black markings.

Height, Weight, and LifeSpan of Bullmastiff Dog

The average height of the Bullmastiff dog is about 24 to 27 inches, and the weight is about 100 to 130 pounds. The life expectancy of the dog is 8 to 10 years. 

Physical features of Bullmastiff

Temperament or Behavior of Bullmastiff Dog

The dog is a quiet, docile dog that is patient and gentle with friends and family. Especially children. It will, however, be protective and territorial. 

Best Ownership of the Bullmastiff

The Bullmastiff does excellent with a family and can adjust to most living situations but may be too large for apartment life.

Beautiful Bullmastiff

Special Needs of Bullmastiff Dog

The dog breed needs special care and management in the following aspects:

  • Socialization.
  • Training.
  • Grooming.
  • Proper diet and nutrition.
  • Skincare.
  • Dental care.
  • Nail trimming.
  • Exercise.

Health of Bullmastiff

Health Concerns of Bullmastiff

The dog is healthy and only affected by common canine diseases. You must vaccinate the puppy at the age of 12 weeks against potential diseases. The dog needs regular deworming at the interval of 4 months. You be cautious about the following disease conditions:

Final Talk on Bullmastiff Dog

The Bullmastiff was often called the gamekeepers’ night dog in the early days. It is a gentle, loyal, affectionate watchdog, and the dog is a good choice for families with reasonably well-behaved children. In my article, I will give you a clear idea about the Bullmastiff Dog, which is very interesting for dog lovers. If you are interested to know the other dog breeds, don’t hesitate to visit my website. Thank you for your time.

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