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Dutch Warmblood Horse: 12 Most Exciting Information for Horse Lover

Dutch Warmblood horse is the most versatile and extraordinary athletics horse in the world. The horse is most popular and well known in the equestrian competition. The horse is one of the modern horse breeds of Europe and was previously used in the agricultural field. The horse is primarily used in various equestrian disciplines like dressage, eventing, driving, and jumping. It is also less commonly used in pleasure riding. 

Most Interesting Information on Dutch Warmblood Horse

Dutch Warmblood is one of the most versatile and successful sports horse breeds in equestrian competitions. Many people ask and search about the horse in different media. In my article, I shall try to highlight the essential information about the horse breed. You will be happy to know about the horse breed.

Dutch Warmblood Horse

1. Origin and History

Dutch Warmblood horse was developed before World War II for utilization in the agricultural field and as a carriage horse. Before WWII, Netherlands have two native horse breeds; Glenderlander and Groningen horses. Dutch Warmblood was developed from these two breeds. 

The Glenderlander horse is a more elegant, heavy, and draft type horse mainly used in draft and carriage. The Groningen horses are heavier and more extensive and used mainly in agriculture. After WWII, the mechanical instrument replaces the horses, and the utilization of Dutch Warmblood reduced. The breeders utilize the capability of this horse in sports. The unique features of selecting the horse for sports are heavy, docile, easily trainable, and social.

Information on Dutch Warmblood Horse

The horse’s requirement shifted to pleasure riding, dressage, equestrian competitions, show jumping, and eventing. Many intelligent horse breeds were incorporated for the development of modern Dutch Warmblood horses like Arabian, Thoroughbred, Hanoverian, Holsteiner, Selle Francais, and Trakehner.

2. Physical Characteristics

The head of the horse is noble and well-shaped. The neck is muscular, wither is prominent, and shoulders are well slopped. The body is typically rectangular, well-slopped, deep chest, slightly uphill build body. The back is straight, and the croup is short and flat. The hindquarters are powerful and well-muscled, legs are strong and long. The tail of the horse is set high. All these distinguished characteristics made the horse ideal for dressage, eventing, and other equestrian sports.

Physical Features of Dutch Horse

3. Height and Weight

The Dutch Warmblood horses must attain a minimum height to be registered in the studbook. The minimum height of a stallion must be 15.3 hands (63 inches or 160 cm), and the mare must be a minimum of 15.2 hands (62 inches or 157 cm). The maximum height maybe 17 hands (68 inches) or more. There is no limit to the upper height of this breed, but excessive height is impractical for sports.

Height and Weight of KWPN

The average weight of the horse is about 650 to 700 kg (1450 to 1550 pounds)

4. Color and Markings

Dutch Warmblood horse is found in almost all horse colors like brown, black, chestnut, and grey or tobiano. In addition, the horse has white markings on the head and legs. The tobiano patches from the first stallion are accepted, but the second generation is not accepted.

Color of Dutch Warmblood Horse

5. Behavior and Temperament

The Dutch Warmblood is a versatile, smooth, sound, athletic, and good-tempered horse breed. The ill-tempered horses are not permitted to breed. The dressage horses of this breed are more docile, and jumpers are more courageous. The horses registered under the KWPN(Koninklijk Warmboed Paardenstamboek Nederland) must have correct movement, a sound constitution, balanced proportion, functional conformation within a form that exudated refinement and quality.

Behavior of Dutch Horse

6. Selection and Breeding

The selection and breed are strictly controlled for this breed by KWPN and monitored very closely. The inspection is held each year in the Netherlands and North America. The horses are presented before the inspection team at the age of three or older. The horses are checked very carefully for all characteristics, and if passed, they are registered in the studbook. The qualified horses are branded as Dutch Warmblood Horse.

Selection and Breeding of Warmbllood Horse

7. Diet and Nutrition

The horse requires daily feeding and watering. You must provide a balanced diet having carbohydrates, protein, fat, vitamins, and minerals. The balanced ration of horse may be formulated by maize, barley, soybeans, bran, and vitamin and mineral supplements. The diet should be supplied two or three times a day. The horse must be taken to pasture or supplied with green grass at the stable. The green grass may be also be given twice or thrice a day. The horse must have the right to pure drinking water continuously.

Beautiful Dutch Horse

8. Care and Management of Horse

The horse is generally healthy and needs daily care. The regular care of the horse includes grooming, bathing, feeding, watering, and cleaning of the stable. In addition, the horse requires periodically clipping of hair, mane, and tail. Hoof care and trimming are a significant part of horse management. The hoof of the horse must be inspected regularly and trim at least once a month. In addition, the horse stable, paddock, exercise area, and pasture must be appropriately maintained and disinfected regularly.

Dressage by Dutch Warmblood

9. Health Issues of Dutch Warmblood

The horse is generally healthy and affected by common horse diseases. There is no specific disease for this horse breed. It would be best if you dewormed your horse at four months’ interval. The horse must be vaccinated against the potential disease available in your locality. The breeder selects the horse free from any disease, deformity, and vices. The horse having over biting tendency, congenital eye defects, lack of symmetry are disqualified for breeding. Some horses have laminitis and arthritis problems. 

Equestrian Sports by Dutch Horse

10. Societies and Registration

The Royal Warmblood Horse Studbooks of the Netherlands (KWPN) is the world’s largest equine studbook. The societies have more than 22,000 active horses. More than 10,000 foals are registered every year in this studbook. 

Jumping by Dutch Horse

11. Dutch Warmblood Celebreties

Dutch Warmblood is one of the most famous jumper horses in the world. The horses won the medal in the Olympics and made several records. 

“Totilas,” a stallion of Dutch Warmblood, is one of the top horses in the Dressage world and breaks several records in different competitions. The horse scores the highest score in the Grand Prix Freestyle.  

In “The Lord of the Rings” movie, a Dutch Warmblood horse played the role of Brego, and the name of that horse was Uraeus.   

Dressage Competition

12. Versatile Uses of Dutch Warmblood Horse

The Dutch Warmblood is one of the most beautiful, popular, and well-known sports horses globally. The horse utilized in many equestrian disciplines and perform excellently. The versatile uses of the horses are:

  • KWPN produces the most successful jumper horses in the world.
  • World’s best dressage horses from this breed and scored the highest score in the Grand Prix.
  • Eventing.
  • In North America, the horse one of the most popular in Hunter rings.
  • Previously the horse was used in the agricultural field and carriage.
  • The horse is suitable for pleasure riding.

Final Talk on Dutch Warmblood Horse

Dutch Warmblood horse is one of the most successful equestrian sports horse breed in the world. The horse is maintained strictly by KWPN. The approved horses are branded by society and bred selectively. The horse is exceptionally famous and expensive in the equestrian world. The horse received many mandalas and broke many records in the Olympics, FEI, and International Dressage Competitions. In my article, I have tried to highlight the most exciting information on this breed. I think this will enrich your knowledge and will give answers to many of your questions. 

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