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Akbash Dog Breed: A Turkish Dog Breed That Unknown To You

The Akbash dog is a brave, loyal breed, and they are used as a shepherd dog or a livestock guardian dog. The alternative name of the breed is Akbas, Askbash, Coban Kopegi, Coban Kopegi. It is a very active dog, and its working background makes them popular. The dog fits on a minimum amount of food, and they are good pets for a family companion. 

History and Origin of Akbash Dog

This is one of the oldest breeds that probably descends from mastiffs and sight-hounds. In Turkey, dogs protect sheep from wolves and other large predators. The dog is native to Turkey and the word ‘Akbash’ means white head. Akbash was first imported to the United States in the 1970s and used as livestock guardians in both countries.

Origin of Akbash Dog

Physical Description of Akbash Dog

The Akbash is a large, powerful, long-legged dog that is slightly longer than tall. It has a wedge-shaped, blunt head with a nose, dark eyes, and lip pigment. The ears are pendant. The long tail is slightly curled when relaxed but curled over the back when alert. It has a double coat with a soft undercoat and a coarse, white outer coat that is medium or long.

Health of Dog

Height weight and Life Span of Dog

The height of the Akbash dog is about 27 to 32 inches and the weight is about 75 to 140 pounds. The life span of the breed is 11 years. 

Height of Turkish Dog

Temperament and Behavior of Akbash Dog

The Akbash Dog is a knowledgeable animal that is loyal and brave. It can make a companion pet if raised with humans and well socialized; however, working Akbash Dogs that have not been socialized and aggressive toward trespassers. The Akbash Dog is very protective of its family, flock, and property.

Behavior of Akbas Dog

Grooming and Care of Dog

Grooming is essential, and every dog needs to be appropriately groomed. Grooming and health are very related; when you neglect to groom your Akbash dog, he can suffer from various problems. For example, the fur can mat and tangle so tightly that it needs to be shaved off. After removing such a matted pelt, your dog may chew himself raw because his skin itches.

Grooming of Akbash Dog

Often, there are sores, parasites, or a skin condition underneath a dirty coat of matted hair. A dog whose teeth are never brushed or professionally cleaned by a veterinarian is a prime candidate for gum disease, contributing to infections of internal organs such as the heart and kidneys. If left untreated, dental problems often progress until the teeth fall out.

Akbas Dog of Turkey

Feed and Nutrition of Dog

Dog owners usually spend more money on dog food than any other pet-related expense. Knowing the basics of canine nutrition, how to read a dog food label, and what your Akbas dog needs- and doesn’t need. For good health will help you make sure that your investment in canine nutrition is wise, contributing to rather than compromising your Akbash healthy life.

Feed of Akbas Dog

Possible Health Concerns of Akbash Dog

The following disease conditions you must be concerned about:

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