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Greenland Dog: The Oldest Dog Breed of the World

The Greenland Dog is a bold, boisterous breed that originated in Greenland or Denmark. They are working dogs and will make a fantastic companion for your family. The dog will become very loyal and protective once it bonds. The alternative name of the dog breed is Kalaallit qimmiat (Qimmeq) or Esquimaux Dog.

The dog is similar to the Canadian Eskimo Sleddog. But they are not as heavy and are slightly taller. They are very independent and can be loving with an owner they bond with. It is an excellent article for Greenland lovers. So, please stick with us and keep reading!

History and Origin of Greenland Dog

The Greenland Dog is believed to be one of the world’s oldest breeds and is used by the indigenous people of Greenland as a sled dog to hunt seals and polar bears.

 Origin and History of Greenland Dog

Physical Description of Kalaallit Qimmiat 

It is a strong, compact, rectangular dog with a broad, arched head and a large nose. The dark eyes are slanted, and the nose is black or liver, sometimes turning pink during the winter. There is a wedge-shaped muzzle, a strong jaw, and small, triangular, erect ears.

Features of Greenland Dog

The feet are large and round, and its bushy tail curls over the back. It is double-coated, with a thick, soft undercoat and a coarse, straight outer coat that can be any color.

Height, Weight, and Lifespan of Greenland Dog

  • The average height of the Greenland Dog is about 22 to 25 inches.
  • The average weight of the dog breed is about 66 to 70 pounds.
  • The average lifespan of the dog is about 10 to 14 years.

The Temperament of Kalaallit Qimmiat Dog

This is a robust and energetic dog, friendly to everyone, including strangers, children, and other dogs. It tends to be independent, although it will bond with at least one family member. Like many sled dogs, it tends to roam and can be challenging to train. It is not trustworthy with small animals because of its strong prey instincts.

Beautiful Greenland Dogs

Best Ownership of Greenland Dog Breed

The dog does best with an active rural family. The breed is energetic, athletic, and playful. They need a larger space for exercise and playing. The dog is well suited for kids and older people.

Special Needs of Kalaallit Qimmiat 

The dog needs the following care and management for its optimum function: 

Health Concerns of Greenland Dog

The dog is robust and healthy. The dog is affected by significantly fewer diseases. Regular vaccinations against potential viral diseases are required for your dog. It is better to give a broad-spectrum anthelmintic at regular intervals to prevent parasitic diseases. The specific diseases for the dog breed are as follows:

Concluding Words on Esquimaux Dog

Greenland is good, self-willing, rowdy, and boisterous in their play. The dogs need to work or have some vigorous activity. Recently, the dog has become famous in Norway and Sweden as a hiking companion.

The dog is usually friendly toward people and has no guarding or protecting instincts. Their hunting skills are very developed, and the dogs are also seen in dog racing with sleds or wagons.

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